Robomow RS625 A mower that’s robust and agile enough to handle even the most complex of large lawns, the Robomow RS625 comes complete with the full range of superior features and specifications built-in. Designed to keep sprawling lawns of 0-2500 m2 in tip-top condition, the Robomow RS625’s heavy duty motors will ensure that no matter how large your lawn, it’ll always look its very best, year in, year out. STRONGERA stronger cutting system compared with competing robomowers, designed for similar sized lawns. · Large, heavy-duty steel blades · Extra powerful motor · Any terrain · Sails through the first cut of the season and high grass conditions · Once-yearly blade replacement FASTERCompletes a given lawn faster than competing robomowers, designed for similar sized lawns. · Larger mowing width RC models with a 28cm mowing width RS models with a 56cm mowing width · Fewer mowing hours · More time to enjoy the lawn EDGINGUnique Edge mode and ?cut-beyond-the-wheel? design for that extra special Robomow finish. · Unique Edge mode · Cuts beyond the wheels · Complete lawn coverage for a perfect finish FRIENDLYEasy-to-use with flexible installation options and full control from your smartphone! · Robomow app ? enjoy the drive! · Local professional installation service · Optional do-it-yourself installation GSMPrevents faults and minimizes downtime by collecting technical data from your Robomow. Gives you operational and security alerts directly to your smartphone FLOATING DECKWell-de
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