BMC Lawn Racer Review

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BMC Lawn Racer













  • Good mulching capability
  • Powerful self-propelled engine
  • Easy to start
  • Good 420mm cutting coverage


  • Delays getting replacement parts

BMC Lawn Racer Review –  17″ Self-Propelled Wolf 3.75HP 4 Stroke Engine Rotary Petrol Lawn Mower with Mulching Facility (42cm)

BMC Lawn Racer Review


One of the main features of this powerful BMC Lawn Racer self-propelled mower is an excellent mulching facility. When done correctly and with the right equipment, it is a great benefit to your lawn. It will also save on fertiliser costs, make your lawn hardier and keep it happy and healthy.

It is not the largest lawn mower (17” or 42cm) but is a great balance between size and manoeuvrability. As the name suggests, this is a zippy mower and is ideal for medium gardens but can still cope with a slightly larger lawn. The BMC Lawn Racer is self-propelled so cutting is a breeze and it will handle gradients well. The large wheels have excellent grip and you can adjust the drive speed as necessary. It weighs in at 32 kg but the 3.75HP OHV 4 Stroke Unleaded Petrol Engine is more than capable of getting you around without major effort.

You can adjust the cutting height with an easy to operate lever from 25mm to 70mm. The solid grass box has a fair capacity of 40 L. At a 42cm cutting width you can get around a medium garden pretty quickly.

Assembly of this mower is really easy, everything is included, only the handle needs to be attached which is simple.

The BMC Lawn Racer is good value for money and provides a good option for most gardens. It is a popular choice with many favourable reviews from happy customers.

BMC Lawn Racer Features:

  • 75HP OHV 4 Stroke Unleaded Petrol Engine
BMC Lawn Racer Review
  • Good mulching feature
  • 42cm cutting width
  • Powered by Wolf Dynamic
  • Easy lever height adjustment with 5 options from 25mm to 70mm
  • 40 L hard grass box
  • Large quality wheels

Review of the BMC Lawn Racer

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  • Good mulching capability
  • Powerful self-propelled engine
  • Height adjustment simple to use
  • Easy to start and reliable
  • Good 42cm cutting coverage
  • Large and effective wheels
  • Good value for money


  • Some customers had delays getting replacement parts
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23 thoughts on “BMC Lawn Racer Review

  1. Hi I bought an 18″ Bmc lawnracer last year we used it 5 times and then stored it for the winter got it out this year and it woul;dn’t start found the lead to the coil pack off replaced it and now it starts but won’t keep running there is no throtle control ,
    Do not buy one

  2. Hi Mark
    I’ve been trying to get a drive cable for my BMC 18 esi lawnmower without any success. Would you have any idea where I could get one.



    1. Hi John

      I can see there is an issue finding a compatible replacement parts for this mower.

      Please contact Rochford Garden Machinery who should be able to help.

      Rochford Garden Machinery
      Wincanton Business Park
      BA9 9RS

      Tel: 01963 828000

  3. Yes all fine and dandy BUT no one services them because, some say, it is made in China and cannot find spare parts. This is true, I have trying to find parts over the past 4 weeks!
    Others just refuse to service them but give no reason.

    1. Hi Paul

      Yes, I am hearing this from many BMC owners how difficult it is to get parts. Please try the following company and let me know how you get on.


      Mow Spares
      17A Norwich Street
      NR21 9AF
      Open from 9am until 5pm Monday’s to Fridays, except on UK bank holidays.

      You can phone them on 01328 442 442

  4. I would advise avoiding this mower.
    Bought mine three years ago. The self drive gave up within a few months and was told I’d have to pay nearly as much as the mower to get it back to them to look at.
    Then this year the carb (assume, looks like it) has given up and is leaking petrol everywhere.
    Really not great.

  5. As garden machinery service dealer, I wouldn’t recommend these, as parts are extremely hard to get if at all. I’ve not yet managed to work out which Chinese machine they actually are. Its a pity as they’re not actually badly made in general. My advice is to go for something with back up, I stock Gardencare which aren’t well known yet, but are very good for the price. The basic mowers start at £157, for a decently made 16″ rotary with a Loncin engine. Loncins are becoming more and more common and are used on some Allett cylinder mowers, they aren;t as good as a Briggs and Stratton but are a fraction of the price

  6. I have one of these mowers and it has been a good workhorse but after three years of use the rear wheels have lost their grip..and I have tried the www for spares but cannot source them from anywhere.
    I would buy another if parts were available but as it is now I would buy another make with a good spares back up dept.

    1. I have a bmc lawnracer17 . First to go was the self propelling drive, now the pull recoil mechanism is broke have rang the help line number that’s on the machine no longer available. I would appreciate if someone could help me resolve my starting problem by giving me the help line number. Thanks.

  7. Bought this machine in August 2018. It failed to start from the beginning. After a lot of tries I got it working. After getting it out this spring it failed to start again. After ringing the helpline I was told it could be the spark plug which I replaced. Worked for a couple of times now back to not starting. I feel buying a brand new machine you should have no problems starting, not being told to strip it down and do adjustments. Would I recommend this machine. NO.

    1. Hi Joanne

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes you are correct, a genuine replacement blade seems difficult to find.

      I will make a few calls tomorrow to see if I can help locating one, and post an update here.

      Many thanks

        1. Hi Phil, yes this is a common issue with the BMC. Have you tried contacting the 2 companies I mentioned above in the comments section? They may be able to help.


    2. Hi Joanne

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

      I can see there is an issue finding a compatible replacement 17″ blade for this mower.

      Please contact Rochford Garden Machinery who should be able to help.

      Rochford Garden Machinery
      Wincanton Business Park
      BA9 9RS

      Tel: 01963 828000

  8. Bought this machine. After a couple of years the control wire that makes the machine mover broke. I cannot get to the bottom bit of it. I now have to put it into a repair shop who really didn`t want to touch these machines.

  9. I have The BMC 173cc Lawn racer 20” and it really is fantastic value for money. I have a pretty big Garden with slopes and it handles it with ease starts really easy and cuts collects and lots of other great features this really is the mower to buy I would not want anything else.

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