Ambrogio L400 Deluxe Review

Ambrogio L400 Deluxe

The Ambrogio L400 models are some of the most impressive robot lawn mowers I’ve ever seen. Their technology is just incredible, they can cover distances other models could only dream of. However this does mean they aren’t exactly suitable for the average garden, if you tried it would be heavily underused – they can reach up to areas of 30,000m² (that’s over two … Read More

Ambrogio L300 Elite R Review

Ambrogio L300R

The Ambrogio L300  is one of Ambrogios more mature models. It’s bigger in size than most of its brothers and it can cover areas reaching 6000m², nearly twice the size of not only other Ambrogio models but the rest of the market. But how well does it maintain this size of lawn? Well that’s exactly what I’ll be discussing here in this review. … Read More

Ambrogio L85 Evolution Review

Ambrogio L85 Evolution

The Ambrogio L85 Evolutionhas been specifically designed and built to maintain the more complex gardens. It’s agile, powerful and can run up the most difficult of slopes (up to 55%) so it’ll handle this type of lawn without a problem. It covers areas reaching 1200m² making its closest competitor the Bosch Indego and Husqvarna 315. But how does it compete on the most technical aspects? … Read More

Ambrogio L30 Elite Plus Review

Ambrogio L30 Elite

Ambrogio are an Italian company and have been in the game for 15 years now so they probably know their way around a robomower. They are particularly keen on efficient technology, protecting the environment and accurate mowing, all of which are reflected in their Ambrogio L30 Elite Plus mower. Even though it is one of their smaller models, it still cover an impressive … Read More