How to start mower

How to start mower

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Thank you so much for your tutorial which was most helpful. I have just taken delivery of a Bosch cordless Rotak 36V 650. With your help I have managed to assemble it. I have inserted fully charged battery and tried to start as my previous Bosch mower (this looks much the same). Nothing is happening at all. Have changed the batteries over and still nothing. Obviously I am missing something but I have reached the end of my technical abilities. There is a funny red plastic lug on the top of the mower and I have no idea what this is for. If you know would you let me know. I am hoping to mow the lawn before summer ends but if I had to rely on the Bosch site this might not happen.
Yours in desperation. Nicci

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Posted by Nicci
Asked on April 27, 2024 10:26 am
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HI Nicci, I am so pleased my guide and video were helpful to you and assisted with the assembly. A couple of things to try, the first being - have you inserted the safety key? This slots into the top of the mower and then needs to be pushed backwards to lay almost flat to engage. Secondly, the grey or red (depending on model) button in the centre of the handle bars needs to be pressed first before you press one of the 4 starter buttons. Let me know if this helps Mark

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Answered on April 27, 2024 11:30 am
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