Hyundai robotic mower advice

Hyundai robotic mower advice

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Hello Mark

You very kindly helped me decide on a lawnmower (with which I’ve been very pleased) when I moved house about 18 months ago. Emails below. At the time I ruled out a robot lawn mower due to the front garden being separate from the rear garden and not wanting to physically move the robot mower. However, times change and I am now the father of a three month old girl. She is a wonderful addition to our lives but what with working, looking after her and trying to keep up some running which I enjoy, I am finding myself time-pressed to mow the lawn as I would like!

I had thought that a ‘wire free’ robot mower would be the way to go but on the other hand I’m not sure they are flawless and they seem quite a bit more money than the wired ones. Is that about right? I’d like to consider myself reasonably handy in terms of setting a few hours aside to lay a boundary wire which I think is the mostly fiddly bit. We are planning to have a wildflower area on the lawn (and a mature tree for some shade) so I realise I’d need to lay a boundary around those.

I was looking at your website quite idly this afternoon not really thinking of buying one but then came across this used (with cosmetic damage) one on Amazon:

GARDENA SILENO City Set 300: Robotic Mower For Lawns up to 300 m², Inclines of up to 35 Percent, Cutting Height 20–50 mm, LCD Display, Theft Protection, Including Boundary Wire, Hooks and Couplers (15300-28) : Garden

As you can see it’s £420 instead of £730 which seems like a great deal to me (I appreciate it might be a bit rough cosmetically).

The back garden is about 250 sq metres and the front one is 100 sq metres and I thought I could set it up for the rear and keep doing the front one myself. Below is a screen shot of the house, the white lines are the rear garden which is where I’d need to lay the boundary wire. The red rectangle is about where the wildflower bed is to be sown and the blue outline is the front garden that I am proposing to keep doing myself.

Am I missing anything in particular? Might it be an idea to wait until March next year when any new models might be available or is it happy coincidence on spotting this used one and I could go for it? Thanks in advance for any thoughts you have.

Many thanks

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Posted by Marcus
Asked on August 18, 2023 7:44 pm
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If it was me I would stick with a boundary wire robotic mower at this stage. Some of the GPS models are having the normal teething issues and are awaiting fixes via firmware and app updates.

I can see any reason why this mower would not work well for you. In terms of support and build quality and being well established for the domestic market, Husqvarna (Gardena) are top notch.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.


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Answered on April 10, 2024 7:47 pm
    Hi MarkThanks for the reply and your thoughts.I held fire on it and now somebody else has snapped it up! There is another used one at £520. I saw this ‘used’ one down from £919 to £367: Hyundai Robot Lawnmower, 625sq Metre, 180mm Cutting Width, 7 Cutting Heights, Self-mulching, Smart Mowing Functionality Robot Mower with 2 Year Warranty I couldn’t see many reviews of it (including on your excellent site) so I wonder if best avoided and keep an eye for another used Gardena one, what do you think?Thanks for any thoughts
    (Marcus at August 30, 2023 7:48 pm)
      Hi MarcusYes please avoid the Hyundai as there are other options available.I really can’t fault the WORX robotic mowers, and have just taken delivery of a WORX Landroid VISION M600 WR206E. I will be doing a video review in the next couple of weeks.Yes you would be better holding on for a used Gardena (or WORX model 😊)Thanks Mark
      ( at August 30, 2023 9:49 pm)
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