Honda Miimo 310 vs Husqvarna 315 Automower

Honda Miimo 310 vs Husqvarna 315 Automower


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As I receive so many questions from people asking me to compare makes and models of various robotic mowers, I thought it would be a good idea to compare the Honda Miimo HRM310 to one of the market’s biggest players – the Husqvarna 315.

Both the Honda Miimo 310 and the Husqvarna 315 are very similar as they cover around the same size of area and are about the same price, so by the end of this review you’ll be much better equipped to decide which model is best suited to your circumstances and your lawn. You will then be able to make an informative decision which model to purchase.

Cutting Pattern

Honda Miimo HRM310 

With this Honda Miimo 310 model you can alter the way it covers and mows your lawn by changing the pattern it uses. There are several patterns to choose from making it easy for the mower to adapt to your garden and the changing situations.

  • Random Cutting – This is the standard mowing style used by the majority of mowers where the Miimo 310 will work in a random pattern. This mode is best for gardens that are much larger than most and have many obstacles and is an irregular shape.
  • Direction Cutting – For gardens with fewer obstacles and straightforward boundaries, this mode is for you. It uses neat, diagonal zig-zags to cover every inch of your lawn.
  • Edge Cutting Mode – This mode can be used to make sure that absolutely every area within the boundary wire is covered and cut. It instructs the Miimo 310 to follow the boundary wire all around the perimeter of your garden at the beginning of the mow. Once finished the Miimo 310 will begin to mow the rest of the lawn.
  • Spiral Cutting Mode – For areas of long grass (such as under plant pots) you can program the Miimo 310 to increase the load put onto its blades. This signals to the mower to cut in a spiral pattern for a diameter of 3 metres to intensify the mow ensuring all the thick and tall grass is cut. Once completed, like the edge cutting mode, the mower will continue on its normal cutting pattern.

Honda Miimo 310 vs Husqvarna 315 AutomowerHusqvarna 315

Like the Miimo 310 the Husqvarna 315’s standard mowing pattern is in a random fashion.

This robotic mower is fitted with several sensors to detect obstacles, the perimeter wire and guide wire – so it knows exactly where to mow and how to avoid the obstacles. The Husqvarna 310 maps out the entire lawn tracking its coverage to ensure there are no areas left uncut.

Like the Miimo 310 the Husqvarna also have a Spot Cutting feature to ensure all areas of tall and thick grass are dealt with.

Again, just like the Miimo 310 the Husqvarna’s Spot Cutting feature works in a same way as the Miimo’s Spiral Cutting Mode. This instructs the mower to intensify its mowing by travelling in a spiral way over the desired area.


Considering the variety of options you can choose from with the Miimo and the somewhat limited choice with the Husqvarna 315, I have to say that the Honda Miimo wins this category.

Cutting System

Honda Miimo HRM310

Honda Miimo HRM310 

On the underside of the 310 you’ll find one rotating disk with three small steel blades attached and equally spaced apart but not fixed in place, instead they are free moving and the force generated by the disk spins them out.

These small blades are similar to razor blades and ensures a fine slice of grass, it also reduces any damage caused when the mower runs into or over an obstacle.

These blades are very lightweight, easy to replace, readily available and cost only a few pounds to purchase.

The mowing height used by this mower can be changed between 20mm and 60mm.

Husqvarna 315

The Husqvarna 315 has the exact same cutting system as the Miimo. It’s equipped with 3 razor sharp, carbon steel, cutting blades attached to one rotating disk in the centre of its base.

They are not fixed in one place, the blades just fly out due to centrifugal force and are only powerful enough to cut through the grass and nothing else.

So again it produces a fine slice of the grass and limits any damage caused to the mower and blades when it runs into an obstacle.

The only difference between them is that the 315 can alter its height between 20mm and 50mm and it handles large areas of long and thick grass much more effectively than the Miimo due to the quality of the components.


For me there’s no winner in this category as both mowers are equal. They both use the same, efficient system and even though both have a superior feature, Husqvarna – higher quality rotating disk and blades, Miimo – wider range of cutting heights, I feel these cancel each other out. However, depending on your requirements, you may favour one feature over the other.

To learn more about the parts you are going to needs as well as spare blades, see my article – Robotic Mower Parts and Consumables You Will Need.

Handling Complex Gardens

Honda Miimo HRM310 

The Miimo 310 model is designed to cut on slopes up to 24° degrees because of its high level of traction and grip, and thanks to its fast-reacting sensors it shouldn’t get stuck in a hole or uneven ground.

It has been designed to work around all kinds of obstacles like trees, plants and bushes. It is also waterproof, so it will have no issues working in various weather conditions.

In case you have more than one lawn in your garden, you can set up several remote starting points (up to 3) for the Miimo to work from.

This means it can mow your front and back garden, and if both areas are joined together in some way the Miimo should be able to navigate between them by itself as it can work through narrow passages.

Husqvarna 315

husqvarna vs honda lawn mowersFor better efficiency through narrow passages the Husqvarna 315 has special built-in sensors which sense narrow gaps and narrow areas of work. Once the data is recorded the 315 will vary its route through those passages to avoid creating unpleasant tracks from its wheels constantly running over the same area.

This reduces the possibility of the mower getting in any sticky situations, which you would have to manually lift it out of.

Just like the Miimo you can set up separate areas for the Husqvarna 315 to work in if your garden has multiple lawns, and as it’s built to withstand the harsh Nordic climate, a little pool water will not harm it.

With features like “Remote Object Detection” and “Quick Stop Blade Function” the 315 will also have no problems dealing with tight angles and obstacles.

For me it is one of the most efficient navigation systems currently available on the market.


Because the extra features added to the Husqvarna model, mainly the narrow passages and “Remote Object Detection” sensors, that promote better navigation, I have to say that it will handle complex gardens more effectively compared to the Miimo 310.

Power System

Honda Miimo HRM310

Honda Miimo HRM310 

The Miimo 310 is powered by lithium-ion batteries which it charges independently using its own charging station, just like all other robotic mowers.

But instead of having just one motor power everything, the 310 has two 10W motors powering each wheel and one 25W motor powering the blade.

This does have a drawback in that the batteries will be depleted quickly, it only gives you 30 minutes of mowing time with 40 minutes of charging time.

So even though the power is in theory better distributed, it is really not all that more efficient.

Husqvarna 315

The 315 is powered using a lithium-ion battery which it charges automatically and independently once low on power using its own charging station.

It only takes about 60 minutes to charge and produces a very respectable running time of 70 minutes.

The Husqvarna 315 comes with a replaceable battery that is located in the chassis and doesn’t have to be unplugged to recharge. The battery only consumes 25W while cutting and the charger will only consume 1.3 amps.


Comparing these two models, there is only a difference of 10 minutes between their mowing and charging times. Neither of these models over anything extra, therefore I think they are equal in the power system category.


husqvarna vs honda lawn mowers

Honda Miimo HRM310 

Now even though it’s designed to handle slopes up to 24°, this particular model cannot deal with steep slopes all that well. In fact Honda have addressed this on their website, they actually refer you to their 520 model instead, if you have steep slopes in your garden.

Husqvarna 315

But this is not the case for the Husqvarna 315. It’s capable of mowing on areas where the slope reaches 22° which even though is a little less than the Miimo, it can handle them much more effectively (as shown in the video above).


Even though the Miimo can in theory handle steeper slopes, I still give this slopes category to the Husqvarna as it can quite clearly handle them more effectively.



Seeing as there’s only a difference of 1 dB I think both models are equal in this category.



Both models are easy to set up and program their features (manually) to the user’s specifications, so again they are both equal here as well.

Mobile Control

Honda Miimo HRM310 Mobile

Honda Miimo HRM310 

With the Miimo 310 model you cannot connect your phone to the mower to control and change its settings.

Husqvarna 315

On the other hand you can connect your phone to the 315 using Husqvarna’s app. With it you can alter its mowing schedule, cutting height and send it out or bring it back from a mow.

It also shows & notifies you of any problems caused to the mower at any point and also shows you a map of the garden. From this you can see the progress it has made throughout the day using a heat map or a line trail.


Seeing as the Husqvarna is the only one out of the two that offers a mobile app, the winner here is clearly the Husqvarna 315.

Mowing in Rain

Honda Miimo HRM310 

As the Miimo has been sealed it is fully waterproof and can tackle all weather conditions.

Husqvarna 315

Husqvarna 315

As I said above, the Husqvarna 315 is built to withstand the harsh Nordic climate, so it could work your lawn constantly throughout the year, functioning fully and unattended regardless of weather conditions if you so pleased.

It is capable of this because of its large course-treaded wheels which provide excellent traction even in slippery and wet conditions, and its robust build which can withstand strong wind and rain.

But just because it can work in terrible conditions doesn’t mean it should, it could just do more damage.

Well it’s a good thing then, that Husqvarna have fitted the 315 with a rain sensor. So when the rain is too heavy to work, it will either retreat to its docking station if it’s out on a mow or stay put just before it’s scheduled to mow.


Clearly Husqvarna have put more effort and intelligence into their mower ensuring it works properly in poor weather conditions, so I’m going to have to give this one to the Husqvarna 315.

Although both these mowers are quite capable of working in wet conditions, you may want to see what options are available to you to provide your robotic mower with some shelter when at its base station – Top 9 Best Robotic Lawn Mower Garage Ideas.

Extra Features

Honda Miimo HRM310 

Other than what has been discussed above, the Miimo has no other additional features.

Husqvarna 315

Weather Timer – These enable this model to adapt its schedule according to the lawn’s changing growth throughout the year. So in times of strong grass growth the Husqvarna 315 will maximise mowing for a more effective cut.

In periods of sunny or dry weather the 315 will spend less time mowing. Preserving your grass and reducing wear on your mower.


In summary, the Husqvarna model offers one very useful additional feature compared to the Miimo. The weather timer makes lawn care easier, healthier for your lawn and less user dependent, so this is another point to the Husqvarna 315.


Husqvarna 315

After addressing all these categories I think it’ll be quite obvious which model came out on top – the Husqvarna 315.

With features like narrow passage sensors, a rain sensor, the weather timer, the ability to handle complex gardens more effectively and that it deals with slopes much better than any other brand of robotic mower, have convinced me that this is the superior model. I also think it’s one of the best currently available on the market.

Now you may have to pay a little more for the Husqvarna 315 (Husqvarna Automower: Is it Worth The Investment?), but considering everything you get in return, I think it’ll be worth every penny. In general I do highly rate the Husqvarna robotic mower due to their years of experience in developing the technology. If you would like to learn more why I believe that the Husqvarna mowers are the market leaders, see my article Husqvarna Automower – Why They Are The Best.

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Where can I purchase the Husqvarna 315 or the Honda Miimo HRM310?

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Honda MIIMO HRM300 Robot Mower
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If you have any questions for me about any of the models then please ask in the comments box below.

Model Comparison
Mowers Honda Miimo 310 Husqvarna 315
Lawn Coverage 2000 m² 1500 m²
Noise Level 59 dB 58 dB
Mowing Time 30 minutes 70 minutes
Charging Time 40 minutes 60 minutes
Cutting System Rotating Disks with 3 Attached Blades Rotating Disks with 3 Attached Blades
Mowing Height 20 – 60mm 20 – 50mm
Weight 11.6 kg 9 kg
Mulching Yes Yes
Eco Friendly Yes Yes
Safety Features Yes Yes
Mobile App No Yes
Waterproof Yes Yes
Easy Programming Yes Yes
Rating 8/10 9/10

8 thoughts on “Honda Miimo 310 vs Husqvarna 315 Automower

  1. Hi,

    very interessting comparsion.

    Just for info. The Husqvarna didn’t have a narrow passage “sensor”. He can handle passages only with his “searchcable”. When you have 60cm, he took the searchcable for finding the base station or mowing area- mostly automatically.

    Narrow Passages without 6metres to the next perimeter wire, are making often really problems with Automowers. No robotic lawn mower can handle really small passages when they are mowing the grass. Every other Manufaturer of robotic lawn mower have no problems to handle small passages when they are searching the base station or the mowing area,

    The Miimo has also a “weather timer”, but it’s a little different from the Husqvarna ones. But “in the wild” no one need this feature, because it works not perfectly in complex areas. The Husky didn’t have a rain sensor. Mostly, rain sensor are deactivated from customers.

    Really cool is, that the Miimo have different mowing patterns on each mowing zone.

    cu. Joerg

  2. Hi Mark
    My father in law and I actually had a discussion about robot lawnmowers last week, we live in South Africa and we do have pretty big plots/erfs here. being part of the working community you don’t always have time to cut the grass as it can take you the good part of 4 hours and that’s half a day gone. This discussion led to a lengthy one as we could not agree on the same model. I have bookmarked your site and will definitely show him your excellent reviews. Thanks

    1. Brilliant, great to hear Mornay, if you and your father in lawn need any help with deciding on a model then please ask me!

  3. Those mowers are something else. That would be a great investment to those who have a lawn big enough to use one on. There was enough information on both mowers to help a consumer decide on which one to buy for their needs. I like that there were installation guides, care tips and what extra parts would be needed. The comparison was excellent between the two mowers. The type was a bit small and had to get my glasses to read it but there was a lot of it so understandable. The video looked very professional. Great website altogether.

  4. Wow these machines are pretty amazing. I really like all of the pattern options on the Honda Miimo. I think I would prefer that over the remote app for the Husqvarna. I see the Miimo has a lower price as well. The Husqvarna seems to be built well and able to take on tougher tasks such as hills and obstacles. My lawn is full of hills and trees so I would probably have to shell out the extra money for the Husqvarna. If we end up moving to a house with an easier lawn before I decide to purchase an automower then I will definitely go for the Honda Miimo. I didn’t see the Miimo on Amazon(US) but I’ll keep a look out for it.

    Thanks for the info!


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