If you’ve spent some time wandering around this website then you might have heard me say that I think Husqvarna Automower models are the best in the market right now.

They use an effective and efficient cutting system, their programming system is easy and simple to use, they’re packed full of extra features you won’t see on most other models, they handle slopes and long grass much more effectively than other and they require very little assistance while in operation.

All of which justify their premium status!

But of course this is easy for me to say, for you to believe me I need to show you as well.

That’s why I have posted the video below to show you just how good their mowers are and how they compare to the competition.

In the video you’ll see 5 different mowers (all similar to one another) tested against 4 different categories – slope compensation, grass quality, tracks & manual restarts per week – and you’ll also get to see how they deal with things like small garden obstacles, boundary wires on a slope and long grass.

I think after watching the video you’ll now believe me when I say that Husqvarna Automowers are better than any other.

They’re better at handling more complex and difficult gardens, they’re very quiet, they’re easy to set up and they produce brilliant results – overall they make lawn care just so much easier!

Now I think it’s about time I found a model for you, below I have listed the Husqvarna mowers I have reviewed according to lawn coverage so you can which one is best suited to you.

All the models come with their own individual reviews so make sure you check them out for more information.

Husqvarna really have made some fantastic models, all with great and easy to use features making lawn care not only easier but more rewarding, I think they’re the best and I don’t want you to settle for anything less!

Autocut Husqvarna
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