Worx WR110MI Landroid Review

Worx WR110MI

The  mower is quite easily one of the the most value for money models on the market and can be seen as the smaller brother of the WG790E.. By the end of this review you’ll know exactly which one to choose for your garden. WR110MI Main features: Rating: 9/10 Ideal for gardens up to 700 m² Mobile phone connection Environmentally friendly … Read More

Robomow RX12u Review

robomow rx 12

The is the smallest and most affordable model Robomow have ever built. It is best suited to those with small gardens (upto 150m2) that are shaped a little more complex than most. Because of its very smart navigation and mobility, the RX12u can handle these gardens much more effectively than others. Now even though it is smaller and cheaper, the … Read More

WORX WG794 Landroid Review (USA)

Worx WG794

The robotic lawn mower can be seen as the bigger, more mature brother of the WG790E and is available in the USA. The WG794 has more gardening features – such as AIA cutting technology and the multi-zone programming – and is able to handle much more complex gardens as it can cover areas reaching 1000m² in size (over 2.5 tennis courts). … Read More

Bosch Indego 400 Connect Review

Bosch Indego 400

In order for them to reach more of the market and to help those out with smaller gardens, Bosch have released the Indego 400 Connect model (as well as some others). As you can see from the picture above, it looks very different from their previous Indego models. Bosch have gone for a much darker shade of green, added more … Read More

Honda Miimo 310 vs Husqvarna 315 Automower

husqvarna vs honda lawn mowers

Seeing as Honda have just recently started marketing and selling to the United States, I thought it would be a good idea to compare one of its models (the Miimo 310) to one of the markets biggest players – the Husqvarna 315. Both the 310 and the 315 are very similar in that they cover around about the same size of … Read More

Gardena Sileno Review

Gardena Sileno

In order to cope with the more complex and big gardens, Gardena have introduced their Sileno model to the market. It is built to withstand areas reaching 1000m2 in size and its features like the EasyPassage function, front & back sensors and random mowing style allow it to handle the sharp angles seen within lawns. To help you understand how … Read More

Husqvarna 430X Automower Review

Husqvarna 430X

The  is one of Husqvarna’s biggest model, just falling short of the 450X Automower. Both models are very similar in that they share identical mowing and navigation features, it is only when you begin to look a little deeper that you begin to see the differences. Husqvarna tends to have the most reliable and accurate robomowers around but this doesn’t mean they’re perfect … Read More

Ambrogio L400 Deluxe Review

Ambrogio L400 Deluxe

The Ambrogio L400 models are some of the most impressive robot lawn mowers I’ve ever seen. Their technology is just incredible, they can cover distances other models could only dream of. However this does mean they aren’t exactly suitable for the average garden, if you tried it would be heavily underused – they can reach up to areas of 30,000m² (that’s over two … Read More

Ambrogio L300 Elite R Review

Ambrogio L300R

The L300R Elite is one of Ambrogios more mature models. It’s bigger in size than most of its brothers and it can cover areas reaching 6000m², nearly twice the size of not only other Ambrogio models but the rest of the market. But how well does it maintain this size of lawn? Well that’s exactly what I’ll be discussing here in this review. I’ll … Read More

Gardena R70Li Robotic Lawnmower Review

The is a near cousin of the Flymo 1200r – both companies are owned by Husqvarna – so that is why you will see some similarities in look. Being able to cover areas reaching 700m² puts it up there with the likes of the Bosch Indego 800 and the Robomow RC308. Both are well established brands that will definitely be hard to beat so it … Read More