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The Honda Miimo 310 is probably best considered to be in the mid to high-end range, with its closest comparison (and competitor) being the Husqvarna 315. Both are built for large gardens so they make for a good comparison.

Below I will detailing all the features, functions and capabilities involved with the Miimo 310, to show you how well it competes with the 315 and whether or not it belongs in your garden.

Main Features

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Covers gardens reaching 2,000m² in size
  • Features ‘Spiral Cutting Mode’
  • 360° bump sensors
  • Multiple Cutting Patterns

Honda Miimo Video

To give you a little intro to what the Miimo is all about, have a look at the video below:

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Battery Pack

The Miimo 310 is powered by typical lithium-ion batteries just like all other robomowers, so nothing new here. But the same can’t be said for its motor system which is completely different from any other competitors.

Instead of having just one motor power everything, the 310 has two 10W motors powering each wheel and one 25W motor powering the blade. A brilliant idea that surely puts it ahead of the competition.

However this does come with a price.

With that extra power being expended during each mow, the 310 can only work for 40 minutes before needing charged.

This is much less than others and is probably the shortest in the market. But don’t get too thrown off yet, because of the extra power the 310 has, it can work at a much faster rate compared to other.

So it may work out that it will finish a mow just as quick as the others.

Again like all robot mowers, the Miimo automatically recharges itself whenever its battery life goes under 30%. So it’s not quite as unique as its motor system but is definitely worth knowing you don’t have to cart it around after each mow.

Model Comparison
Mowers Honda Miimo Husqvarna 315
Lawn Coverage 2000 m² 1500 m²
Noise Level 75 dB 58 dB
Mowing Time 40 minutes 70 minutes
Charging Time 30 minutes 60 minutes
Dimensions 63.5x55x28.7 cm 63x51x25 cm
Weight 11.6 kg 9 kg
Mobile App No Yes
Slope Capability 20° 22°
Rating 8/10 9/10

Cutting Pattern

Unlike most robot mowers, you can adjust the way the Miimo cuts your garden. There a few options to choose from and all can be operated using the Guide Wizard. I would try them all out to find the one that best suits your garden.

Random Cutting

This is the generic mowing style used by just about all mowers out there. This mode is best for gardens that are much larger than most and have many obstacles and is an irregular shape.

But as it works using unusual angles (albeit straight lines) the Miimo may leave behind an unusual pattern.

However this is not likely to happen and even if it did the problem would be gone after a few weeks.

Direction Cutting

For gardens with fewer obstacles and straightforward boundaries, this is for you. It uses neat, diagonal zig-zags to cover every inch of your lawn.

Edge Cutting Mode

To make sure that absolutely every area within the boundary wire is covered, you can use this mode. It instructs the Miimo to follow the boundary wire all the around your garden at the beginning of the mow.

Once completed it will then just carry out its normal cutting routine. This has been a real problem for most robot mowers in recent times – not being able to reach the edges of the lawn. But Honda have made a solid effort to solve this and have done so rather successfully.

Spiral Cutting Mode

For areas of long grass (such as under plant pots) you can program the Miimo to increase the load put onto its blades. This signals to the mower to cut in a spiral pattern for a diameter of 3 metres. Once completed the mower will continue on with its normal cutting pattern.

Honda Miimo 310Cutting Blades

On the underside of the 310 you’ll find one rotating disk with three small steel blades attached and equally spaced apart. But these are not fixed in place. Due to the force generated by the disk, the small blades will spin with it.

This not only means little snippets of grass are cut but also ensures that whenever a smaller obstacle (like a stone) comes into contact with the blades, they will just flick back.

Reducing any damage caused to the blades, the mower and the obstacle (probably only important if it’s a kids toy but maybe you care more about stones than I do).

Height Adjustment

You can also adjust the height at which the blade cut at as well. Choosing from anywhere between 20 – 60 mm, you can cut your grass as finely as you want. All you need to do is set it up using the Guide Wizard on top of the Miimo. But please don’t start with the lowest cutting height right away. This will just leave your garden uneven and you won’t make use of the mulching function – which I will discuss below.

Mulching Function

As the Miimo 310 (in fact all Miimo models) cuts a little and often, it only trims a little off each blade of grass. This means these tiny little snip bits can fall into between the grass all the way down to the soil where they can decompose.

This acts as a very good natural fertiliser for the soil by providing it with much needed nutrients. Giving your lawn a much healthier, greener and fuller look. And also gives you the added bonus of not having to pick up all of the debris left over from the mow.

Which is why it’s so important to gradually bring down the height at which you cut.

This function will just not take effect if the grass clippings are too long. Instead just lying there left behind for you or the wind to pick up.

And you also may want to give your old push mower a run around before putting the Miimo on its way.

This makes sure your grass is not too long to begin with and therefore the grass clippings.

Safety Features

Like all robomowers, there need to be some safety features included. If you’re going to have it room around your garden independently then you’ll want it to do it safely.

Now most of these features you would find on every robomower in the market but I’ll specify them anyway.

Bump Sensors

The 310 will sense any contact made by you and any obstacle it encounters on its route using its 360° bump sensors.

Whenever it is touched or bumped then 310 will stop in its tracks, retreat a few steps and carry on mowing using a different route.

Lift & Tilt Sensors

As well as bump sensors, the 310 also has lift and tilt sensors and a quick stop blade function as well.

So whenever you need to change the blades or you’re just showing them off to friends, the rotating disk will immediately stop. Preventing any accidental injury to your hand.

But for a safer frame of mind, only lift the 310 from the top or bottom as the blades are closest to its sides. However you will be safe either way.

PIN & Alarm System

To prevent anyone unauthorised from using the 310 (kids, burglars) it has built-in PIN alarm system. So whenever someone tries to use (or steal!) the 310, an alarm will sound notifying you of the situation. However this feature can be a bit of a pain in some situations.

Even if you are only lifting the Miimo off the ground just a little bit the alarm will still sound with the only way of stopping it by entering the PIN number. A very useful feature with a very annoying consequence.

Eco Friendly

Now this point is more for the safety of the environment but is still useful to know. Since the 310 is powered by electricity, it gives absolutely no emissions and it is also very quiet.

This means you can set it to work during the night if you want without upsetting any neighbours. Keeping everyone, including Mother Nature, happy.


  1. The 310 can only work for 40 minutes before needing charged. As I said earlier, it may make up for this with a speedy mowing pace. However if you have a big lawn, like the size of which Honda have said this model can handle (2,000m²), it will probably still take a little while longer to complete than other models.
  2. This particular model cannot deal with steep slopes all that well. In fact Honda have addressed this on their website, they actually refer you to their 520 model instead.
  3. This model does have a tendency to go outside of its boundary wire sometimes. This may mean you have to rescue it from time to time.
  4. It is still restricted by boundary wire and therefore cannot cut every area of your grass. Even though the 310 can follow the boundary wire around your garden, it still leaves some work for you to do.

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Honda Miimo 310Conclusion

Overall, the 310 is a very good robot. It has very state of the art technology, a very unique power system and some very useful gardening features.

It definitely sets itself apart from the rest with the multiple cutting patterns, power system and at least it tries to solve the boundary wire problem.

So I think Honda have done a very good job here. But is it worth all the downsides?

In my opinion it is but I still wouldn’t purchase it, instead I would go for the Husqvarna 315.

This model has more features, less flaws, makes just as good if not better job of your garden and both are round about the same price.

The Miimo is a good mower, it just isn’t the best.

Should You Buy This Mower?

Now of course the above is just my opinion and you are entitled to yours so if you are still interested in purchasing this model then you’ll need to consider a few things. Below I’ve outlined a few factors that will help you understand whether or not you’ll make full use of its features and if it’s suitable to your garden.

  • Your garden isn’t complex in shape with a lot of sharp angles
  • Your garden is under 2,000m² in size
  • You don’t mind getting out the trimmer every few days
  • You have no need for mobile app connection
  • you have a busy lifestyle so can’t maintain you lawn properly

But that being said, if you do suit this model and are interested in purchasing it then great. Even with the imperfections, it is still an effective mower and I’m sure you’ll love it.

Just make sure you check out Amazon (affiliate) for prices, out of all retailers they are most likely to give you the best deal and the most reliable delivery service.

If you want to ask any questions about this model then please leave a comment below. All I want to do is help you out as much as I can so I will reply as soon as possible.

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Additional Specifications
Working Area 2000m²
Working Area per Hour  83 m²/h
Timer Yes
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Typical Charging Time 30 minutes
Typical Mowing Time 40 Minutes
Power Consumption 54W
Blade Motor Power 25W
Wheels Motor Power 2×10.8W
Cutting System Rotating Disks with 3 Attached Blades
Cutting Height (min-max) 20 – 60mm
Sound Level Sound Power Guarantee 62 dB   Standard Sound 59 dB
Alarm Yes
PIN Code Yes
Installation Lock No
Time Lock Yes
Lift Sensor Yes
Tilt Sensor Yes
Seasonal Timer Yes
Narrow Passage control Yes
Spiral Cutting Yes
Edge Cutting Yes
Rain Mowing Yes
Digital Boundary Wire Signal Yes
Loop Wire 200m
Pegs 200 pcs
Wheelbase 300mm
Weight 11.6 kg
Review Date
Reviewed Item
Honda Miimo 310
Author Rating
Product Name
Honda Miimo 310

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  1. Wow that really Cool If I had one of those I would set it lose and I would be Mowing Grass in my Sleep. I will have to add this to the rest of my Lawn Equipment.

    This is what you really call easy Lawn Mowing at it’s Best! Keep up the Great work with your Website looks Good!

    1. That is exactly why! Once you have these robots on a schedule that you’re comfortable with, they really can make lawn mowing so much easier – because you won’t have to do any.

      If you are thinking about adding one to the rest of your equipment then make sure to compare other models. This will make sure you pick the best robotic mower for your garden as you have done thorough research. Check out the rest of my reviews here –

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