Murray EQ2-500X E5 or E10 petrol?

Murray EQ2-500X E5 or E10 petrol?


I just got the Murray EQ2-500 which is almost the same model as the EQ2-500X.
This will sound like a daft question ~ can I use Super Unleaded E5 petrol?

The manual says “Unleaded 95pb”, which I looked up & that is what is called E10 at the petrol station.
Online it also says E5 is OK for cars that use E10 & you can mix these fuels.
But I want to be sure in case I damage the new mower.

I already have a 5 litre can of E5 which I bought on advice & the local petrol station was sold out of E10. So if I can use the E5 that would be ideal.
Please understand that I don’t drive & have never owned a mower or petrol device before, so I have no knowledge about petrol.

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Posted by Rick
Asked on April 20, 2024 7:31 pm
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Hi, E5 would be better than E10 as it has less ethanol (5% / 10%). E10 is only good for around 30 days.

Always use a fuel stabiliser with both fuels, fuel stabiliser is an additive that will keep your petrol from going stale for up to two years.

thanks, Mark

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Answered on April 20, 2024 7:34 pm
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