Ambrogio L300 Elite R Review

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The Ambrogio L300  is one of Ambrogios more mature models. It’s bigger in size than most of its brothers and it can cover areas reaching 3200m², nearly twice the size of not only other Ambrogio models but the rest of the market.

But how well does it maintain this size of lawn? Well that’s exactly what I’ll be discussing here in this review. I’ll be running through all of its features, functions and capabilities to see if it really does deserve a place in your back garden so make sure to stick around!

Main Features

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Covers areas reaching 3200m²
  • Multi-area Function, 8 areas
  • Mowed Lawn Detection Sensor
  • Smart Cutting Algorithm

Ambrogio L300 Video

But first have a little watch of the video below to get a grasp of what the L300R is all about…

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Power System

Like all of its counterparts, the L300R is powered by an electric motor and a Lithium-ion battery. Both are extremely efficient which is why the mower can cover such a large distance.

They can produce anywhere between 2.5 and 3.5 hours of work, depending on the conditions, which is ideal considering the lawn it’s designed to cover.

Although you would need to double the power produced by the battery from 15Ah to 30Ah to reach the 10hr mark and 3200m².

But this does come with a bit of a price: it could take up to 2.5 hours to fully recharge. So you could be left with an unmown lawn for quite a while.

Auto Charge

When it does need recharged you needn’t worry, it requires no help from you.

The L300R can find its way back to the charging station when it runs low on power, completely independently. Now this isn’t something particularly unique but with this big a garden it’s definitely a necessity.

To be honest if it didn’t have this function I would question buying it at all.

Eco Friendly

Because of its electrical power system, the L300R produces zero emissions. This means you won’t be taking a real chunk out of the Ozone layer every time you need your grass cut.

It is also very quiet, operating from 65 – 75dB. This means you can put it to work whenever you want without anyone being disturbed. Wither it be after you get home from work, continuously during the day or even at night. It doesn’t really matter, you won’t be annoying anyone.

Model Comparison
Mowers Honda Miimo 510 Husqvarna 450X Ambrogio L300
Lawn Coverage 3000 m² 3200 m² 3200 m²
Noise Level 62 dB 58 dB 65-75 dB
Mowing Time 70 minutes 260 minutes 210 minutes
Charging Time 60 minutes 75 minutes 150 minutes
Dimensions 63.5x55x28.7 cm 31x72x56 cm 91x80x39cm
Weight 11.9 kg 13.9 kg 18.4 – 19.8 kg
Mobile App No Yes Yes
Rating 8/10 9/10 8/10

Mowing Features


The L300R is equipped with the one singular steel blade which has four sharp edges and is 29cm wide. This promotes better lawn coverage meaning it will complete the mow much quicker than most models.

However it will gather up more grass and debris while it’s working so you’ll have to clean it out on a regular basis.

It has been designed to deliver a very fine and accurate cut, which not only makes sure your lawn is kept as flat as possible but also mulches it as well.

Because the clippings are so small they can fit all the way down to the bottom of the soil. They will then begin to decompose and act as a mulch or fertiliser.

This improves the health of the soil and leads to much better grass growth.

So your lawn will look better than it ever did before without the use of those pesky fertilisers.

The Mowers Build

Unlike most robomowers, the L300R has been built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday mowing.

The engineers at Ambrogio have been very particular of the materials they used and went through a series of tests to ensure this model (and all the others) withstands the test of time.

Honestly you’ll find it difficult getting a robomower that can handle the trauma of daily lawn maintenance as well as Ambrogio mowers.

Multi-Area Function

So that the L300R can cope with the more complex gardens, it can travel between different mowing areas. Because of its robust build and tough wheels, it can travel over the harder terrains like your driveways and paths. Otherwise you would need to drag it from one area to the next like you would with a push mower. Now who wants to do that?

Just place the perimeter wire around each area during installation and program the mower to your preferences. Which is nothing all that different from the installation process I spoke about above, although it may take you a little longer.

Also, just make sure there’s some sort of passage way between each area.

Mowed Lawn Detection System

As the L300R roams around your garden, it can detect which areas need mown and which do not.

So when it reaches areas that have not been covered it will begin slowing down its blade speed, which saves a substantial amount of energy and reduces mowing time.

This is another reason why Ambrogio mowers are much more efficient than others.

Spiral Cut

Just as it’s able to detect areas of short grass, it can detect areas of long and thick. Once it reaches areas like these, it will begin mowing in a spiral to focus all of its efforts, resulting in a perfect and even finish.

Rain Sensor

Located on the back, this sensor prevents the mower from mowing during the rain.

As you probably already know, mowing when it’s raining can damage your lawn and wet grass is just more likely to get stuck in the mowers blade. This will just cause you problems, both for your garden and for the mower, making this feature not only handy but also a necessity.

If the L300R is out during a mow when the rain begins to fall, it will stop in its tracks and make its way back to the charging station. It’ll then wait as long as it takes before it can begin mowing again.

Of course not all rainfall will damage your lawn so its rain sensitivity can be adjusted.

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As I stated just above, the L300Rs wheels are very tough, this means they can travel over the different terrains.

But that’s not their only stand-out trait… they are also self-cleaning (only the back two). They have specifically designed to prevent mud, grass or soil from sticking to them, giving you one less pain the a$$ job to do.

They also have little spikes (not sharp) placed all the way around their circumference. This gives the mower much better grip for going up slopes which again helps it handle the more complex gardens.


The L300R mows using a random pattern and has many programs which ensure it mows efficiently…

  • Its Smart Cut Algorithm ensures that every inch of your lawn is covered all within a very quick time. So no excess energy is used when it doesn’t need to be.
  • The mower has a Compass System which controls its paths and direction. This is made up of three 3D sensors; magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer, and reduces the amount of issues the mower have by running into obstacles.
  • The Encoder Inclinometer Gyroscope optimises all of the mowers movements and actions, such as the degree of slope which it works at, the direction it mows and the modulation of the motor speed. This program pretty much makes sure everything above works in harmony and as efficiently as possible.

Mobile Connection

To remove you from lawn mowing and manual effort, you can also connect your phone/tablet to this mower.

After installing the app, you pretty much don’t need to go out into the garden anymore, other than when you need to check up on the mower and trim the lawns edges.

You can adjust all the L300Rs settings, receive weekly progress reports and anything else you would have to do using the control panel. All can be done from the palm of your hand, anywhere you are (provided you have signal).

So if you’ve got a hectic lifestyle then this could be a life saver (or a lawn saver).

But that’s not all it can do, it also has a couple more special features.

To rekindle your childhood, you can control the mower like a toy car using your phone. So if the mower gets into a spot of bother or if it’s struggling with a particular area of your garden then this is perfect (a totally practical feature and not at all childish).

And using its Bluetooth receiver, you can quickly transfer all of its software updates without the need for any cables. Just go on the app and begin downloading.

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Safety Features

In order for this machine to go to work without causing any harm to you, your friends and family, it has a number of safety features that keep you out of harm’s way.

None are unique in any way, as all robomowers have them but I think it’ll put your mind at ease knowing that they’re there.

Lift and tilt sensors

So that your hands are kept untouched, the L300R has sensors which automatically turn off its blades whenever it’s lifted or tilted.

So whenever you want to change the blade or show the mower off to your friends, have no worries you will be completely safe.

Obstacle sensors

Even though you shouldn’t have anything lying out on your lawn while the L300R is away at work, things can still appear.

That’s why this mower is equipped with sensors that detect anything that it might run into on its route. If it does bump into anything, the bot will stop, turn around and carry on in a different direction.

Keeping your fence, flowers and just about everything in your garden unscathed.

PIN code

Now this can be quite annoying at times but it will prevent those unauthorised from using the mower.

Every time you want to re-program the mower or instruct it to start mowing manually then you have to enter a PIN code. However this shouldn’t be much of a problem as you will only have to do this 3-4 times a year and the L30 will stay safe because of it.

I think this is worth it and I’m sure you will too.

Handle Sensor

Similar to the lift and tilt sensors, whenever you want to lift the mower up using the handle, the blade will turn off immediately. Considering this is the furthest point away from the blade, I recommend you only lift it this way.

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  1. Even though the L300R can cover most spots of grass within the perimeter wire, it still leaves a few inches of space on the outside and along the sides of walls, fences etc. This means you are required to do some trimming every few days.
  2. Even though this mower is designed to only take little clippings (which it does very well) it will still gather quite a lot of debris because of the size of the blade. This may mean you might have to clean it out a little more often other models.
  3. And another drawback with the big blade is that it is much heavier than other robomowers. This, accompanied with debris, slows down its mowing speed as the weeks go by, which in turn will reduce its mowing time.

Considering all the benefits that come with this mower, I think accepting these few flaws isn’t too much to ask.

Ambrogio L300RConclusion

Just like all Ambrogio mowers, I rate the L300R very highly.

It has one of the best navigation systems I’ve ever seen and with all the different programs this mower really is difficult to beat. With a lawn coverage of this size you really want to save all the energy you can and its system does this perfectly.

That combined with a very effective mowing system, only makes for a great mower.

Now it does have a few problems but they are minor at best, nothing that you won’t be able to handle. But in my opinion I think this a great mower and for the lawn this is designed for, I don’t think you can get much else better.

Should You Buy This Model?

Below I’ve got a few categories that the ideal customer would fall under so run through the list to see if you would suit this model:

  • Your garden is under 3500m² in size
  • Your garden has some complex areas and angles
  • Your garden has some gentle slopes
  • Your garden is split up into more than one area (up to 4)
  • You will make full use of the app
  • You don’t mind doing some trimming every now and then

So if you have read through those categories and believe you’re suited to this model then make sure to check out the link belowfor prices.

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Hopefully this has given a pretty good idea if this is the one for you but if you need any extra help then just leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to give you a hand.

Additional Specifications
Working Area 3200 m²
Max Incline 45%
Encoder/ Inclinometer/ Gyroscope Yes
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Typical Charging Time 2.5 hours
Typical Mowing Time 3.5 hours
Charging System Automatic
Cutting System Star-shaped blades (4 edges)
Cutting Height (min-max) 25 – 70 mm
Cutting Width 29cm
Speed (Mt/min) 30
Cutting System  Algorithm for smart cutting
Sound Level 75-65 dB
PIN Code Yes
Lift Sensor Yes
Tilt Sensor Yes
Obstacle Detection Sensor Yes
Push/Stop Emergency Button Yes
Product Size LxWxH 91x80x39cm
Weight 18.4 – 19.8 kg
Review Date
Reviewed Item
Ambrogio L300 Elite R
Author Rating
Product Name
Ambrogio L300 Elite R

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  1. Hi, I have a large garden, and I am stuck between the Husky 450 and this, which in your opinion is the one to buy?

  2. I must say your article is really interesting and detailed I love how easy to use this mower sounds if I had a huge lawn I would definitely consider buying this but my lawn is too small. would you recommend this for someone who has a small lawn? would love to hear from you nice post by the way.

    1. Thanks Casey I’m glad you enjoyed it. There are a few models that would fit nicely into your garden but the one I recommend is the Husqvarna 105. In my opinion it’s the best one out and it’ll be able to maintain any type of lawn effectively.

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  3. I like how well written and informative your article is. I was looking for some good reviews online on the Ambrogio L300 Elite Rand I found your website. I love how well you have reviewed this lawn mower. I would consider buying one of these soon. Thank You for your help.

    1. Great! I’m glad you enjoyed it :-)

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