Cutting against stone gabions

Cutting against stone gabions



I have recently constructed triangular raised garden beds using stone infilled gabion baskets around the perimeter of my garden forming two small areas of lawn approximately 40M2 in total, one rectangular and the other a a trapezoid. I’ve used an old hover mower (flymo vision compact 380) on its initial cut after allowing the turf four weeks to bed down, which has probably cut it too short, and is leaving 80 mm width of uncut grass adjacent to the gabions and worse at the corners. I’m looking to purchase a new cordless mower which can cut right up to the gabion baskets, with a grass box and has adjustable height. Which lawn mowers would you recommend which can cut right up to the gabion baskets and what tools for cutting the corners of the lawn.

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Posted by Chris
Asked on June 8, 2024 3:15 pm
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I have yet to test a mower that cuts completely up to the edge of a wall or fence, so some trimming will be required. Some mowers are better than others and the grass combs on the side of some models do help. If you are on a budget than I would look at the LawnMaster range, as they do as good a job as any at cutting to the edge you can purchase as a bundle with a cordless grass trimmer. They are good value and I would recommend for a 40msq the following -

You could also purchase the smaller 32cm model, like here, but would have to purchase the trimmer separately -

All the best Mark

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Answered on June 9, 2024 9:48 am
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