Einhell GE-CM 43 Li M cordless lawnmower question

Einhell GE-CM 43 Li M cordless lawnmower question


I was watching your videos on YouTube and would like your opinion on whether I should purchase the Einhell GE-CM 43 Li M cordless lawnmower. My main concern is the battery life of the 4.0Ah batteries supplied. My lawn is 500 sqm and Einhell states that it should cut that size of lawn. I have always had petrol lawnmowers up until now but would like to change to cordless, as they seem to be service free with the brushless motor and no oil or petrol needed, so also more environmentally friendly. Do you think this is a good mower to go for. My budget is around £280.

Many thanks

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Posted by Derek
Asked on September 7, 2023 1:13 pm
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Hi Derek

Can you send me a link to the kit you are looking at? Is this supplied with just 1 x 4.0Ah battery?

It will all depend on the lawn and length of grass being cut (damp etc). The 43cm deck size is good for your lawn and if supplied with 2x 4.0Ah batteries it will cut the entire lawn if maintained/cut regularly.

Just remember the battery will deteriorate over the years and will need replacing after 3-4 years depending on use/charging/storage.

The Einhell are good value for money for a mid-range brand.


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Answered on April 10, 2024 1:15 pm
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