Kärcher K2 Pressure Washer Review – Full Control

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Kärcher K2 Pressure Washer - Review
Kärcher K2 Pressure Washer Full Control
What I Like
Small and compact machine.
Trolley design.
Simple to use.
What I Don't Like
Low flow rate for large flat areas.
Pressure on the low side.
My Overall Rating

Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer Review

Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer Review


The Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer has an adjustable pressure between 20 to 110 bar and is supplied with a Vario and Dirt Blaster spray lance. It has a trolley design with wheels and a handle for easy transportation and storage. The Kärcher K2 has a flow rate of 360 (max), and is supplied with a 4 metre pressure hose.

The Kärcher K2 is a small, occasional-use pressure washer, ideal for cleaning vehicles, concrete, and garden furniture or tools. The washer has three pressure settings to prevent damage to paintwork and an adjustable lance for ease of cleaning low or high areas.

Main Features

  • Pressure (bar): 20 – 110
  • Flow Rate (l/h): 360
  • Noise at Operator: 75 dB
  • Power Rating (watts): 1400, 6 Amps
  • Area Performance (m²/h): 20
  • Weight (kg): 4.3 Net / 5.5 Gross
  • Dimensions — L x W x H (mm): 246 × 280 × 586


The net weight of the Kärcher K2 is a little over 4 kilograms, increasing to 5.5 kilograms when adding the accessories to the machine. Though most of this weight rests on two sturdy wheels and a telescopic trolley handle that allows you to move the machine around — free from any lifting.

Power / Bar Pressure

Kärcher’s K2 6-amp pump will pressurise water sprays from 20-bar up to 110-bar, depending on the level of cleaning you want.

There are three pressure settings, which you can choose from on the spray lance.

– Hard is the strongest — great for cleaning cement.

– Medium is for a vehicle.

– Soft is for garden furniture.

There is also a fourth option to mix in detergent to the nozzle, to prepare surfaces for a deeper clean.

Kärcher K2 Pressure Washer Video

Hose Flow Rate

Kärcher K2 Flow Rate The hose’s 6-litre a minute flow rate will allow you to clean up to 20 square metres per hour. So, this machine is better for focusing on smaller areas of your patio and vehicles.

There is also a suction tube that can suck detergent direct from any container. The detergent will mix in with water to produce foam at the nozzle end for a deep clean of any surface.


The Kärcher K2 makes 75 decibels at the operator level and up to 90 decibels at the machine due to the long connection hose.

Accessories and Use

The Kärcher K2 comes with a range of accessories to cover most uses and to make the machine easier to use.

  • Integrated trolley wheels and telescopic handle.
  • Trigger gun with standard Click VPS connectors.
  • 4-metre high-pressure hose to connect the gun to the pump.
  • Controller spray lance and extension lance.
  • Water filter to remove large particles in the water flow that would damage the inner workings.
  • Garden hose adaptor.
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Practicalities and Design

Kärcher K2 Practicalities Integrating a telescopic handle and two wheels make a huge difference in moving this machine around. Though at just over 5 kilograms, even when you need to lift the unit, it is not an issue.

If you want to get more from this pressure washer, there are optional brush fittings for cleaning objects with detergent foam. You can also get longer pressure hoses and specialised lances from Kärcher and other suppliers that fit this Kärcher pressure washer. inc link.

Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer User Manual

Click Here for the Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer User manual

Pros & Cons

  • Small and compact machine.
  • Quiet.
  • Trolley design.
  • Simple to use.
  • Low flow rate for large flat areas.
  • Pressure on the low side.


Whats Included in the Box?

  • 1 x K2 Full Control Pressure Washer
  • 1 x Full Control Vario Lance with 4 Predefined settings with usage iconography
  • 1 x Full Control Dirt Blaster with usage iconography
  • 1 x 4m High Pressure hose with Quick Connect
  • 1 x High Pressure Trigger Gun

Should You Buy This Model?

Kärcher K2 Conclusion There are plenty of features on the Kärcher K2 , using the machine is simple, and for light-duty work, there is no need for more. You may find it a little frustrating if you try to use it to clean the brickwork on the outside of your home, but it is more than fine for cleaning a car and garden furniture.


For the number of attachments and having a convenient method of transporting the machine, the K2 is worth every penny. The pressure and flow rate are low, and it is slow going for cleaning large areas of concrete or tiles. But this unit is fine for bicycles, garden tools, cars and blasting the dirt, mould and grime off garden furniture.

Where should I purchase this Kärcher K2?

Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer
  • Select the ideal power setting with a simple twist and click of the lance
  • Ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as car or harder surfaces like stone and brickwork
  • The integrated suction tube allows detergent to be applied to any surface being cleaned
  • With the quick connect system, the high pressure hose is easy to connect to both the machine and trigger gun
  • Trigger gun, hose and lances can all be stored neatly on the machine
  • Item Weight : 4.3 kg

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Is the Karcher K2 suitable for washing cars?

The K2 is perfect for washing cars, cleaning your bike and garden tools/furniture.

Is the K2 suitable for heavy domestic use?

If you are looking for a pressure washer with huge power, then other models would be more suitable, as this model is ideal for occasional use.

Is the Karcher K2 any good?

The K2 is a compact, well priced pressure washer that performs at the same level compared to some larger models. Karcher is a trusted and well supported brand here in the UK.

What is the weight of the Karcher K2?

4.3kg (without accessories). The trolley design has wheels and extendable handle to make it easy for transport and storage.

What lances are provided with the Karcher K2 full control pressure washer?

Full Control Vario Lance and Full Control Dirt Blaster.

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