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The Ambrogio L400 models are some of the most impressive robot lawn mowers I’ve ever seen. Their technology is just incredible, they can cover distances other models could only dream of.

However this does mean they are not exactly suitable for the average garden; if you were to try it this model would be heavily underused – they can reach areas up to 20,000m² (that’s 3 football pitches!).

In this review I’ll be looking at the L400 Deluxe model which isn’t the biggest out of the 400 range but is certainly still impressive – it covers areas up to 20,000m².

I’ll go through every single one of its features to understand exactly how it does this and I’ll point out some areas which may need improving. Showing you if it’s all it’s cracked up to be and if you should consider purchasing one.

Main Features

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Covers areas up to 20,000m²
  • Uses GPS Navigation System – no need for a perimeter wire
  • Connects to your Mobile or Tablet
  • Has a Cutting Width of 84cm (bigger than anyone else)

Ambrogio L400 Video

Watch the video below to introduce yourself to the L400 range:

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Power System


To produce the working capabilities that the L400 does, it’s gonna need a pretty efficient power system. That’s why it has been fitted with 60Ah Lithium-ion batteries.

They are much lighter and smaller than the standard Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh batteries, and can distribute available energy for traction and cutting.

Just like all robotic mowers, this model comes with its own charging station meaning it can fill up its batteries all by itself.

Whenever it begins to run a little low on power during a mow, it will stop in its tracks and make its way back to the station. With the help of its GPS navigation system, the mower will take the shortest route back so that it squeezes out as much mowing as possible.

Now they may take up to 10 hours to charge again but considering they give 11 hours of work I think it’s a fair trade. I mean would you like to do all that mowing by yourself?


But of course this isn’t enough, the L400 must also have some pretty efficient motors as well. In this model you’ll find brushless motors, they require much less maintenance than regular motors and have a much longer life span.

Making your life a lot easier and giving the L400 the potential to last for months on end without repair.

Eco Friendliness

Because the L400 is completely electrically powered, it emits no harmful chemicals or gases in to the Eco system. So not only is this model extremely powerful, it’s practical too.

Unlike your typical push mower – or I guess in this situation a tractor – you’ll be able to mow with a completely clear conscious… just like the air!

This is also very quiet so don’t worry about disturbing anyone while it’s working.


Usually for this section I would guide you through all the steps required to carry out the process. But for this model it’s a little different.

Because of its GPS navigation system (which is awesome) the setup process is a little more technical than others. So instead of you doing this yourself, Ambrogio actually want an authorised centre to carry out the process for you.

This means it’ll be done correctly the first time without any annoying mistakes.

With such a big area I think that’ll be the last thing you want.

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Mowing Features


As I stated above, the L400 has a cutting width of 84cm which is much bigger than anyone else – nearly three times a big.

Underneath the mower you’ll find three big, star shaped blades with 4 edges made out of stainless steel. One is located in the middle of the mower and the other two are found in the mowers arms.

Yeah I said arms.

Unlike any other mowers, the 400 series all have pivoting arms at each side. They are not fixed in place so they can move up and down to follow all the bumps along any uneven ground.

An ingenious feature that’s totally different from any one else in the market.

They deliver a very fine and accurate cut, which not only makes sure your lawn is kept as flat as possible but also mulching it as well. Because the clippings are so small they can fit all the way down to the bottom of the soil.

They will then begin to decompose and act as a mulch or fertiliser.

This improves the health of the soil, leading to much better grass growth.

So your lawn will look better than it ever did before without the use of those pesky fertilisers.

The Mowers Build

All Ambrogio mowers have been built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday mowing, and this one is no different. Their engineers have been very particular of the materials they used and went through a series of tests to ensure all models withstands the test of time.

For this particular model they have chosen a very light weight but durable carbon fibre.

Honestly you’ll find it difficult getting a robomower that can handle the trauma of daily lawn maintenance as well as the Ambrogio mowers.

Multi-Area Function

Since this mower can handle such large spaces it is likely they might have to travel from one area to another. So that’s why the L400 can maintain up to 4 separate areas.

Just make sure they’re connected between one another and it’s good to go.

Don’t worry about a changing terrain either, this mower has tough and robust wheels that can handle different surfaces.

This mower really get on with the work on its own. Unlike anything else, you really can just sit back and relax while it does its thing.

Rain Sensor

Located on its back, this sensor prevents the mower from mowing during the rain.

As you probably already know, mowing when it’s raining can damage to your lawn and wet grass is just more likely to get stuck in the mowers blade. This will just cause you problems, both for your garden and for the mower, making this feature not only handy but a necessity.

If the L400 is out during a mow when the rain begins to fall, it will stop in its tracks and make its way back to the charging station. It will then wait as long as it takes before it can begin mowing again.

Of course not all rainfall will damage your lawn so its rain sensitivity can be adjusted.

Spiral Cut

Just as it’s able to detect areas of short grass, it can detect areas of long and thick. Once it reaches areas like these, it will begin mowing in a spiral to focus all of its efforts, resulting in a perfect and even finish.

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GPS System

Okay this is where the L400 mowers go into a league of their own. As I said just above in ‘Installation’, this mower is guided by a GPS system instead of the typical perimeter wire. This is completely unique to the market and is only used by these types of mowers.

Even though this sounds as if you can just drop it and let it go, you are still required to do some work. Before it can get to work you’ll need to give it the coordinates of your mowing area.

This could be difficult to determine which is probably why Ambrogio want the pros to handle it.

Once you’ve pencilled in your coordinates it then begins to map out the area.

To make mowing as efficient as possible the mower breaks up this area into smaller ones. This gives it a path to follow and recognise for every mow, and after recharging it can easily determine where to start off from again, saving time and energy.

Other Programs

The L400 also uses more common navigation programs used in Ambrogio robot mowers, like…

  • The Smart Cut Algorithm, this ensures that every inch of your lawn is covered all within a very quick time. So no excess energy is used when it doesn’t need to be.
  • Its Compass System which controls its paths and direction. This is made up of three 3D sensors; magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer, and reduces the amount of issues the mower have by running into obstacles.
  • The Encoder Inclinometer Gyroscope which optimises all of the mowers movements and actions, such as the degree of slope which it works at, the direction it mows and the modulation of the motor speed. This program pretty much makes sure everything above works in harmony and as efficiently as possible.

Mobile Connection

To remove you from lawn mowing and manual effort as much as possible, you can also connect your phone/tablet to this mower.

Once installed you really don’t have to do much work at all, apart from checking up on the mower every now and then.

With the app you can adjust all the L400s settings, receive weekly progress reports and anything else you would have to do using the control panel. All can be done from the palm of your hand, anywhere you are (provided you have signal).

So if you’ve got a hectic lifestyle, to the point where you can’t get any extra time at all, then this could really be a life saver.

But that’s not all it can do, it also has a couple more special features.

To rekindle your childhood, you can control the mower like a toy car using your phone. So if the mower gets into a spot of bother, or if it’s struggling with a particular area of your land, then this is perfect (a totally practical feature and not at all childish).

Now not everything with this feature is for fun and games, some are actually very practical.

On a daily basis you’ll receive error alerts, in case anything has went wrong during a mow, and it allows you to download software updates whenever needed. Removing any of the extra work you would normally have to do.

Safety Features

In order for this machine to go to work without causing any harm to you, your friends and family. It has a number of safety features that keep it out of harm’s way.

None are unique in any way, as they are present in most robomowers, so you might recognise a few.

Lift and Tilt Sensors

To protect your hands and fingers, the L400 has sensors which automatically turn off its blades whenever it’s lifted or tilted while mowing.

So whenever you want to change the blade or show the mower off to your friends, have no worries you will be completely safe.

Obstacle Sensors

Even though you shouldn’t have anything lying out on your lawn while the L400 is away at work, things can still appear.

That is why this mower is equipped with sensors that detect anything that it might run into on its route. If it does bump into anything, the bot will stop, turn around and carry on in a different direction.

Keeping your fence, flowers and just about everything in your garden unscathed.

PIN Code

Now this can be quite annoying at times but it will prevent those unauthorised from using the mower.

Every time you want to re-program the mower or instruct it to start mowing manually then you’ll have to enter the PIN code. However this shouldn’t be much of a problem as you only have to do this 3-4 times a year and the L400 will stay safe because of it.

I think this is worth it and I’m sure you will too.

Signal Sensor

If the mower loses its signal, it will immediately stop in its place and turn off. Preventing it from roaming around uncontrollably.

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  1. If it does lose signal then you could have quite a big trek to go and get it. Okay so this isn’t entirely the L400s fault, it does depend on the size of land and I guess there isn’t much you could do about it.
  2. Even though the mower does have a rain sensor, it could still end up traveling over a large part of your land to get back to the charging station. If the rain’s heavy enough the robot could get damaged as well as your land.
  3. This mowers blades are big and heavily, and are very similar to the ones you would find on the typical push mower. Even though they require less maintenance, they will weigh the mower down a little, possibly making it move slower, and grass is much more likely to get stuck on its underside.

And that’s all. I wouldn’t even class these as problems, I think they’re merely inconveniences and to be honest you might not even have to deal with them.

Ambrogio L400 Deluxe


Ambrogio really have outdone themselves here. The L400 Deluxe has to be one of the most impressive robot mowers I’ve ever seen. It’s not just that it can cover huge distances but it’s everything else too.

Ambrogio have included everything you would see in any of the great models out there. But not only that, they’ve manged to put their own little twist on each aspect, improving upon each one as well as making them their own.

This truly is an incredible product and it is most definitely all it’s cracked up to be.

Even though this will only suit a small group of people (e.g. farmers) it is an astonishing mower and, in my opinion, the most impressive in the market.

Should You Buy This Mower?

Now as you may already realise, this mower is only really suited to a very specific audience. To see if you fall into this group check out the list below:

  • You work with or own an area of land reaching 20,000m²
  • You have land that you yourself cannot maintain on your own
  • You have land that is open but quite bumpy
  • You don’t have time to maintain your area of land

So if you’ve got the area of land for it, this is the only robomower you’ll ever need, it’ll make your life so much easier  and I know you’ll love it! If you’re interested then make sure to check out prices on eBay (affiliate).

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Additional Specifications

Working Area,20000 m²

Max Incline,45%

Encoder/ Inclinometer/ Gyroscope,Yes

Battery Type,Lithium-Ion

Typical Charging Time,10 hours

Typical Mowing Time,11 hours

Charging System,Automatic

Cutting System,Star-shaped blades (4 edges)

Cutting Height (min-max),25 – 85 mm

Cutting Width,84cm

Speed (Mt/min),30

Cutting System, Algorithm for smart cutting

Sound Level,75-65 dB

PIN Code,Yes

Lift Sensor,Yes

Tilt Sensor,Yes

Obstacle Detection Sensor,Yes

Push/Stop Emergency Button,Yes

Product Size LxWxH,119.5x91x36.5cm

Weight,49 kg



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7 thoughts on “Ambrogio L400 Deluxe Review

  1. An indelicate point but something that is good to know – I am looking at getting one for pastures and lawn and have horses and dogs. What happens if the mower comes across doggie do’s on the lawn or horse muck in the field? Does it treat it as an obstacle or go over the top? Horse muck is a bigger pile but dog poo is smaller …!

  2. Great review on the Ambrogio L400 Deluxe, I have never heard about or seen a robot lawn mower before. But I think this is great because it allows you to program the robot to cut the grass and the robot will do the work for you. What a brilliant invention, you stated that if the robot loses signal you’ll have to go and get it. Does this usually happen when the robot is covering a larger area?

    1. Yeah that was only a precautionary comment, considering the capabilities of this mower I doubt this will happen often, if not at all. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi have you had any issues with the gps setup? The Australian importer of this machine Robotech has been discouraging me from buying the L400 model citing trees etcetera and poor gps reception in Sydney. I’m presuming you’re in the U.K. So if the gps works ok in those latitudes I guess it’ll work here. Perhaps they have smaller models sitting on their shelves and want to sell. My total area for mowing is 20000 m2 and the “grass” is pasture not lawn.

    1. That’s annoying Bert, I never thought that would be a problem. Ambrogio do offer a smaller model, their L400 B mower isn’t as big as the Deluxe but it can only cover areas reaching 10,000 sqm.
      I hope this helps ;-)

  4. Hi there.
    These gadgets and robotic devices feel and look like toys for big boys for sure.I have read the description and looked at the video for this Ambrogio L400 and it sure looks cool and sleek. I have come across one of these years ago, but nothing on this scale. I guess this is the era we are living in and we will see a lot more of these in years to come. If someone said to there is an app that you could download nowadays, that would cut your lawn for you…I would’nt believe them. Now I know there is and I will be keeping an eye on this.
    Thanks again.
    Cheers………….Phil Browne

    1. Yeah technology now-a-days just seems to be getting bigger and better as time goes on, soon enough we’ll have robots doing everything for us, like cleaning the house and making us dinner. Of course this is just the start but it’s a very interesting one at that.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the review and if you need any help picking out a mower then you know where to find me!

      Cheers :-)

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