Make Your Own Compost Bin

Make Your Own Compost Bin

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As you may already know, compost is great for your garden, plants and lawn. It helps them retain moisture, improves and enriches the soil quality by adding nutrients, helps the roots to grow stronger, so if you want to see the best results in your garden you should start using compost.

The only disadvantage is that compost can be rather expensive if you use it on a regular basis, and to be honest, you don’t really know what kind of chemicals companies are putting into their mixtures. So to stay on the safe side and to save you a little bit of money you can build your own compost bin. They are easy to set up and are a great way to put your garden and kitchen waste to use.

Before I show you how to build your own compost bin, we should look at the advantages first.

Advantages of Having Your Own Compost Bin

  • Improves and enriches the quality of your soil by adding nutrients
  • Encourages the production of beneficial and valuable organisms such as bacteria and fungi
  • Environmentally friendly as reduces landfill waste
  • Saves money as many councils now charge for recycling
  • Building your own compost bin is inexpensive (you can re-use pallets or decking boards)
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for a chemical fertiliser
  • Having your own compost bin is convenient as you can recycle your garden and kitchen waste
  • Compost reduces plant disease and helps to retain moisture

Now hopefully you fully understand that having stronger and healthier root system and plants means that you will be able to enjoy the benefits. But how do you build your own compost bin? Don’t worry because that is exactly what I will show you below.

What You Need to Build Your Own Compost Bin

  • 4 corner brackets or wooden/metal stakes
  • A box of screws
  • A screwdriver and drill
  • 4 pallets
  • Chicken wire
  • A saw
  • 4 hinges
  • 2 sets of hook & latches

Step-by-Step Instruction How to Make Your Own Compost Bin

Step 1 – Find Suitable Area

Find the area you want to place the compost bin and clear it of any twigs and stones. If the area is uneven you should level it with a spade or rake. The bin must stand on bare soil to work properly, do not stand it on paving. If you are worried that rats or other pests might get into your compost bin then lay down some chicken wire at the base.

Make Your Own Compost BinStep 2 – Using Pallets

You can use decking boards, old wood or decking boards to construct your new compost bin. In this article I will talk about re-using pallets, but of course the principal is the same.

Before you begin constructing your compost bin you need to make sure all pallets are same size, this is where you are likely to need a saw to make adjustments. You can choose the size of your compost bin, I normally go for 1 metre all around (square shape).

With the pallets all the same size, align them into a U shape by standing them on their side and hammer a wooden or metal stake through each one at each end to secure it to the ground (about 30 cm deep). Some people prefer to nail them together in both corners using a corner bracket. It is up to you what you use, the main point is to ensure the pallets are firmly attached at right angles. This will prevent any compost falling out through the gaps.

Step 3 – Corners

At each corner the pallets need to be wired together to ensure the compost bin is strong and stable. Ensure you do not have any sharp wire showing, as this could cause injury. Nicely and neatly bend and tuck in any wire.

Step 4 – Door

To make the door cut the remaining front pallet in half and attach them to the sides of the compost bin using the hinges. Make sure you don’t place the bottom hinge too close to the ground otherwise it could get worn away and also make sure there is a space in-between both doors to stop them from rubbing against each other.

Finally, add the hook and latches to both doors so you can keep them closed.

You will need to open the door when you want to access your compost.

Step 5 – Chicken Wire

Now wrap the chicken wire around your new compost bin and attach it using U-shaped nails, this keeps any overflowing waste from falling out of the bin and prevents any pest from entering it.

Step 6 – Job Done

You are now ready to start using your very own compost bin for all your garden and kitchen waste.

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4 thoughts on “Make Your Own Compost Bin

  1. Thanks for this! I didn’t realise how simple it would be to make my own compost bin. I have one that I bought from a hardware store, and it is good however, it would have been so much better to upcycle some used timber rather than purchasing more plastic.
    This is a great and easy to understand tutorial, thank you.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Joanne, the main thing is you can still make your own compost so don’t beat yourself up at all ;-)

  2. I never even thought about making my own composed bit. This looks easy enough that I may try it myself. Do you have to mix the composting material once in a while or you just adding everything on the top making sure you use brown and green mixture each time?
    Thank you

    1. Yeah every now and then give the mixture a good mix, just to get everything added together, and yeah use a combination of both green and brown waste.

      Thanks for the comment Gabby ;-)

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