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Ambrogio L30 EliteAmbrogio are an Italian company and have been in the game for 15 years now so they probably know their way around a robotic mower.

They are particularly keen on efficient technology, protecting the environment and accurate mowing, all of which are reflected in their Ambrogio L30 Elite Plus mower.

Even though it is one of their smaller models, it still cover an impressive 1,600m².

This puts it in competition with the likes of the Husqvarna 315 and the Robomow RS615. Not the easiest competition to come up against but we’ll see how it fairs against them throughout this review.

Main Features

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Covers areas reaching 1,600 m² (over 5 tennis courts)
  • Completely environmentally friendly
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Smart Cutting Algorithm

Ambrogio L30 Video

So you can see the L30 in action, have a watch of the video below…

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Power System

Like all robotic mowers, the L30 is powered by Lithium-ion batteries and an electric motor.

This doesn’t exactly make it stand out, however its results do!

This system can produce an insane 3 and a half hours of working time. Putting it way ahead of the competition – most can only do about 1.5 hours at a push.

The L30 will be mowing for ages! And to make this even better, it automatically recharges itself as well.

So whenever it begins to run low on power during a mow (which I would be surprised if it ever did) it will make its own way back to the charging station.

Even though this would be expected, you still have to tip your hat to the folks at Ambrogio. They really do have some efficient technology.

However this does come at a price – sort of.

Even though this mower is able to mow for ages, it also has to charge for ages. In fact it has outdone its competitors again (but not in the good way).

It takes a very long, 3 hours to fully recharge once batteries get low.

You just need to hope that your garden is cut within the 3.5 hour working time. If not then you could be waiting quite a while with an unfinished lawn.

Model Comparison
Mowers Robomow RS615 Ambrogio L30  Husqvarna 315
Lawn Coverage 1500 m² 1000 m² 1500 m²
Noise Level 72-66 dB 75 dB 58 dB
Mowing Time 55 – 70 minutes 3 hours 70 minutes
Charging Time 90 – 110 minutes 3.5 hours 60 minutes
Dimensions 73.5x66x31 cm 79x59x28cm 63x51x25 cm
Weight 20 kg 10.4 kg 9 kg
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes
Slope Capability 20° 45% 22°
Rating 8/10 8/10 9/10

Ambrogio L30 EliteBlades

Ambrogio have again went a little unconventional here, although it’s up to you if you think it’s a good or bad thing.

The L30 uses just the one cutting blade with 4 sharp edges and a cutting width of 25cm. This means the mower will have to travel a little less further than most models (meaning less time mowing so could solve problem above) and has been specifically designed to produce a clean and even cut.

You can also adjust the cutting height (from 25mm – 60mm) so it can manage the changing seasons.

And for some extra help, Ambrogio have recommended that you stick between 25mm – 35mm as this is the optimal cutting height. A very nice touch on their part however this does depend on the time of year.

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The Ambrogio models are some of the toughest mowers you’ll find in the market. They can last over twice as long as other competitors.

And this is all down to how selective Ambrogio where about the materials they used on each model. All were chosen because they can withstand short term wear and tear, putting the L30 ahead of the competition.

Ambrogio L30 Elite

The L30 can also handle slopes reaching 45% so your bumpy garden won’t be a problem.

And for those with more than one lawn in your garden, have no worries this is no problem. The L30 can travel up to 4 different areas in your garden, you just need to make sure the perimeter wire surrounds all of them first.

The mower can travel over your driveway and through narrow passages all by itself automatically. Meaning you won’t have to carry it from your front garden to the back in between every mow.

This feature may not be completely unique, as Robomow models can equally do this, however it is still something that makes the L30 stand out amongst the crowd.

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Ambrogio L30 EliteSafety Features

Like all robotic mowers, the L30 has some very effective safety features. All ensure that the mower is safe to roam around your garden without harming you or your friends/family.

Lift and tilt sensors

So that your hands are kept uncut, the L30 has sensors which automatically turn off its blades whenever it’s lifted or tilted while mowing.

Obstacle sensors

Even though you shouldn’t have anything lying out on your lawn while the L30 is away at work, things can still appear. That is why this mower is equipped with sensors that detect anything that it might run into on its route.

If it does bump into anything, the bot will stop, turn around and carry on in a different direction.

Keeping your fence, flowers and just about everything in your garden unscathed.

PIN code

Now this can be quite annoying at time but it will prevent those unauthorised from using the mower. Every time you want to re-program the mower or instruct it to start mowing manually then you have to enter a PIN code.

However this shouldn’t be much of a problem as you will only have to do this 3-4 times a year and the L30 will stay safe because of it. I think this is worth it and I’m sure you will too.

Rain Sensor

If at any point during a mow it starts to rain, the L30 will be notified by its built-in rain sensors. It will then automatically make its way back to it charging station to recharge.

Mowing in wet weather will damage this mower, so it’s imperative that this feature is included.

Mobile Phone Connection

Like its counterparts, the L30 can be connected and controlled from your phone or tablet. All is required of you is to download the Ambrogio app and then pair your device to the mower using Bluetooth.

A very simple process that is easy enough for anyone to follow.

With the app you can alter its cutting settings and download any updates Ambrogio make during the mowing season. Another useful feature which makes mowing even easier for those that struggle to make time for it.

And for not quite as busy but still enjoy the techy side of things, you’ll love this next feature.

Just like a toy car, you can control the L30 using your device. So for the more difficult and tight angles in your garden which the mower may struggle with, you can be there to help.

So not only is this a very cool feature, it is a practical one as well!

Ambrogio L30 EliteCutting Features

For the particularly long areas of grass in your lawn, the L30 has a very effective feature just for it.

Spiral Cutting.

Whenever the mower senses an area of particularly thick and/or long grass, it will automatically begin mowing in a spiral fashion. Producing a much more thorough mow resulting in a perfect finish.

And just like all robotic lawn mowers, the L30 has been designed to only cuts off tiny little off each blade of grass. This means less debris is caught up in its underside and, more importantly, you will make use of the mowers mulching effect.

Because the clippings are so small they can fall all the way down to the bottom soil. They then begin to decompose and act as a fertiliser, passing on nutrients to the soil.

This contributes to much healthier grass growth and a better, greener looking lawn (also you won’t have to pick up those pesky grass clippings anymore – a great bonus!).

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Environmental Features

As I stated in the intro, Ambrogio has invested in protecting the environment.

All of their mowers are electrically powered so they don’t give off any harmful emissions and they are also very quiet.

This means, not only will they keep Mother Nature happy but they will also keep your neighbours happy.

They won’t have to hear that awful noise typical of a petrol mower ever again – and as another added bonus the L30 can mow during the night without upsetting anyone!

And because of the mulching feature, you won’t ever have to use store bought fertiliser ever again.

Instead let the grass clippings do all the fertilising naturally, saving you money and time without sacrificing the health of your garden.


  1. Even though the L30 can cover most spots of grass within the perimeter wire, it still leaves a few inches of space on the outside and along the sides of walls, fences etc. This means you are required to do some grass trimming every few days.
  2. Even though this mower is designed to only take little clippings (which it does very well) it will still gather much more debris because of the size of the blade. This will mean you’re going to have to clean it out a little more often than other models.
  3. And another drawback with the big blade is that it is much heavier than others. This, accompanied with debris, just slows down its mowing speed as the weeks go by. Which means battery life could be depleted faster and faster (only slightly) during every mow, resulting in shorter and shorter mowing times.

Ambrogio L30 Elite


On the whole, I’m very impressed with L30 Elite Plus.

It has great features, all of which are usually found in the high end models, making it all the more surprising that I hadn’t seen this until a few weeks ago.

It may not be as popular as the likes of WORX, Robomow, Bosch & Husqvarna but it definitely competes in terms of quality and value.

In fact I think it has outdone a couple of them!

This is great mower and one that will take magnificent care of your garden. Just be aware that you may have to do some trimming to keep your lawn in shape.

Should You Buy This Mower?

Below I’ve got a few categories that the ideal customer would fall under so run through the list to see if you would suit this model:

  • Your garden in no bigger than 1,600m² but no smaller than 1,000m²
  • Your garden does not have slopes higher than 45%
  • You’re too busy to take proper care of your lawn
  • You intent to make use of the mobile/tablet app
  • Your garden has a few tough areas to mow (will make use of the app control)
  • You don’t mind doing a little trimming every so often

So if you have read through those categories and believe you’re suited to this model then make sure to clink on the link below –

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Hopefully this has given a pretty good idea if this is the one for you but if you need any extra help then just leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to give you a hand.

Additional Specifications
Working Area 1600 m²
Max Incline 45%
Encoder/ Inclinometer/ Gyroscope Yes
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Typical Charging Time 3.5 hours
Typical Mowing Time 3 hours
Charging System Automatic
Cutting System Star-shaped blades (4 edges)
Cutting Height (min-max) 25 – 60 mm
Cutting Width 25cm
Speed (Mt/min) 30
Cutting System  Algorithm for smart cutting
Sound Level 70-65 dB
PIN Code Yes
Lift Sensor Yes
Tilt Sensor Yes
Obstacle Detection Sensor Yes
Push/Stop Emergency Button Yes
Product Size LxWxH 79x59x28cm
Weight 10.1 kg


Review Date
Reviewed Item
Ambrogio L30 Elite Plus
Author Rating
Product Name
Ambrogio L30 Elite Plus

4 thoughts on “Ambrogio L30 Elite Plus Review

  1. Hi Mark,

    First of all I want to thank you for the really good review.
    To be honest I have never used robot lawn mower before.
    But, having said that, I think I’m ready for purchasing one very soon.

    My garden is less than 500 square meters. What kind of lawn mower would you recommend?
    I have to say that I need to look for the right price as well.

    Thanks and all the best.


    1. Hi Nenad, don’t worry there are loads of others in the same position. 

      Considering what you’re looking for I recommend you check out the RC304 model, it’s designed for your size of garden and has good value for money considering its features. All RC models are very similar so you should check out my review of the RC308 model, here I talk about all its features and give you an idea on how it’ll work in your garden.

  2. Great article, I have 3 lawns myself and normally takes me 4 to 5 hours to mow it all and I am normally wrecked tired after it, I saw these a few months back and I wondered if they could work but I never really knew much about these robomowers. Your detail has given me a great overview and I am now more confident about trying it. The 3 and half works battery work time is very impressive, what are the different price levels?

    1. Thanks for the comment Michael, this mower would be perfect for you. It will handle your 3 lawns without a problem, taking a huge wieght off your shoulders. If you are interested in purchasing a robomower then this will probably be the one for you.

      And I’m assuming you mean the price for just the L30 but I’ll list ones for other Ambrogio models too:

      L30: $2,250 – $3000

      L60: $1,900

      L85: $2,250 – $3,420

      L200: $3,900 – $6000

      L300: $6,660 – $7,670

      L400: $18,840 – $29,840

      These prices will vary depending where you go so be aware these are just approximate figures. If you’re in the market then make sure to have a good look before buying. I recommend trying eBay and Amazon, they’ll have the cheapest prices.

      Thanks again for the comment Michael, if you need any more help then please just ask :-)

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