Is the Bosch Advanced Rotak 650 a good cordless mower for a small garden?

Is the Bosch Advanced Rotak 650 a good cordless mower for a small garden?


Hi Mark I am looking for a decent lawn mover. I have a very small garden may be 3 meter width and 5 meter length. I came to your review and what I would like about it is you were very clear and showing it slowly so people like me who is zero in machinery can follow. the other most thing I like about it is you have answered all comments which is very rare youtuber do. For my garden ok to go for Bosch Advanced Rotak 650? I would like to have something take minimum storage and easy to handle without to much efforts. please advise. thank you in advance. this one is ok or do you suggest anything else? Also is it good to have corded or cordless ? I don’t have problem to have either of them.

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Posted by Carl
Asked on April 4, 2024 2:39 pm
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Hi, thanks for you question. I think this mower would be too big for your lawn. I would suggest the new LawnMaster 32cm deck 24v cordless mower - I have this mower and will be doing a video review shortly. It is very compact and lightweight at just 9kg. You can use the battery in other LawnMaster tools such as hedge trimmers and grass trimmers if you decided to expand you tools at a later date. You even get a spare a blade, fast charger and the price is good as well. Thanks, Mark

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Answered on April 10, 2024 2:41 pm
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