Which would you go for and why L10 or WORX WR130E S300

Which would you go for and why L10 or WORX WR130E S300


I’m trying to choose between lawn master L10 or WORX WR130E S300. Similar price. I like the idea of an app. Which the L10 doesn’t have. Plus Cleva, have been very confusing over my query regarding my lawn.

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Posted by gplhl
Asked on June 8, 2024 10:09 am
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Hi. Without knowing about your lawn setup, I would go for the S300. I have this on my front lawn and it has served me well with no issues for two years plus and I like the fact that o can control via the app.

Cleva are releasing a new robotic mower soon that does have an app and other functionality that may compete favourably to the Worx. It is still being tested so is some way off being available in the UK.


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Answered on June 9, 2024 9:32 am
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