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The long awaited Black Friday deals for November & December 2020 are now live and have been listed for you below – updated on . You won’t get better prices on lawn mowers and other gardening tools as not only are they on special offer during Black Friday,

The long awaited Gtech Black Friday deals for November & December 2020 are now live and have been listed below for you. Both the Gtech Cordless Lawnmower 2.0 and the Gtech Cordless Leaf Blower now have massive discounts with a huge 70% saving on Gtech’s cordless leaf blower

What do Mulching Lawn Mowers Do? Mulching is a method of cutting your lawn, without collecting the grass cuttings, and allowing the cuttings to be mulched back into the lawn. The grass cuttings are chopped more finely by a lawn mower equipped with either a mulching plug or

Best Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum  – Buying Guide You have spent many painstaking hours manicuring your garden to give it that aesthetic appeal that makes it stand out from every other garden on the street. But then autumn comes along and undoes all of your hard work, leaves

To keep your lawn in tip top shape throughout the mowing season you’re going to need to do a little more than buy a good robotic lawn mower. Even though these mowers do take a lot of the hassle out of lawn maintenance, they can’t do everything, so

The short, cold, wet and windy days of winter are finally coming to an end and so it’s time to get back out to the garden. As your lawn has just been through quite a tough period, you’re going to have to be especially careful when carrying out

When I say what lawn mower you should buy, I really mean that you have 2 main choices. The majority of people will traditionally make a decision between an electric, cordless battery, push or petrol lawn mower. But stop! There is another option to consider before you make

Organic Lawn Maintenance

So why would you want to go organic? What are the advantages of organic lawn maintenance? Well the reason is pretty simple: organically maintained lawns are healthier, stronger and better looking compared to synthetically maintained lawns. Organic fertilisers do not put any chemicals into your soil and grass

Choosing between robotic mowers (or any lawn mowers for that matter) can be extremely challenging. You need to consider and compare all of their features, performance, cost, reliability, grass quality cut and then try to work out which one will be most suitable for your garden without any

As I receive so many questions from people asking me to compare makes and models of various robotic mowers, I thought it would be a good idea to compare the Honda Miimo HRM310 to one of the market’s biggest players – the Husqvarna 315. Both the Honda Miimo

Tiller And Cultivator/Rotavator Buying Guide A tiller is an excellent tool to have in your garden, especially if you spend a lot of time planting and seeding the soil. Many people will make use of these tools as the spring approaches, and the garden is ready to be

Today I’m going to talk about a touchy subject in the robotic lawn mower world – are robotic mowers worth all the money? Now if you have spent some time reading through my previous posts, then you’ll already know that I do believe that they are totally worthwhile