The Best Robotic Lawn Mowers For Small Gardens

Robotic lawnmowers for small lawns – my top picks

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers For Small Lawns

A good robotic mower for small lawns should possess precise navigational technology to manoeuvre around tight spaces and obstacles, a durable cutting blade adjustable for various grass lengths, and an efficient battery life to cover the entire area without frequent recharging.

My Favourite Robotic Lawnmowers for Small Lawns

  1. Best Overall for Simplicity and Value – LawnMaster VBRM16 – Drop and Mow: The LawnMaster VBRM16 excels in user-friendliness with its ‘Drop and Mow’ technology, offering a straightforward setup for homeowners, and it boasts a cutting width of 16cm, making it ideal for small gardens up to 400m² in size.
  2. Best All Rounder – Flymo EasiLife 150 GO Robotic Lawn Mower: The Flymo EasiLife 150 GO is a versatile performer suitable for lawns up to 150m², featuring an intuitive interface, adjustable cutting heights ranging from 20mm to 50mm, and the ability to tackle slopes with an incline of up to 35%.
  3. Best Camera/Vision Guided – WORX Landroid Vision M600 – WR206E: The WORX Landroid Vision M600 stands out with its advanced AIA (Artificial Intelligence Algorithm) technology and real-time terrain analysis, ensuring efficient navigation and precision cutting on lawns up to 600m², complemented by a 20cm cutting width.
  4. Best Budget – LawnMaster L10 Robotic Lawnmower: The LawnMaster L10 offers an affordable solution for maintaining small gardens up to 400m², featuring a simple one-button start and a 18cm cutting width, plus it’s capable of handling inclines of up to 35%, making it a cost-effective option for varied landscapes.


Best Robotic Lawn Mowers For Small Gardens

DetailsImageMower NameDeckFeaturesSummaryPros and ConsVideoMore Details
WORX Landroid Vision M600 Review - WR206E

WORX Landroid Vision M600 Review - WR206E

18Anti Collision Control
Cuts to Edge
Floating Deck
Multi Zone
Rain Sensor
Smart Phone App
Virtual Boundary
4 (30mm - 60mm)87The WORX Landroid Vision series of robot mowers launched in April 2023 and I got the chance to test and review one in my garden this September 2023. I have also created a video review of this mower that you can take a look at below.
  • No set up required
  • No boundary wire required
  • WORX 20v power share batteries can be shared across a range of garden tools
  • Easy to setup, use and maintain
  • Cuts to edge
  • Can be used for multiple mowing zones
  • Very accurate navigation camera
  • Some models have electronic cutting height adjustment
  • 2 +1 Years warranty (3 years)
  • Only a 2.0Ah battery supplied with M600
  • New technology that may have some teething issues, but continual updates and improvements over time
  • Not suitable for lawns with very steep slopes over 30%
Flymo 1200R Review: Expert Analysis and Performance Insights

Flymo 1200R Review: Expert Analysis and Performance Insights

17Anti Collision Control20mm - 50mm82The Flymo 1200R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower is designed for smaller gardens reaching up to 400m² in size. It has a cutting width of 17cm with a good range of cutting heights from 20mm to 50mm. This robotic mower has the latest Lithium-Ion Battery that charges automatically when the mower returns to its charging station. Equipped with a lift sensor, PIN code and alarm provides this mower with a wide range of safety features, from a trusted and reliable manufacturer.
  • Working area up to 400m² with good charge and run time
  • Good safety features - Alarm, Lift sensor and PIN code
  • Highly sensitive collision sensors
  • Wide range of cutting heights from 20mm to 50mm
  • Good customer feedback
  • Good value for money
  • Doesn't cut right to the edge
  • Maximum incline withing the working area is 25% / 14°s
LawnMaster VBRM16 OcuMow™ Review - Drop and Mow

LawnMaster VBRM16 OcuMow™ Review - Drop and Mow

16Anti Collision Control
Virtual Boundary
20mm - 60mm84I was really excited to try out the LawnMaster VBRM16 which is an affordable boundary wireless robotic mower that has a surprising number of features given the price. What I love about the LawnMaster VBRM16 is that you could almost consider it a hybrid between a robot and a traditional cordless lawn mower.
  • No boundary wire required
  • Very easy to setup and use
  • Great value for money with lots of features
  • Ideal for lawns up to 100m²
  • Charges quickly and has a good run time
  • Good choices of cutting heights
  • Great safety features
  • May need to make adjustments to the perimeter of the lawn
  • No rain sensor
  • Doesn’t cut to edge
WORX WR130E S300 Review - Landroid Robotic Mower

WORX WR130E S300 Review - Landroid Robotic Mower

18Anti Collision Control
Multi Zone
Rain Sensor
Smart Phone App
30mm - 50mm84The WORX WR130E S300 is one of a new range of intelligent robot mowers that automatically knows what’s best for your lawn every day. It adapts to the size and shape of your lawn and growth rate of your grass and has a range of accessories and is perfect for smaller gardens up to 300 m².
  • Highly customisable for your specific requirements (5 unique options)
  • Great features including artificial intelligence for greater accuracy and efficiency
  • Latest technology with market leading features
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Low profile and compact charging station
  • Great customer feedback
  • No ability to cut right to the edge with this model
Flymo EasiLife 200 Review - Robotic Lawn Mower

Flymo EasiLife 200 Review - Robotic Lawn Mower

16Anti Collision Control
Multi Zone
Rain Sensor
Smart Phone App
6 (20mm - 50mm)83The Flymo EasiLife 200 is a robotic mower built in the UK and designed for lawns up to 200m². It has a cutting width of 16cm, height adjustment from 20mm to 50mm, has 3 good quality pivoting razor blades for a precise and clean cut. The Flymo EasiLife 200 has an onboard keypad and LCD display and can also be controlled via the a smartphone app. This robotic mower comes supplied with a charging station, 100m of boundary wire and 150 pegs.
  • Simple to set up.
  • Good mobility with maximum incline of 35% (19.3°)
  • LawnSense and FrostSense for optimised cutting schedule to the weather and lawn growth conditions.
  • Easy to adjust the cutting height.
  • Plenty of safety sensors.
  • PIN-code lock.
  • Comprehensive EasiLife App.
  • Quiet.
  • Compact, fits in small areas of your lawn.
  • Set up can be a little tricky via the onboard panel (easier via the phone app).
  • Random path mowers will take time to reach all parts of the lawn.
GARDENA Sileno City 300 Review - Robotic Mower 15005-28

GARDENA Sileno City 300 Review - Robotic Mower 15005-28

16Anti Collision Control
Cuts to Edge
Rain Sensor
Smart Phone App
6 (20mm - 50mm)83The GARDENA Sileno City 300 is a robotic lawn mower designed for lawns up to 300 m². The height of cut can be adjusted from 20mm to 50mm and will give a mowing time of 65 minutes before returning to base to recharge. The GARDENA Sileno City 300 is equipped with collision, lift and tilt sensors.
  • Neat, stripe-free cut
  • User-friendly
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Reasonable value for money
  • Promotes a lush and healthy lawn
  • Practically silent
  • Good warranty and after-sales service
  • Collision, tilt and lift sensors
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Automatic convenient recharge
  • Edging could be more accurate
  • Some users found the instructions lacking
Flymo EasiLife 350 Review - Robotic Lawn Mower

Flymo EasiLife 350 Review - Robotic Lawn Mower

16Anti Collision Control
Multi Zone
Rain Sensor
Smart Phone App
6 (20mm - 50mm)83The Flymo EasiLife 350 is a robotic mower built in the UK and designed for lawns up to 350m². It has a cutting width of 16cm, height adjustment from 20mm to 50mm, has 3 good quality pivoting razor blades for a precise and clean cut. The Flymo EasiLife 350 has an onboard keypad and LCD display and can also be controlled via the a smartphone app. This robotic mower comes supplied with a charging station, 150m of boundary wire and 200 pegs.
  • Quiet enough to use throughout the day.
  • Small and unassuming.
  • Efficient motor.
  • LawnSense and FrostSense for optimised cutting schedule to the weather and lawn growth conditions
  • Good quality mower with ability to effectively work on slopes.
  • Good performance from well-known manufacturer.
  • Lithium-ion battery — fast charging.
  • Large wheels that will not cause grooves.
  • Simple to use and setup.
  • Inexpensive blades.
  • Random path mowers will take time to reach all parts of the lawn.
  • Set up can be a little tricky via the onboard panel (easier via the phone app).

Choosing The Best Robotic Lawn Mower Video Guide

In my video below, I will guide you through the step-by-step process of choosing the best robotic lawn mower for you and your lawn.

How To Choose A Robotic Mower For A Small Lawn

How To Choose A Robotic Mower For A Small LawnSo when I refer to a small lawn, what size am I talking about? Well, in the world of robotic mowers, I would consider any lawn under 400m² to fall into the small lawn category and any of the mowers listed below would be suitable.

The next step is which one should you choose? There are quite a few options available as most manufacturers will have designed models suited to this type of lawn, but to make this easier I have five in mind that I want to share with you. These models are from the market’s biggest players – Flymo, WORX, Husqvarna and GARDENA. With the extensive experience these companies have had over the years, it is no surprise that they have built such fine mowers and continue to develop robotic mower technology and are releasing new models in 2020.

I know you still have to choose between them, but this shouldn’t be too hard when you read through my reviews. What you do need is to focus more towards how compatible your lawn is with each model. You need to consider their lawn coverage, how well they deal with tight spots, do they need to handle more than one lawn area and how much assistance are you willing (wanting) to give during a mowing.

I will be discussing these areas below, and I will recommend which type of person is most suited to each model at the end.


Final Thoughts

So to sum up, if you have a lawn up to 400m², want to remove yourself as much as possible from the lawn care process and get a mower that requires as little assistance as possible, then all of the above mowers will meet your needs. The WORX and Flymo robotic mowers are more affordable and are going to be easier to setup and configure. The new range of WORX robotic mowers was launched in 2020 and are so configurable, they will allow you to extend and expand you mower’s capabilities over time if required (optional extras that can be purchased). There are some fantastic user groups (FaceBook) for both Flymo and WORX that are there to provide advise and assistance over and beyond that of the manufacturer.

Husqvarna mowers are geared more towards the higher end of the market and this is reflected in the cost and quality. Many people that opt for Husqvarna will have a specialist company survey the garden and then carry out the installation and on-going maintenance.

I hope the above will help you on your journey of deciding not only if a robotic lawn mower is a viable option, but will also guide you as to which robotic lawn mower is best for your small lawn.

If you have any questions or would like to share your own experience, please use the comments box below. I will be happy to respond to all questions.

Best Robotic Lawn Mower For Small Lawns FAQs

What Is The Best Lawn Mower For A Small Garden?

The great thing about having a small garden is that you aren’t limited on choice when it comes to choosing a mower. You don’t need to worry about whether you’ll need an extension lead or if the mower will reach every corner of the garden, so you could go for a corded or cordless model. It was not that long ago that robotic mowers would only be considered for larger lawns due to the amount of work required to keep the lawn short and in good condition. These large robotic mowers would cost thousands of pounds and were definitely not an option for smaller lawns. However, manufacturers now produce robotic mowers that are specifically designed for smaller lawns and will cost, depending on the features, only several hundred pounds. Robotic mowers are great for small lawns as they eliminate the need to pull a large lawn mower out of the shed just to mow a small patch of grass. It’ll save you a lot of hassle, storage, and what’s more your lawn will always be very well maintained, healthy with no effort on your part.

What Is The Ideal Robotic Mower Deck Size For Small Lawns?

The deck of your robotic mower for small lawns should be around 16cm to 18cm. Having said that, you should also take into account the overall size of the mower itself to ensure that it can navigate the narrowest passages in your garden.

What Features Should My Robotic Mower For Small Lawns Have?

Because you have a small lawn you may not require a host of features and functions that you are never going to use. However, you should ensure that at the very minimum your robotic mower has some form of anti-collision control, rain sensor, cuts close to the edge and will support multiple zones if you are planning on cutting separate areas of lawn in your garden.

Is It Worth Getting A Robotic Mower?

Robotic lawn mowers are an excellent choice for people who live a busy lifestyle and don’t always have time to get their garden chores done. If you do not mow your lawn regularly then it will not be as healthy, lush and tidy, but since a robotic lawn mower is programmed to do little and often, it’ll easily maintain a healthy lawn and is, for this reason, a worthwhile investment.

Do Robotic Lawn Mowers Collect The Grass?

No. All robotic lawn mowers use mulch mowing which means that the grass clippings whirr around the blade, so that they are chopped into very fine pieces. They are then delivered back to the lawn where nutrients are released. This is a much better and more beneficial method of mowing as your grass will be greener and healthier. What’s more it is more environmentally friendly and you will not need to dispose of the cuttings.

How Much Does A Robot Lawn Mower Cost?

Robotic lawn mowers come in all shapes and sizes not to mention they differ in quality and what features they have. It goes without saying that the higher end robotic mowers will come with a bigger price tag and it isn’t uncommon to pay four figures. That said, there are some cheaper robotic lawn mowers that you can pick up for a few hundred pounds. It all depends on what you’re looking for and how much you want to spend.

How Long Do Robotic Lawn Mowers Last?

Your robot lawn mower is a robust and reliable piece of equipment and when it is well taken care of, it will serve you through many mowing seasons. There are some robot mowers that claim to have up to a 10-year lifespan, although this relies on annual servicing and excellent care. However, you will have to replace the batteries much more frequently and this will typically need to be done between every three and six years.

Do Robot Lawn Mowers Work On Hills?

Yes. Many small robotic lawn mowers are designed to handle a variety of different terrain types. You’ll often find that each product comes with a maximum incline so always make sure you choose something that will be compatible with your lawn, otherwise it may struggle to cut these harder and steeper to reach areas.

Do Small Robotic Lawn Mowers Get Stolen?

It is very uncommon for a robot lawn mower to be stolen from your garden as there are a number of anti-theft features on most devices. Primarily, your mower may be fitted with an alarm as well as GPS tracking, so even if the person did manage to run away without you noticing, you would be able to locate the mower on your app. Moreover, a lot of robot lawn mowers require the user to input a PIN code, so even if they are stolen, the thief wouldn’t be able to use them. Most people know this and so know that stealing a robot mower isn’t going to be a lucrative crime.

How Do I Choose A Robot Lawn Mower For A Small Lawn?

When you are choosing a robot lawn mower for your small garden, it’s important to go for one that has a cutting width compatible with this. You don’t want to choose something too large as it might struggle to get into tight gaps or manoeuvre around obstacles. There are plenty of other things you will need to consider such as what features are within the app, how long the robotic mower is designed and programmed to run each day, what area it is designed to cover, does it support multiple zones, the build quality of the mower and much more. I have a detailed guide on choosing a robotic lawn mower here on the EasyLawnMowing blog, however in summary WORX and Flymo produce a great range of robotic lawn mowers for small lawns.

How Often Should My Robotic Mower Mow?

Your robotic lawn mower is designed to cut your grass more regularly than you would if you were using a push mower. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to set it to go over the lawn at least every couple of days, but some users like to run it every day for ultimate maintenance. With most robotic mowers you can schedule them to run when most convenient for you i.e. at night, thanks to their flexibility and quiet operation.

Do Robot Mowers For Small Lawns Need Wi-Fi?

Not all robotic mowers have the ability to connect to an app on your smartphone. There are some more basic models that are configured via a small screen on the robotic mower itself. If, however your robotic mower does have Wi-Fi and an accompanying smartphone app, you will then need to connect to your mower during the initial setup and if you want to make any changes. However, once you have done this, the lawn mower will store schedules, so there is no need for it to be continually connected to the Wi-Fi, unless of course you want to track its progress and coverage on a more regular basis.

Can Robot Mowers Work In The Rain?

Some robotic lawn mowers are coming out now that are waterproof and will still cut regardless of the weather conditions. However, for the most part, these mowers will return to their charging station when they sense rain as they simply aren’t compatible with poor weather conditions and would not cut effectively and may even cause damage. For this reason, it’s always advisable to make sure that the charging station is somewhere covered, or you purchase an additional robotic mower charging station cover or garage.

How Often Do You Change Robot Mower Blades?

Because your robot lawn mower will be working much more frequently than other types of lawn mower, you will need to replace the blades more often. Usually, this will need to be done every two months, but it will depend on which blades you’re using. Husqvarna have released endurance blades which are far more durable and need to be changed less often. The cost of robotic mower blades are negligible and the replacement itself is easy and requires no special tools.

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  1. Due to illness not got round to get the lawn mower yet but
    Any new information about robotic lawnmowers
    Need device to use at front and rare garden – any suggestion?
    Mark, Thank you for replying

    1. Hi Alena, are you referring to the parameter wire as this is something you should be able to do yourself. If you are referring to connecting the charging station to the mains power supply, if you do not already have an external socket or means to connect internally, then this would need to be done by a qualified local electrician. Let me know how you get on.

  2. It would so awesome to have one of these. I have a small market farm about an hour away from where I live, and this would help tremendously when no one is there. I will defiantly be coming back to check out the Robomo Rx20. This site is bookmarked! Keep up the good work!

  3. I didn’t even know these existed. That is awesome. I don’t have a lawn right now, but when I do again, I will be looking your way. I have spent so much time mowing and dealing with all the frustrations that come with small yards with lots of obstacles and its good to know there is an alternative!

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