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The Robomow RS615 model is focused around those with slightly larger gardens than most, putting it in competition with mowers like the Husqvarna 315.

Not the easiest of competitors but let’s see how well it competes throughout the review.

Things like the different shape, more capabilities (lawn coverage), a bigger cutting width and the floating deck may seem quite insignificant but added together they can have a pretty big impact.

I’ll be reviewing all of its features, functions and capabilities throughout this review to help you understand whether or not they do have significant effects and if this model deserves a place in your garden.

So make sure to stick around!

Main Features

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Robomow app connection
  • Can cover up to 7 separate gardening areas
  • Multiple gardening modes
  • Reaches gardens up to 1500m² in size (over 5 tennis courts)

Robomow RS Video

To introduce you to the RS615 model and some of its features, watch the video below:

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Power System

The Robomow RS615 is powered by a 26V Lithium battery and electric motor. They take about 90 – 110 minutes to charge and produce a running time of 55 – 70 minutes.

To be honest this isn’t that best ratio. Even though some other mowers will take longer to charge, they usually compensate with an even longer working time.

As the same can’t be said for the RS615, this is definitely something that needs improved.

But the RS615 can return to its own docking station without any input from you.

With the help of its perimeter wire and navigation system, it can make its own way back from any area in your garden at any time.

So whenever it begins to run low on power, it will halt mowing and return to the charging station to recharge.

Model Comparison
Mowers Robomow RS615 Bosch Indego  Husqvarna 315
Lawn Coverage 1500 m² 1000 m² 1500 m²
Noise Level 72-66 dB 75 dB 58 dB
Mowing Time 55 – 70 minutes 50 minutes 70 minutes
Charging Time 90 – 110 minutes 50 minutes 60 minutes
Dimensions 73.5x66x31 cm 58x46x25.5 cm 63x51x25 cm
Weight 20 kg 11.1 kg 9 kg
Mobile App Yes No Yes
Slope Capability 20° 20° 22°
Rating 8/10 7/10 9/10

Mowing Features

Blades & Cutrobomow rs615 blade

The RS615 has one of the widest cuts in the market, at 56cm making it no match for any type of grass and will easily manage your first cut of spring.

It does this with two separate 11 inch, stainless steel blades that are attached to two other separate motors. Making energy distribution between them much more accurate, meaning the mower will work efficiently.

You can also adjust the height of the blades from 20 – 80mm, this will be most useful during season changes. All you have to do is turn a dial on the top of the automower or use the app on your phone. It’s up to you.

Just make sure that you gradually bring down the height setting as the weeks go on instead of putting it right down straight away. Otherwise you could compromise the finish of your lawn.

By programming it properly you give the uneven parts of you grass time to grow evenly and gives the mower a chance to mulch your lawn. As the mower cuts only a slight bit off the top of the grass, the very small clippings can drop down into the soil.

As they decompose, they pass on nutrients to the soil, making it much healthier.

Resulting in a much thicker and better looking lawn.

Floating Deck

The RS615 has a very effective way of handling the little bumps and holes in your garden.

Unlike other robot lawn mowers, its blade can move up and down to ensure it stays level with the ground at all times. So there won’t be any inch of grass left untouched.

For any other robomower, on a bumpy garden actually cutting every bit of grass will prove quite challenging.

That’s why this feature is so important and why it pushes the RS615 above the rest.

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Robomow App

It really is useful feature especially for those with an active lifestyle. With it you can monitor and control your lawn where ever you go, just open up the app and you’re good to go (although you will need signal first).

With it you can do all the expected stuff like control the mowing pattern, cutting schedule and cutting height.

But as an extra special add-on you can actually control the mower just like a toy car. So if you have any sections of your lawn that are particularly difficult, you can do it yourself.

You may think this is childish but it could prove to be very useful. Not everyone has a perfectly square shaped lawn so the mower could have a hard time for most people.

Rain SensorRobomow RS home

This decides whether it’s too wet or humid to mow your garden, either before or during the mow.

If it does detect too much rain then it instructs the mower to either remain in the charging station or retreat back to the charging station, depending on the situation.

You can also turn off the rain sensor manually if you think the rain isn’t that heavy.

The rain will not affect the RS615 as it’s waterproof, just remember it may have a negative effect on your garden.

But that’s totally up to you and to be honest a little rain won’t hurt.

Narrow Paths

In order for this mower to work properly around your lawn, you need to ensure that there is at least 4m to 5m of space between one length of perimeter wire and another.

Just make sure you keep this in mind before purchase. If you have any areas of lawn which are narrower than this then the RS615 will not even be able to pass through here, never mind mow it.

Mowing Modes

To adjust to the changing times of the year and to different situations, the RS615 has a selection of modules you can choose from.

All are very useful in their own way, but must be used in correct situations.

Turbo Mode

This mode instructs the mower to spin its blades at a much quicker rate.

It’s best suited to times where your grass has grown out a little too long, like in the beginning of spring. A very nice feature which, again, is not used by competitors.

However it can only be done for a short period of time because it uses quite a bit of energy. So make sure not to overdo it.

Eco Mode

With this mode the RS615 uses minimal energy for cutting your grass and maintaining your garden. To keep the overall cost of housing the mower down, this feature is very helpful.

However be warned, this does slow down the RS615s work rate, so it will take longer to finish mowing.

Edge Mode

This program instructs the RS615 to follow the perimeter wire and cut the borders of your garden. So if your lawn is looking a little rough around the edges then this program is perfect.

All of the modules will automatically turn off and reset to regular cutting after one complete cycle.

Multi-Zone Function

Unlike the majority of the robotic mowers out there, the RS615 can travel from one gardening area to another with no help from you. Because of its extra strong and tough wheels, it can drive over harder ground than most.

So if you’ve got a front garden as well as a back garden, then this would relieve you of quite a lot of work.

Just make sure the total size of all areas doesn’t go over the mowers range and that they’re all connected via passage ways (i.e. paths). This system won’t work otherwise.

Once you’ve checked all this you’re good to go.

No. of Zones

  • Robomow RS615: 7 zones
  • Robomow RC308: 6 zones
  • Robomow RS625 : 7 zones

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Safety Features

The RS615 has all the common safety features that you would see on any other Robotic mower.

PIN & Alarm System

This ensures that anyone without a code will not be able to access and operate the mower.

And if they do try you will be notified immediately by the alarm and also by a notification on your phone.

Bump Sensor

In case something interrupts the RS615’s route, it has built-in sensors which protect it from any damage. They will quickly change the direction of the RS615 and turn off its blade.

It will then recalculate and follow a new route.

But in the off chance something does go wrong, the RS615 has a stop button on the control panel.

Lift & Tilt Sensors

These automatically stop the blades from rotating once activated. So whenever you have to change the blade or just want to show it off to some friends, then you should be fine.

But just make sure to do this cautiously, you’re still dealing with a blade.

Lawn Mower Garage

Whilst your robotic mower is completely fine working in the sun and rain, you do have the option to build or purchase a lawn mower garage. If you are not building one yourself, then there are many different designs and options available. Most robotic mower manufacturers will have a dedicated docking station roof, that will provide some protection from the rain and sun, however you can take it one step further and have a completely bespoke design. To see what can be achieved see my article Top 9 Best Robotic Lawn Mower Garage Ideas.



Okay so this mower is not quite perfect and there are a few problems so to make sure you know everything about it, I have explained them below.

  1. The mower can’t travel over ledges. This is probably obvious, but if the mower were to drive over a ledge, it will get thrown off course and/or break.
  2. Even with the edge mode the mower still leaves a little bit of work for you to do, mainly around fences and walls. So you’ll need to do some trimming every so often.
  3. If your garden is separated into different areas and they aren’t linked then you’ll have to carry the mower about. This might be an annoying task but it’s certainly a lot less annoying than carrying a full size, push mower to do the same thing!

Robomow RS615Conclusion

All of the features and different programs present in the RS615 make it one of the most versatile robots out there, and is probably the best one that Robomow have created.

It just makes mowing so much easier for those with big, complex gardens.

Of course is does have flaws but they are completely overshadowed by all of its other features.

Like the floating deck, multi-area function, mobile connection, its cutting width and mowing programs. They all make this mower better than the others and just show that Robomow are at the top of their game.

And you get all of this for a reasonable price!

As you can see, I can’t talk highly enough of the RS615, so believe me you’ll love it.

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Should You Buy This Model?

To help you decide if this mower’s for you, I’ve laid out some categories below.

All are characteristics of the RS615s perfect customer so make sure to run through them all to see if you fit and get the full use of all of its features:

  • Their garden split up into multiple areas (up to 7)
  • They don’t want to maintain their lawn manually
  • They have a busy lifestyle so can’t make time for lawn maintenance
  • They’re interested in mobile phone control
  • They don’t mind doing some trimming every now and then
  • Their garden is slightly slopped and bumpy
  • Their garden reaches 1500m² in size (over 4 tennis courts)

Hopefully I’ve made this process at least a little easier than it was before but if not just drop a comment below. I want to help you out as much as I can so feel free to ask me anything.

Where Can I Purchase This Model?

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Additional Specifications
Recommended Working Area 1600 m²
Maximum Working Area 3000m²
Max Incline 20°
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Battery Power 26V
Power Consumption 21 kWh/month
Mowing Power 400W
Typical Charging Time 90 – 110 minutes
Typical Mowing Time 55 – 70 minutes
Snap On Blades Yes
Cutting Height (min-max) 20-80 mm
Cutting Width  56 cm
Sound Level measured: 66 dB guaranteed: 72 dB
No. Of Zones 7
External Base Setup Yes
Alarm Yes
PIN Code Yes
Rain Sensor Yes
Floating Deck  Yes
Lift Sensor Yes
Tilt Sensor Yes
Perimeter Wire 100m or 200m
Product Size LxWxH 73.5 x 66 x 31 cm
Weight 20.0 kg


Review Date
Reviewed Item
Robomow RS615
Author Rating
Product Name
Robomow RS615

3 thoughts on “Robomow RS615 Review

  1. Hi Mark,
    I like the article.
    I am undecided which model to go for, the 625 or the 615. I have 2100m2 of lawn.
    What is the difference between the two types of motor, DC Brushless and DC brush.
    I already have a 635 at my other home and like the versatility to replace parts myself without having to send it away

  2. Hi there,

    Excellent site, love the design and layout and an excellent article thanks for sharing it with us.

    I never knew this type of equipment existed and thankfully they do as I absolutely dislike cutting the grass having a gadget that does the job for me, as well as a similar one indoors for cleaning the floors truly is two jobs done passively and effortlessly!

    1. Yeah this product really is for you Derek. With you won’t have to mow ever again, although you may have to do a little work from time to time to keep it in shape but’s all. Instead do whatever you want!

      They really are fantastic machines and I’m glad you liked them.

      Thanks for the comment and if you need any help please ask!


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