Robot lawn mowers buying help

Robot lawn mowers buying help


Hi Mark, firstly I love your website and reviews / videos on robot lawn mowers.

I wondered if you would be so kind as to give me some of your expert advice, as the robot lawn mower market is somewhat confusing and is a large investment.

I guess my indecisiveness is around RTK / GPS technologies vs AI. I like the sound of AI (since I’m in tech) but unsure if it’s too early for the lawn mower models (specially the WORX Landroid VISION L1600 WR216E).

The RTK model I was looking at was the kress 171e-RTK n.ⁿ-1500-m2-robotic-lawn-mower-kr171e/

I liked this as it has it’s only RTK private network rather than putting a receiver in my garden.

My Garden:

I have a fairly even surface paddock of 1300m2 and a garden of around 100m2, the main area I would like the robot to work is the paddock. It is a fairly open site as well (no trees)

I would like it to cut to the edge as close as possible….

What throw a spanner in the works so to speak is the LUBA2 modals I saw on your website – I know they have a lot of online presents and wasn’t sure if it was just a marketing thing?! What I like about this is the wider cutting deck, is this AI and RTK?

Oh, it’s just so confusing, sorry for my brain dump and would really appreciate any advise.

Many thanks,

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Posted by Hugo
Asked on June 23, 2024 3:17 pm
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Thank you for your kind words about the website and reviews! I'm glad you find them helpful. I understand that choosing the right robot lawn mower can be quite daunting given the variety of technologies and models available.

Let’s break down your options and considerations:

AI vs. RTK Technologies

1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) Models:

WORX Landroid Vision L1600 WR216E:
Pros: AI models are designed to learn and adapt to your lawn's layout over time, potentially offering more efficient mowing patterns and better obstacle avoidance.
Cons: As this technology is relatively new in the lawn mower market, it might still have some teething issues. Updates and improvements are ongoing, but early adopters might face some initial hiccups.

2. RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) Models:

Kress 171e-RTK n:
Pros: RTK technology offers high precision, allowing the mower to navigate your lawn with centimetre-level accuracy. This is particularly useful for cutting close to edges and avoiding obstacles.
Cons: Setting up RTK systems can be more complex, and although the Kress model has its own private RTK network, some users might find the initial setup challenging.
Your Garden
Given your garden size (1300m² paddock and 100m² garden), both AI and RTK models could be suitable. However, since you mentioned that the main area of concern is the paddock, which is fairly open and has no trees, an RTK model might offer more precise navigation and edge cutting.

LUBA2 Models
LUBA2: These models indeed have a lot of online presence, and while marketing can sometimes exaggerate capabilities, LUBA2 is known for combining both AI and RTK technologies.
Pros: The wider cutting deck can reduce the number of passes needed, saving time and potentially extending the mower's battery life. Combining AI and RTK can offer the best of both worlds: precise navigation and adaptive learning.
Cons: Being relatively new, it’s essential to check user groups to see the latest issues/fixes and this will help you decided if it’s right for your requirements.

If precision and edge cutting are your top priorities: The Kress 171e-RTK n would be a strong candidate due to its RTK capabilities, which provide high-precision navigation. The private RTK network means you won't have to deal with additional receivers in your garden, making the setup simpler and more streamlined.

If you are intrigued by AI and want adaptive learning: The WORX Landroid Vision L1600 WR216E could be a good choice. While AI technology in lawn mowers is still maturing, it offers the potential for smarter, more adaptive mowing. If you enjoy being on the cutting edge of technology and are willing to deal with potential early-stage issues, this could be a rewarding option.

If you want a combination of both AI and RTK with a wider cutting deck: The LUBA2 models are worth considering. They promise the advantages of both technologies, which could result in more efficient and precise mowing. The wider cutting deck is particularly beneficial for larger areas like your paddock, reducing the overall mowing time.

Final Thoughts
Given your specific needs:

For the paddock (1300m²): Precision and efficiency are key. The Kress 171e-RTK n, with its RTK technology, might be the most reliable option for precise edge cutting and navigation.
For the garden (100m²): Both AI and RTK models should handle this smaller, more straightforward area without issues.


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Answered on June 23, 2024 3:20 pm
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