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The Difference between the Bosch AVR 1100 and the  ALR 900

I’m often asked what is the difference between  the Bosch AVR 1100 and the Bosch ALR 900 Verti Cutter Lawn Raker.

Bosch ALR 900 DrumBoth are very useful for clearing moss, thatch, leaves and other debris however the Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter can also be used to give a much more deeper clearing of your lawn because the blades slice through the surface to lift rooted growth and debris. Bosch have also increased the power from 900w to 1100w as the AVR 1100 needs the extra power as it is cutting deeper into the lawn. The ALR 900 has 10 Double Steel Tines where the AVR 1100 has 14 rotating BOR steel blades.

Both these models have the same 32 cm deck, a 50 litre capacity of collection box, Jet Collect system and PowerDrive motor, however, there some differences under the bonnet!

Main Differences

So there are three main differences between th ALR 900 and the AVR 1100

  1. Type of blades/tines. The ALR 900 has 10 Double Steel Tines where the AVR 1100 has 14 rotating BOR steel blades. The steel blades on the AVR 1100 enable a deeper penetration into the lawn to assist with more deep rooted material.
  2. Motor power. The AVR has a more powerful motor, 1100 watts where the ALR has a 900 watt motor. This does not mean the ALR 900 is under powered, it’s just the AVR 1100 needs more power to cut deeper into the lawn.
  3. Weight. There is not much in it but the AVR is slightly heavier at almost 12kg compared to 11kg of the Bosch ALR 900.


Which one is right for you?

Well if you are looking for a very good lawn scarifier/rake for use on clearing moss, thatch and leaves then the ALR 900 will be more than sufficient. If your lawn has more deep rooted weeds for example or you require a deeper cut, perhaps with a view to over or reseeding then you will need the AVR 1100.

So there you have it! I hope this helps.


If you would like to see a full review of the two products, click the link below.

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