Gardena Sileno Review

Gardena Sileno

In order to cope with the more complex and big gardens, Gardena have introduced their Sileno model to the market. It is built to withstand areas reaching 1000m2 in size and its features like the EasyPassage function, front & back sensors and random mowing style allow it to handle the sharp angles seen within lawns. To help you understand how … Read More

Gardena R70Li Robotic Lawnmower Review

The is a near cousin of the Flymo 1200r – both companies are owned by Husqvarna – so that is why you will see some similarities in look. Being able to cover areas reaching 700m² puts it up there with the likes of the Bosch Indego 800 and the Robomow RC308. Both are well established brands that will definitely be hard to beat so it … Read More