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Lawn Moss Removal Guide

Like all lawn diseases and fungi, moss can be a real challenge to with. It gives your garden an untidy and messy look, it makes the lawn uneven and spongy to walk on and if you’ve had it once then chances are you’ll have it again. It’s definitely

Autumn Lawn Care Advice

As autumn comes around and the weather begins to change, it’s no secret that garden care takes a dramatic turn. Gone are the warm days of summer – with those refreshing showers that help our lawns to thrive and stay healthy and green. Whilst there is a different

Winter Lawn Care Maintenance

For many homeowners, there is a common misconception that lawn maintenance comes to an abrupt halt once the cold and wet weather of the winter arrives. Most people believe this to be true thanks to the significant slowing of the grass growth. However, this could not be further
So you’ve decided to take the leap and re-turf your lawn, congratulations I’m sure it will look fantastic! But you will have to treat it differently than you did before, it needs special attention after being laid for it to establish in your garden correctly without problems. But

Best Time to Water the Lawn

As most homeowners will know, to keep your lawn looking its best throughout the seasons you’re going to have to water every now and then, as well as regularly mow and fertilise. Now this doesn’t sound too difficult, after all you’re just putting some water over it aren’t
Summary When looking for a robotic mower for a small garden or lawn, then there are a couple of essential criteria you will need to watch out for to ensure you choose the right one for your lawn. The first is to ensure the robotic mower you are

Robotic Vs Manual Mower

Robotic lawn mowers are slowly but surely becoming more popular and competing with conventional push lawn mowers, this isn’t new information and I am sure quite a lot of home owners are aware of it (and if they are not, they sure will be in the next few

How to Sow Grass Seed

If there is anything that will make your garden look lacklustre and, let’s be honest, something of an eyesore, it is thinning, browning, untidy looking grass. Unfortunately, this is a problem that will plague even the most adept gardener at some point or another, but all is not
You may have heard this already but Organic fertilisers are much healthier for your lawn than Synthetics. They don’t pass on any nasty chemicals to your soil and grass, the effect they have on your lawn will last much longer than the alternative, and because they stimulate organisms

Summer Lawn Care Schedule

To get you prepared and ready for the upcoming summer, I thought I’d list out all the activities you’ll be required to do throughout the season in order to keep your lawn in shape. Seeing as the weather is good during this time of year (well it’s supposed
Scarifying Your Lawn The main purpose of scarifying your lawn is to remove any excess thatch and moss found within the grass, but it does have several other benefits too. With this removal of debris you will be opening up the soil which makes for better air, water

Make Your Own Compost Bin

As you may already know, compost is great for your garden, plants and lawn. It helps them retain moisture, improves and enriches the soil quality by adding nutrients, helps the roots to grow stronger, so if you want to see the best results in your garden you should