Luba AWD 5000 question re 4g service

Luba AWD 5000 question re 4g service


Hi Mark
Thanks for a very useful review of the Luba robot mower just viewed on youtube. I have not been able for some reason to post a comment there so am emailing you direct via this route which I hope is okay with you. I have to say that I am very tempted by the no guide wire and AWD aspects as my garden although not large is an odd shape and does have some areas with significant slopes and the mower does look a good spec (looking specifically at the Luba 1000). However I am cautious as I take it they are new to the game and do not appear to have any UK presence (I was hoping for a demo), for advice, service, repair etc. The IPX6 water rating I think has also been downgraded and not sure of the anti theft aspects? My email enquiries to them are now a couple of days old with only an acknowledgement so far.
The burning question that I do have that I have so far seen no mention of is the ‘onward running costs’ re the data on the (I assume) 4g service? Do you have any comment/info on this please?
Many thanks

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Asked on August 5, 2023 1:17 pm
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Hi Martin

There is no onward cost with the Luba as it has no SIM card in the mower for 4g comms.

With regard to the Luba, as far as I'm aware there are still no distributors in England, so spares, servicing and support may be an issue and will concern some. You are advised to keep the box and packaging should the mower need to be returned under warranty to China.

The Luba is a fantastic robotic mower for the price you are paying, but yes you do need to consider the support you will get if things go wrong or you need spare parts. So far mine is operating perfectly well with no issues or problems (keeping firmware updated). I have changed the blades once and that’s about it.


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Answered on August 6, 2023 1:18 pm
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