What cordless mower would you recommend for under £200?

What cordless mower would you recommend for under £200?

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Hi Mark, Your site is excellent and informative, perhaps my question will help others besides myself. You clarified the large/small garden size better than any other website. I now know I have a large garden. The size is around 500 sq metres but is split in two. I don’t have an issue in doing the job over two days battery wise. I have a petrol mower but as a pensioner with a dodgy back pulling the chord is a real issue, plus starting up after the winter break poses issues therefore I want to switch to cordless. I am on a tight budget, your budget choice appears to be unavailable. Am I deluded to think I can get a decent cordless mower to do the job for under £200?

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Posted by Jon
Asked on April 20, 2024 10:22 am
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Thanks for your positive feedback. The fact that you don’t need to cut the lawns in one go will help, as we can look at mowers with smaller decks that typically come with less, lower Ah batteries.

A good option (a little over budget), especially if you want to purchase more cordless tools in future, is the be the Greenworks G40LM35K2 cordless mower – review and video here – https://easylawnmowing.co.uk/greenworks-40v-cordless-lawn-mower/

The Einhell Power X-Change 18/33 is currently on offer on Amazon and is coming in at £164.99. I just feel that the deck is a little small for your lawn. – Review and video here – https://easylawnmowing.co.uk/einhell-ge-cm-33-li-review/

To get you a larger deck, if you can push the budget, you could take a look at the Mountfield Battery Lawnmower Electress 38 Li Kit, 38cm (15”) Cutting Width at £239.

Another option would be to go for the LawnMaster CLMF2434G 34cm cordless mower. Great value for money and good build quality (mulching plug supplied and rear roller) Currently £269.99 but use my 10% discount code EASY10 when ordered directly. Full review and link to order here – https://easylawnmowing.co.uk/lawnmaster-cordless-lawn-mower-review/

Top pick cordless lawnmowers under £250 – https://easylawnmowing.co.uk/best-cordless-lawnmower-under-250/

Hope this helps.


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Answered on April 20, 2024 10:23 am
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