Mower Cutting Heights: 4 (10mm - 30mm)

Flymo Hover Vac 280 Review

Flymo Hover Vac 280 Review

The Flymo Hover Vac 280 is an ergonomically and simple to use hover lawn mower with a 1300 Watt motor designed for small to medium sized lawns. It has a 28cm cutting width and is lightweight at just 8.4Kg and is supplied with an integrated 20 Litre grass collection box. The Flymo Hover Vac 280 has a metal blade for a neater cut and is of good quality and will last longer. The handles fold flat to take up less storage and there is an integrated front roller so the mower can be wheeled in and out of your shed and garage.

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Flymo Easi Glide 330 Review

Flymo Easi Glide 330 Review (VX)

Flymo’s Easi Glide 330 (VX) is the big brother of the Easi Glide 300 and offers a larger 1400W motor and some extras that make it more user-friendly. The mower uses a hover system to reduce effort when moving around your garden and it is aimed at small to medium garden sizes. The Flymo Easi Glide 330 has a respectable 33cm cutting diameter with an integrated 20 litre grass collection box and weighs in at only 8.8kg.

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Flymo Easi Glide 300 Review

Flymo Easi Glide 300 Review

Flymo’s Easi Glide 300 is an electric hover mower that has a 30cm deck size designed for a small to medium-sized lawn, an area less than half a tennis court. It is a lightweight hover mower at just 8.5kg and is simple to use, and there are very few parts, so there is minimum maintenance. The Flymo Easi Glide 300 has the added benefit of not only being a hover mower but a hover mower that collects the grass cuttings in its 20 litre collection box.

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