Cobra MX4140V is now obsolete and out of stock, did you know?

Cobra MX4140V is now obsolete and out of stock, did you know?


Are you aware that the Cobra MX4140V. is now obsolete and out of stock pretty much everywhere you look? It would also be really useful if you would provide the date when the item was released. Why? Well, just like when buying any new technology (these kind of batteries are new technology), the age of the technology is crucial to any prospective purchaser (much like an iPhone). This Cobra model, by all accounts, appears to be 5 years old and has been superseded by the Cobra MX4340V (and that model isn’t even that new, either).

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Posted by Ant
Asked on May 28, 2024 2:20 pm
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Hi, thanks for your question.

Yes, unfortunately it has been discontinued. This is such a shame as this mower performed very well and was well built.

The alternative would be to go for the same model with the rear roller - Cobra RM4140V.

I use the larger SP model on my own lawn - Cobra RM43SP80V - and this is always the mower I keep returning to.

I have a video here -

I will try to get hold of the Cobra MX4340V and do a video review, as, as you say, this mower seems to be the replacement for the Cobra MX4140V.

Many thanks

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Answered on May 28, 2024 2:21 pm
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