Makita DLM530Z Review – Twin 18v / 36v LXT Cordless

Makita DLM530Z Review
Makita DLM530Z
Performance/Cut Quality
Large 53cm blade for fast cutting
Large sized 70 litre grass collector with level indicator
3-in-1 cutting options, collecting, mulching and side discharge
Durable steel deck that is easy to clean
Power share LXT Li-Ion batteries
Batteries and charger not included in the purchase price
No rear roller for striped lawn
Heavier mower that is NOT self-propelled
No quick release levers to fold the handles
My Overall Rating

Makita DLM530Z Cordless Review


The Makita DLM530Z Cordless Rotary Lawnmower features a large 53cm cutting width and combined with the 4 battery slots, allows longer runtimes that is suitable for lawns up to 2,300m² (batteries are sold separately). The 10 height adjustments on the Makita DLM530Z can be set between 20mm and 100mm and is supplied with a whopping 70 litre grass collection box. The Makita DLM530Z weighs a hefty 39.3kg (including 4 batteries) and has 3-in-1 cutting options.

Whoever said that cordless lawn mowers couldn’t rival the power of petrol? Well, that may have been the case some years ago, but I’ve recently discovered the Makita DLM530Z and what an impressive little machine it is!

If you’ve got a larger garden and want a reliable cordless lawn mower that won’t give up halfway through, then you’re in the right place. The Makita DLM530Z is designed with long running times, user friendliness, durability and performance in mind.

It offers versatile mowing methods and has everything you need to get your lawn neat and tidy with minimal effort. In this Makita DLM530Z review, I’ll be running through some of the most impressive features, and I’m sure by the end, you’ll know if it’s worth splashing out on this high end cordless mower from Makita.

Main Features

    • Maximum lawn size: 2,300m²
    • Batteries: 2 x 18V Lithium-ion (not included) creating a combined 36V motor
    • Blade length: 53cm
    • Deck material: Steel
    • Cutting options: cut & collect, side discharge and mulching
    • Weight: 39.3 kg (including 4 batteries)
    • Cutting heights: 10 from 20mm-100mm
    • Grass box capacity: 70 L
    • Warranty: 3 Years
    • Adjustable handle
    • Electric brake
    • Quiet mode

Makita DLM530Z Cordless Rotary Lawn Mower Video

To give you a visual representation of the Makita DLM530Z Cordless Rotary Lawnmower please watch the video below :

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Power System

Makita DLM530Z Power System

The Makita DLM530Z runs on a smooth brushless motor. These motors are renowned for their long service life and excellent performance, so it’s a great start for this mower.

The motor is powered by two 18v lithium-ion batteries giving you a total of 36v. But what really impressed me was that there are dual battery ports, allowing you to put four batteries on board to get through the mowing uninterrupted. You will need to switch between the battery pair manually using the switch on the deck when one pair of batteries is depleted.

There is a downside and that is that the battery and charger are not included in the box, so you will need to buy these separately. But this does open up a world of choices which makes it less of a pain and more of flexibility to suit your requirements. You may already have other Makita 18v tools and therefore have batteries that can be used in this mower, so it is common for manufactures to offer this bare tool configuration.

The Makita DLM530Z accepts 3.0Ah batteries that will charge in just 22 minutes. There’s also a 4.0Ah and 5.0Ah option that’ll charge in 36 and 45 minutes respectively. But if you want the best power and longest runtime then you’ll opt for the 6.0Ah battery, which charges in just 55 minutes. Don’t forget that these batteries can all be shared across the Makita range provided the tool takes 18v batteries. A pair of 6.0Ah genuine Makita batteries will set you back around £200.

What’s more, there is a handy battery gauge located on the handle of the Makita DLM530Z. Simply give it a push and note how much power you have left. No more getting caught out in the middle of mowing the lawn.

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Click here for battery price (this is for a single 18 V 5.0 Ah Makita BL1850B )

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Click here for price of a dual charger (Makita DC18RD)



While some minor assembly is required, this is quick and easy. This statement is backed up by feedback from customers that have bought this mower and found it simple to assemble.

Makita supply a socket wrench to assist with assembly. This is the only tool required for assembly.

Features In Detail

Deck and Blade

Makita DLM530Z Blade and Deck

One of the major selling points of the Makita DLM530Z is that it features a heavy duty steel deck. This improves the durability vastly and while it does mean this mower is slightly heavier than one with a plastic deck, it still isn’t ridiculously heavy at 39kg when loaded with batteries.

The deck features a side chute that is supplied with the mower and can be easily attached and removed as and when needed.

The smooth powder coated steel deck is clear of obstacles making wiping down and cleaning, both inside and out, quick and easy.

There is however no hose wash port with this Makita DLM530Z, shame!

There is a nice carry handle at the front of the deck, however it would have been nice to have a handle on the back of the mower as carrying this mower with one hand is unlikely, due to the heavier weight. There is however a thin bar running across the back of the mower that can be used to carry the mover with both hands.

The metal blades are sharp and efficient. They will need to be sharpened from time to time and eventually need replacing but this is easy, inexpensive (around £30) and they are readily available in the UK.

Height Adjustment

When it comes to versatility, the Makita DLM530Z offers it by the bucket-load. One great example of this is the 10 – yes 10, cutting height options. These range between 20mm and 100mm, so you can cut your grass in all conditions and at all times of the year exactly to your liking. It is extremely rare to see a cordless mower with the option to raise the cutting deck to 100mm, this will be ideal for really tough and long grass. And switching between them is super easy thanks to the single lever, just move it to the desired position and off you go.

The design of the lever means that there is no risk of the lever jumping out of the setting on the first bump it encounters, unlike some I have tested. Well you wouldn’t expected anything else from a quality brand like Makita.

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Cutting Diameter

The Makita DLM530Z is a mower designed for larger gardens and will quite easily cover up to 2300 square metres. Although it is worth keeping in mind that each pair of batteries will only mow up to 800 square metres per charge, so you might want to invest in two pairs if you’ve got a very large lawn.

The 53cm cutting width gives you great coverage on each pass meaning that you’ll get the job done much more quickly. However, if you have a smaller garden, this might be too big, but you can still benefit from the amazing features of this range thanks to the two smaller models.

There is the Makita DLM431Z which has a 43cm cutting width and the Makita DLM460Z with a 46cm cutting width. These are great for smaller lawns and will make it easier to manoeuvre them around.


Having everything within easy reach is so important when using a lawn mower. That’s why I was really taken aback by how Makita has seemingly thought of everything when it comes to the placement of the controls.

Everything is located at the top of the handles for easy reach including the button for quiet mode (more on that later), the battery gauge and the on/off button.

If that wasn’t enough, the handle can be adjusted to one of two heights, so you can set it to the right level to feel more comfortable for you. When you’re done, it’ll fold down for easier storage. I do wish Makita would have included quick release nuts on the handles, as you will need a small spanner to undo theses when you want to fold the handles at both the mid and lower points.

Roller (Stripes)

There is no rear roller on this mower.

Grass Collection Box

If you prefer the more traditional cut and collect mowing option then you won’t be disappointed with the Makita DLM530Z. It features a huge 70 litre grass box which enables you to cut more lawn without having to stop as frequently. When the grass box is full, you will be first to know as Makita have included a level indicator on top of the box.

This is a fabric grass collection box, which I always like to see because it improves air flow and is far easier to store as it’ll fold away unlike a plastic box. However, there are problems with this type of grass box in that they do tear more easily, but as long as you’re careful with it, I see no reason that it shouldn’t be relatively durable.


Makita DLM530Z Practicalities

Earlier, I mentioned “Quiet Mode” and that’s something that’s really popped out at me with this model. It seems that Makita has really used their innovation on this model. Quiet Mode can be turned on and off using a handy switch at the top of the handle and reduces the noise while still turning the engine at 2500 rpm.

I have to say that it really caught my eye when I noticed that this lawn mower comes with a waterproof rating of IPX4 which means it can be used in damp conditions. This isn’t something you see all the time in lawn mowers. In fact, I spend a lot of my time advising against cutting wet grass. While it might still clump, it isn’t going to do any harm to your mower and that’s got to be a good thing.

As already mentioned, this mower is not self-propelled and therefore at nearly 40kg with all 4 batteries loaded, this mower will not be suitable for everyone. Having said that, if you are willing to splash out an extra £100, you can purchase this mower with a single speed self-propelled drive (model number Makita DLM532Z). Just remember, that using the self-propelled drive will reduce the runtime somewhat, as the batteries will not only be powering the blade, but also moving the 39kg mower around your lawn. I would opt for the self-propelled model if you are looking for a genuine replacement for your petrol mower.


The Makita DLM530Z has a largish footprint due to the width of the mower. The 2 screw clips on the side of the handles allow for the top handle to be folded down to reduce storage space. A further 2 larger screws near the base of the mower allow the upper and lower bars to be folder down, again reducing storage.

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Safety Features

The Makita DLM530Z uses a safety button and operator presence control lever, so cannot be started accidentally. The overall design makes for safe and easy movement. The electric brake further adds to the safety features of this model. There is also a separate safety key with this mower, when removed, the mower cannot be started.


Makita DLM530Z Cutting

The Makita DLM530Z comes with a mulching plug. Just remove the grass box and pop in the mulching plug to make the most of this feature. It’s great for keeping your lawn green and healthy as mulching gives the grass back some essential nutrients like nitrogen and potassium.

There is also a side discharge chute for even more mowing options. This allows for faster mowing and deposits the grass neatly to the side for raking up when you’re done.


The beauty of the Makita DLM530Z is not only that it’s super powerful, but also that it delivers a really neat and efficient cut. It’s so user friendly and benefits from a smooth start function as well as variable speed blade that adjusts to the condition and length of the lawn.

Manual Download

Click here to download the Makita DLM530Z User Manual

What’s Included in the Box?

On receipt of your mower you will receive:

  • 1 x Makita DLM530Z Lawn Mower “Body Only”
  • 1x Grass collection box
  • Mulching plug
  • Side discharge chute
  • 1 x Socket wrench
  • Owner’s manual

It is important to remember, especially when comparing prices, that this model is sold as a lawn mower body only. That means that you will have to purchase the batteries and charger separately unless you already have them.

Pros and Cons

As with any equipment, there are advantages and disadvantages. It is good to be aware of these so you know what you are paying for. Here are the pros and cons for the Makita DLM530Z Cordless Lawnmower:

  • Easy to operate and comfortable to use
  • Longer runtimes with 4 battery slots with power level gauge on bars
  • 3-in-1 cutting options, collecting, mulching and side discharge
  • Power share LXT Li-Ion batteries
  • Durable steel deck that is easy to clean
  • Large 53cm blade for fast cutting
  • Large sized 70 litre grass collector with level indicator
  • Grass collection bag easy to attach and remove
  • Soft-start function
  • Electric brake
  • Excellent 10 height adjustments (easy to adjust)
  • Low vibration and relatively silent operation
  • Good safety features
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Batteries and charger not included with the bare model
  • No rear roller for striped lawn
  • Heavier mower that is NOT self-propelled
  • Missing a rear handle to make carrying easier
  • No quick release levers to fold the handles


Should You Buy This Model?

Makita DLM530Z Conclusion

For me, I’m totally sold on the Makita DLM530Z. It’s an amazing piece of equipment that is bursting at the seams with features. If you want the power of a petrol lawn mower with the eco-friendliness and convenience of cordless, then this is a model well worth considering.

Yes, this is a heavy mower at a snip over 39kg and not having a self-propelled drive may put you off somewhat. However, there is a self-propelled version of this mower, the Makita DLM532Z Twin, that is identical, but has the benefit of having a single speed self-propelled drive.

It’s a great choice for people with big lawns, although there are smaller versions of it, so lots of homeowners can benefit from the range of tools available.

It’s also an excellent option for people who lead a busy lifestyle. For example, the waterproof feature means you can mow in any weather, so if your Saturday off work has seen a bit of rain, you can still get your garden chores done.

This model is perfect for:

  • People with large gardens up to 2300m² in size.
  • Those that already have or are planning to use a range of 18v tools from Makita.
  • People who want large cutting width of 53cm so mowing the lawn is fast with fewer passes.
  • Those who want impressive 10 height adjustments ranging from 20mm to 100mm.
  • People that require the option not to collect the cuttings – either to mulch or side discharge.
  • Those that want precision when it comes to cutting height.
  • Customers looking for a powerful yet quiet lawn mower.

Of course this is open to interpretation, so if you don’t fall under every single category then don’t worry I’m sure you’ll still find the Makita DLM530Z Cordless Rotary Lawnmower makes mowing your lawn that much easier and more enjoyable. It has loads of great features that make a great and practical cordless lawn mower.


I won’t lie, I love the Makita DLM530Z; but I think that’s been evident throughout this review. It’s versatile, powerful, easy to use and durable. There isn’t much that I could say puts me off this lawn mower. It’s a little disappointing that you have to buy the batteries and charger separately, but this certainly isn’t uncommon where cordless mowers are concerned and allows you to configure the mower to suit you and your lawn.

As mentioned, the fact that the mower is on the heavy side with all four 6.0Ah batteries loaded, and is not self-propelled, may put some people off this model. They may prefer to opt for the self-propelled model. Other than that, the Makita DLM530Z is an elite tool that will make a welcome addition to your Makita collection of home and garden tools.

Where Should I Purchase This Model?

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Push Model

Save £140.95
Makita DLM530Z Twin 18V (36V) Li-ion LXT 53cm Brushless Lawn Mower -...
27 Reviews
Makita DLM530Z Twin 18V (36V) Li-ion LXT 53cm Brushless Lawn Mower -...
  • Recommended for lawns of up to 2,300 square metres
  • 3 in 1 for cutting, collecting and mulching
  • 53cm cutting width
  • Push type
  • Durable steel deck
  • 10 cutting height levels, 20mm up to 100mm

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Self-Propelled Model

Makita DLM532Z Twin 18V (36V) Li-ion LXT 53cm Brushless Lawn Mower -...
89 Reviews
Makita DLM532Z Twin 18V (36V) Li-ion LXT 53cm Brushless Lawn Mower -...
  • Recommended for use on lawns of up to 2,300 square metres
  • 3 in 1 for cutting, collecting and mulching
  • 53cm cutting width
  • Durable steel deck
  • 10 cutting height levels, ranging from 20mm up to 100mm
  • Child lock key

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Makita Best Selling Lawnmowers

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Additional Specifications

Additional Specifications
Working Area2300m²
Cutting width53cm
Cutting height steps10
Cutting height max100 mm
Cutting height min20 mm
Cutting height adjustmentCentral
Collector volume70 L
Battery Type2 x 18 V Lithium-ion batteries (not included) 4 battery slots
Typical Charging TimeCharge time: 45 (both 5.0Ah batteries with dual charger)
Right or left start switchLeft and Right
Foldable handlesYes
Battery power indicatorYes
Grass bag filling indicatorYes
Weight39.3 Kg including batteries

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