Ambrogio L30 Elite – Lawn-Mower Robots

Ambrogio line 30 Elite
Features: Lawn-Mower robots
Material: Metal, Plastic



Ambrogio line 30 elite
Ambrogio L30 Deluxe 1100 m² lawn be gradient up to 45% and up to four separate areas. Strong brushless motors driving a blade with a diameter of 25 cm and 4 cutting edges. The brushless motors ensure a longer lifespan, lower consumption of the battery and a low noise level. Also, for a speed of the robot a ausgereiftes sensor system, which in turn provides an extended lifespan of battery and the motor. The lithium ion batteries with a 5.0 Ah guarantee an average working time of up to 2 hours. Over the sensor for Gemähten lawn are depicted review the working hours of the robot. The Bluetooth receiver is supplied as standard.
The driving speed is also in the range of approx. 20 – 30 m/min Adjustable, so you can e.g. rolling lawn with a high density driving speed to a bit of reduction in anxiety and so the best split image.
Details: Approx.
* Blade ‘All have a 25 cm (10)
* Blade is made from spring steel, easy Nachzuschärfen
* Lawn Adjustable cutting height: 25 – 60 mm
* manages a gradient up to 45%
* Bearbeit lawns: 4
* Motor Type: Brushless Motor
* Noise Level dB (a): 65
* Speed 30 m/min
* Lithium-ion batteries 25 V – 5 ah
* Automatic Charge
* Charging Station
* Average. Working time + 20%: 2H
* Pop up sensor, safety lift system
* Sensor for Gemähten lawn
* Rain Sensor
* Screen
* Bluetooth receiver
* Pin code
Box Contents
* Mähroboter
* Charging Station
* 150 M control cable
* 200 mounting nails
* Detailed instruction manual (cannot guarantee instructions are in English
Ambrogio line 30 Elite
Features: Lawn-Mower robots
Material: Metal, Plastic
Size (L x W x H): approx. 79X59X28 CM