Best Robotic Lawn Mowers For Huge Gardens

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers For Huge Gardens

If you’ve got a lawn that ranges between 2000 – 6000m² in size then you’ll want to pay attention to this list, here I will be showing you the two models which I think are the best fit for your type of garden. Thanks to the fine design and manufacturing of the two biggest players in the market, these mowers … Read More

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers For Big Gardens

Finding the right mower for lawn can be difficult, especially if you’re looking at robotic models. There are loads of options and they all have so many features that you need to consider, but that’s where I come in. Just like what I have done for small and medium sized gardens, in this post I’ll be showing you my favourite … Read More

The Best Robotic Mowers For Medium Sized Gardens

Best Robotic Mowers For Medium Sized Gardens

To follow on with one of my previous posts – The Best Robotic Lawn Mowers For Small Gardens – I thought I’d show you which models are best for those with lawns a little bigger than that (between 600m² – 1000m²). Again there are two models that come to mind but this time they are actually pretty similar to each other, … Read More

Robomow RS625 Review

Robomow RS625

The Robomow RS625 is one of the medium sized models found in Robomows RS range. It is recommended to work on gardens about 2,600m² in size (with a max of 4,000m²) making its closest competitors the John Deere Tango and Honda Miimo 310. With features such as; the multi-zone function; the floating deck; the different mowing settings (modes); quick navigation; and mobile/tablet connection, you can expect it … Read More

Robomow RX20 Review

Robomow RX20

The RX20 is the smallest and most affordable model Robomow have ever built. It is best suited to those with small gardens (between 200 – 300m²) that are shaped a little more complex than most. Because of its very smart navigation and mobility, the RX20 can handle these gardens much more effectively than others. Now even though it is smaller … Read More

Robomow RS615 Review

Robomow RS615

The Robomow RS615 model is focused around those with slightly larger gardens than most, putting it in competition with mowers like the Husqvarna 315. Not the easiest of competitors but let’s see how well it competes throughout the review. Things like the different shape, more capabilities (lawn coverage), a bigger cutting width and the floating deck may seem quite insignificant but added together … Read More

Robomow RC308 Review

Robomow RC308 Review

The Robomow RC308 is seen as a mid-range model, with its closest and most similar competitors being the Bosch Indego 800 and the Worx WG790E. All can cover areas reaching 800m² and all are in the same price bracket. The RC308 comes with all the basics you’d expect from one of Robomows models – such as the same safety features, charging system & installation process – but it also has some … Read More