EGO LM1701E vs GTech CLM50

EGO LM1701E vs GTech CLM50


Dear Mark,
I am about to purchase my first cordless battery mower. It will be used to maintain two level lawns approx 200 sq metres in total. I have a relative with a GTech and have been impressed but I have no other reference point. The GTech is available currently for £315 with a discount code. A comparable EGO model, the LM1701E push version is on offer at £455. I have read your reviews and watched the videos and both appear to be good products, though the EGO is a heavier machine.

Which would you recommend? Is the EGO worth the extra for the longer warranty and better battery technology? Or is there an alternative I should also consider?

Many thanks,

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Posted by Andrew
Asked on June 6, 2024 8:39 am
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Dear Andrew,
The GTech and the EGO mowers are big purchases and you could get something more budget friendly for 200msq. Out of these 2 mowers, I would definitely purchase the EGO due to the better battery technology and built quality. If you have the budget then the EGO would make a good purchase, however you may want to consider the LawnMaster 41cm with 4 batteries. Take a look at my review and video below -

All the best Mark

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Answered on June 9, 2024 9:58 am
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