LawnMaster L10 Review Robot Lawn Mower

LawnMaster L10 Review
LawnMaster L10
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Super simple to set up.
Precise blades for a neat finish
Choice of mowing times
Good mobility with maximum incline of 35% (19.3°)
Great value for money
Spare parts & support readily available in the UK
2 year guarantee
What I Don't Like
Every day or alternate day schedules only
Random path mowers will take time to reach all parts of the lawn.
My Overall Rating

Introduction To The LawnMaster L10 Robotic Mower

LawnMaster L10 Robot Lawn Mower Review

The LawnMaster L10 is a robotic mower with a cutting deck of 18cm and is designed for lawns up to 400m². It has 5 height adjustments from 20mm to 60mm, has 3 good quality pivoting razor blades for a precise and clean cut and allows mowing for 4, 6, 8 and 10 hours each day. The LawnMaster L10 robotic mower comes supplied with a charging station, 150m of boundary wire and 250 ground pegs.

The LawnMaster L10 is a brilliantly simple and compact robotic lawn mower that is excellent if you’re looking for something uncomplicated and easy to install and configure. It doesn’t require a huge technical knowledge to get started and yet you’ll still be left with a clean and neat finish for your lawn.

I recently reviewed the similar sized WORX model S300 (video review) and while I think it’s a great bit of kit, it’s by no means  quite as straightforward as the LawnMaster L10 in terms of installation, configuration and on-going use.

But simplicity isn’t the only thing that the LawnMaster L10 has going for it. It has some exciting features that make using a robot lawn mower for the first time a very pleasant experience. As you can see from my video review of this mower, it does a pretty impressive job. But let’s take a look in greater detail in this LawnMaster L10 review.

Main Features

  • 20m to 60mm cutting heights
  • Mulching
  • Rain sensor
  • Mows for up to ten hours a day depending on the size of your lawn
  • Ability to mow on alternate days
  • Security PIN for extra security
  • 3 pivot razor sharp blades
  • Suitable for lawns up to 400 square metres
  • Bump and lift safety features
  • Suitable for slopes up to 35%
  • 2 year guarantee

Power System and Charging

LawnMaster L10 Power System and Charging

The LawnMaster L10 comes with its own charging station that features a 10m power cable. This is essential as you will need to make sure that you can place your charging station somewhere that the mower will easily be able to return to it. Having a longer length cable opens up your options significantly.

One of the things that impressed me about the LawnMaster L10 was that you have several easy to adjust options when it comes to how long the device will mow for each day. The maximum is ten hours which is plenty even for larger lawns, but you can also set it to run for four, six or eight hours according to your lawn needs. For smaller gardens that don’t need as much maintenance, there’s even an option to run it every other day, so it’s pretty versatile. As I was only testing this robotic mower on half of my 80m² lawn, I set the operation time to 4 hours on alternate days. Setting the operation time is simply a case of entering your PIN and pressing one of the 4 buttons. Use a longer three second press of the button to enable the alternate day mowing.

The transformer supplied with the L10 is IP rated so can be left outside, however, you will require an external power socket (or plugged inside) to connect it to a mains power source. To see how I connected my power supply, check out my video review below.

In terms of the battery, this can be easily accessed should it need to be replaced at any point in the future. It is located under the hatch on the bottom of the mower where you can also find the USB port for any firmware updates.

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LawnMaster L10 Robotic Mower Video Review

Navigation System

LawnMaster L10 Navigation System

As seen in my video, everything about the LawnMaster L10 is easy to understand, including the navigation system. As I’ve mentioned, the mower can be set to different time periods every day to suit your needs. Moreover, it comes with 150 metres of perimeter wire and 250 pegs allowing you to set a very precise border. The mower will not go outside of this. What’s great is that even setting up the perimeter wire is a cinch thanks to the optional peg driver kit which takes a lot of the work out of this job. Plus, it’ll only cost you an additional £30. Naturally, a mallet or hammer to drive the pegs into the lawn would be more than adequate but would just take that little bit longer. Should you run into any problems down the line with your wire, there’s also a repair kit available for the same price.

The LawnMaster L10 will cut the perimeter of your lawn on every third day, just before it starts its normal random mowing pattern. You also have the ability to manually start this perimeter mow should it be required. This is a great feature as it limits the amount of additional work cutting around the edge of the lawn.

If you have an obstacle on your lawn, you can run the perimeter wire out to, and around the obstacle to tell the L10 where not to mow. Just be sure to run the perimeter wire less than 1cm apart leading out to the obstacle to ensure that the robotic mower ignores this stretch of the wire and mows over it.

When the robotic mower begins to run out of juice, it will automatically return to its charging station to repower itself. You really don’t have to worry about a thing; just let the LawnMaster L10 do what it needs to do.

Control Panel and Setup

As I mentioned earlier, the LawnMaster L10 is far simpler to set up than the comparable WORX S300. With the WORX mower, as you’ll see in my video, you have to download an app and make sure it’s kept up to date. There is a handy QR code that helps you find this rather than having to search. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to connect to Wi-Fi and update your app.

On the other hand, the LawnMaster L10 comes with no apps or additional software which is great if you don’t want anything too complicated. That said, for some people, this might be a little too dialled back and in that case, you’ll probably find the LawnMaster L10 a little lacking. But it’s really all down to personal opinion and what you require from your new robotic mower.


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Mowing Features

LawnMaster L10 Mowing Features

The LawnMaster L10 is an incredibly versatile little robot machine and offers several features that ensure mowing is effective and reliable.

For starters, this mower won’t collect the clippings but will mulch them and return them back to the lawn. The obvious benefit of this is that the lawn remains much healthier and greener and you won’t need to worry about emptying a collection bag.

What’s more, the LawnMaster L10 also comes with a random cutting pattern and is suitable for lawns up to 400 square metres. Take a look at my video where you will see the half of the lawn that is mulched is so much greener and healthier than the half that is cut and collected with a traditional mower.

If your garden is slightly sloped, that shouldn’t be an issue for the LawnMaster L10 since it is capable of mowing on slopes up to 35%.


In terms of blade performance, I was very impressed with the LawnMaster L10 which delivers a clean, neat and efficient cut. This is largely thanks to the high quality pivot razor sharp blades; of which there are three that allow for superior precision.

As with all robotic mowers the blades will need to be replaced periodically. Its great to know that LawnMaster stock replacement blades that cost around £15 for a pack of 15 allowing for 5 blade changes.

Height Adjustment

The LawnMaster L10 can be set to mow anywhere between 20mm and 60mm. This is a wide enough range for keeping most gardens well maintained. However, do keep in mind that this isn’t going to be suitable for longer grass, but then that’s not what a robotic mower is about anyway.

As you can see from my video review, I cut the lawn first with a traditional mower to the height (40mm) that I wanted the robotic mower to maintain and keep the height to. I have found that keeping the lawn that bit longer, helps during the hotter drier months to retain moisture and look greener and healthier.

Safety Features

A robotic lawn mower is nothing without a good set of safety features and you’ll be pleased to know that the LawnMaster L10 isn’t lacking in this department.

Rain Sensor

LawnMaster L10 Safety Features

One of the most important safety features for any robotic mower is a rain sensor. This tells the lawn mower when it is starting to rain causing it to return to its charging station until the conditions become more suitable for mowing.

Not mowing in the rain helps to ensure that the mower’s wheels are not damaging the lawn when it is soft and wet from the rain.

It is perfectly fine to hose down the underside of the LawnMaster L10 whenever you want to give it a clean, which should be done periodically and at least once every year. To see more about cleaning your robotic mower check out my article – DIY Robotic Lawn Mower Cleaning And Maintenance.

Bump and Lift

The bump feature ensures that, if the LawnMaster L10 collides with anything in your garden, it will automatically change its direction. This is important if you have a lot of structures around the lawn such as trees or lawn ornaments and have not isolated them using the perimeter wire. Moreover, the LawnMaster L10 has a lift sensor so if it is lifted off the ground, the blade will automatically shut off, preventing potential accidents or injuries.


As you can see in my video review, the LawnMaster L10 benefits from a PIN system. This means that no unauthorised access to the robotic mower will be possible and makes theft nigh on impossible.

As there is no smartphone app with this mower, you do not get notifications if the mower is moved/taken like you do with the WORX range of robotic mowers.

What’s Included In The Box?

  • 1 x LawnMaster L10
  • 250 pegs
  • 150m wire
  • Extension cable
  • Charging station
  • Instruction manual

Pros and Cons

  • Precise blades for a neat finish
  • Very easy and simple to set up
  • Choice of mowing times
  • 10m charging station cable
  • Repair kit and peg driver kit available to buy separately
  • Great value for money
  • Spare parts & support readily available in the UK
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Every day or alternate day schedules only
  • Some people may not like the lack of a smartphone app


LawnMaster L10 User Manual

Click here to download the LawnMaster L10 User Manual

Should You Buy This LawnMaster L10?

Should You Buy This LawnMaster L10

The LawnMaster L10 is the perfect robotic mower for people that don’t want anything too complicated. I have seen some robot mowers that require a degree in IT just to be able to set them up. For many homeowners, this is nothing short of a massive inconvenience. But with no app to set up and no complicated processes, you can be up and running in no time. Check out my video review above to see just how quick and simple this LawnMaster L10 was for me to setup and get going.

I’d also recommend the LawnMaster L10 for people with small to medium lawns. It’s designed to cut up to 400 square metres but since it has options to mow every other day and to adjust the time spent mowing each day, it is ideal for maintaining a smaller lawns as well.


While there are more sophisticated robot lawn mowers like the WORX range, for example, the LawnMaster L10 is a simplistic version that still does an amazing job of cutting the lawn! I ran the two side by side on my own lawn and the results were very similar. So if it’s simplicity you’re after then I’d say go for the LawnMaster L10, without a doubt.

It’s got everything you would expect from a robot lawn mower including a rain sensor, automated and manual perimeter cutting, easy to change dial height adjustments and super precise blades. As an entry level robotic machine, there’s not much else I would look for and recommend.

Where Should I Purchase This LawnMaster L10 Robotic Mower?


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LawnMaster L10 Robotic Lawnmower - Fully Automatic Robot Mower with...
314 Reviews
LawnMaster L10 Robotic Lawnmower - Fully Automatic Robot Mower with...
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Easy one-time set-up of boundary wire, charging station and robot mower with fully comprehensive step-by-step instructions. Installation of an additional guide wire is not required. The charging station can not be fitted in the corner of the lawn. Please allow 1m of boundary wire at the front and the back of the charging station.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE - Once set up, the LawnMaster L10 operates automatically and can be set to mow each day, or every other day depending on your lawn size, without the need for an app. It will charge itself and is so quiet you might even forget it's there.
  • SOLID & RELIABLE - The LawnMaster L10 robotic lawn mower is from a brand you can trust. The L10 is tough, durable, IPX5 rated to be fully waterproof and comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • ADJUSTABLE CUTTING HEIGHT: Choose from cutting heights of between 20mm and 60mm for a neat looking lawn. For best performance and to encourage healthy lawn growth use 60mm for longer grass and after regular mowing, gradually reduce the cutting height to your desired length.
  • HIGH PERFORMING - The L10's mulching function returns tiny grass clippings and nutrients to the lawn, so your grass will look healthier, weeds will struggle to grow and there are no grass cuttings to dispose of. Navigates slopes of up to 35% (19°) inside the boundary area, and up to 17% (10°) at the boundary wire.
  • SAFETY & SECURITY - Lift, tilt & bump sensors stop the blades immediately if the mower is picked up or bumps into objects and it has PIN code protection to prevent unauthorised use.

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