Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 Review

Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 Review


Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 Review

Gtech is one of the most innovative brands on the market at the moment and while the last hedge trimmer was amazing, this new and improved Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 is a real delight. There aren’t too many differences, but what they have changed does improve the trimmer dramatically. For starters, the blade is much longer giving you far better reach and allowing you to cut further into the hedge without overstretching yourself. Additionally, the finish is a different colour and it somehow manages to make it look much more high end.

The Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 is a simple tool that is designed to get things done effortlessly, but it has a lot of features that also make it ergonomic and a joy to use. In my Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 review, I’ll be running you through everything you need to know to find out if this is the right equipment for you.

Key Features

  • 3 metre (10ft) reach
  • 2.5cm thickness cutting capacity
  • Safety button
  • Lightweight
  • 60 minute run time
  • 4 hour charge time
  • 50cm blade
  • Adjustable head angle


The Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 runs on an 18v battery that can be power shared with other Gtech tools including the mini mower; you can also use the head and handle on this tool, but more on that later.

What I really like is that this hedge trimmer has a decent running time, as far as cordless products go and will run for up to an hour, giving you vastly more time to get the job done. When it does run low, you’ll be aware in plenty of time thanks to the battery charge lights. With a four hour charging time, you won’t need to wait around for too long to get started again.

Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT5Video

To give you a visual representation of this Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT5, see the video below.


The Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 delivers a very clean and efficient cut that is ideal for domestic applications. I’ll go into more detail on the ability of the blade later on, but you should know that there is an optional branch cutter which will boost the performance for thicker, tougher branches. If nothing else, it’s super versatile.

Gtech SLM50 Mower

Blade and Reach

The blade on the Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 is 50cm which is longer than the previous model. This is an essential feature if you want to avoid overreaching and with the long pole, you’ll manage to cut up to 3 metres in front of you. Moreover, the head is adjustable and can be moved up to 135º further demonstrating how easy to use and versatile the Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 is.

The blade also boasts improved durability, so you won’t need to worry about having to replace anything any time soon. It can handle branches up to 2.5cm, which is half a centimetre more than the previous model. It might not seem much but it does make a huge difference. When you get to those thicker branches, there is the optional branch cutter I mentioned earlier on.

The blade also comes with a cover for safety purposes.

The Gtech HT50 hedge trimmer also attaches to the mini mower, offering a truly versatile and ready to use garden tool. To find out more about the Gtech mini mower SLM50 and how it integrates with other Gtech tools, see the link below.

Gtech Mini Mower SLM50

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Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 Practicalities

I really like that certain components of the Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 can be used with the Gtech mini mower. The head and handle, as well as the battery can be easily removed and used with this tool. Everything is super easy to assemble and take apart again, which is great for storage. It can be a little tight to start with, but with time, you’ll soon get the knack of it.

What’s more, the Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 is super lightweight at just 2.94kg, so is ideal for people who would struggle using a heavier tool for a long period of time.

Safety Features

Much like many other powered tools, the Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 comes with a safety button which must be pressed before the trigger start will work.

If you opted to buy the branch cutter, you will also notice that there is a safety guard around the edge of this. These tools can be very dangerous when not used correctly and it isn’t difficult for an injury to be sustained, so the addition of this guard is a nice touch. You should always wear protective clothing, gloves, goggles and consult the manual for safe use.

Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 User Manual Download

Click here to download the Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 User Manual

What’s Included In The Box?

  • HT50 Trimmer Head (White)
  • Handle & Pole (White)
  • Safety Harness
  • Blade
  • HT50 Blade Cover
  • Charger and Battery

Pros & Cons

  • Versatile cordless hedge trimmer
  • Good reach with 144cm pole and 55cm blade length
  • Good running time
  • Adjustable head
  • Option to purchase branch cutter
  • Parts can be used on other Gtech tools such as the mini mower
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Relatively expensive when compared to other brands (look for special offers and discounts)
  • Versatile not suitable for very dense hedges


Should You Buy This Model?

Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 Practicalities

If you like Gtech then you’re sure to like the Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50. I must point out that this is a slightly higher priced brand, so you will need to be willing to extend your budget somewhat. That said, you might be able to find a very handsome deal at various times of the year (same as with their lawn mower).

The Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 is ideal for people who need something that will manage a variety of domestic jobs and has a generous cutting capacity. It’s also a good choice for people who don’t want an overly complicated tool, as it’s so incredibly easy to use.


Gtech has done it again with the Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50; a tool designed for effortless gardening so that you can get on and enjoy life instead of spending hours doing gardening chores. There are some handy features and the trimmer delivers a clean and fuss-free performance.

Yes this is not the cheapest hedge trimmer on the market, but if you look out for discount codes, particularly around November and December (Black Friday and Cyber Monday season), then this Gtech hedge trimer will be a great purchase and sure to impress.


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Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50 Review
Gtech Hedge Trimmer HT50
Performance/Cut Quality
Reader Rating0 Votes
Good reach with 144cm pole and 55cm blade length
Good running time
Adjustable head
Option to purchase branch cutter
Parts can be used on other Gtech tools such as the mini mower
Relatively expensive when compared to other brands (look for special offers and discounts)
Not suitable for very dense hedges
My Overall Rating
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  1. I am really struggling as to how I put the rechargeable battery into my friends Gtech hedge trimmer, she is 95 and is not able to do it, so I have offered, but sadly I’m not finding where it’s supposed to fit, can you help us both please.

    1. Hi Adele, the battery slots into the handle at the end. You press the green buttons in, on either side of the handle and the battery pulls out parallel to the handle. Hope this helps, if you want me to send a video to show you let me know. Mark

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