Husqvarna 105 Automower Review

The Husqvarna 105 model is the most basic robomower Husqvarna have released.

Compared to other Husqvarna models, this one has fewer features and less capabilities – making it best suited to those with small gardens. It still keeps the key basics intact – reliability, easy use and a clean & tight finish.

So for those with gardens under 600m², you’ll find it difficult to look past this model.

But it isn’t enough for me to just say that, I’ve got to prove it as well.

In order to do that I’ll be running through all of the 105s features and functions so you can decide for yourself if this model is worth the purchase.

Main Features:

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Covers areas up to 600m²
  • Unique Cutting System
  • Very Reliable
  • Minimum Assistance

Have a watch of the video below to introduce yourself to the Husqvarna mowers:


Model Comparison
Mowers Flymo 1200R Husqvarna 105
Lawn Coverage 400 m² 600 m²
Noise Level 58 dB 58 dB
Mowing Time 75 minutes 70 minutes
Charging Time 60 minutes 50 minutes
Dimensions 58x46x25.5 cm 55x39x25cm
Weight 7.4 kg 11.1 kg
Mobile App No No
Rating 7/10 9/10

Mowing Features

So that you understand exactly how the 105 maintains your lawn in such an effective manner, I thought I should run through some of its features.

Because of Husqvarna’s vast experience (20 years) their technology is some of the most efficient in the market. Which is why all their models cost considerably more than most.

Mowing Pattern

The mowing pattern used by the 105 can be seen as a little unorthodox compared to most mowers.

It moves in a random pattern and only cuts off little clippings at a time, producing a clean and even mow. It may work at a slower rate than you would mowing manually but this is intentional as it makes sure the 105 covers every inch of grass.

So that the mower suits your schedule, you adjust its timer to which ever settings you’d like.

If you want the mowing done when you get back from work then you can program it to do so. If you want the mowing done on alternate days or only during the week then you can program it to do so.

You can really do what you want.

Another thing, the 105 is almost completely silent so you won’t be disturbing anyone while it’s at work (even put it out at night!).

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Like all Husqvarna models, the 105 is equipped with three free-moving carbon steel razor blades attached to one rotating disk.

This system is much lighter and more effective than the traditional blade you would find on the typical push mower.

If bigger blades were used they would gather much more grass and debris during a mow. This just slows down progress and you’ll probably have to clean it out on a much more regular basis.

I know you don’t want that, robomowers are designed to give you as little work as possible making this system not only most suitable but necessary.

Mulching Function

When the 105 gets going, you’ll notice that it only cuts the smallest of clippings off your grass. But don’t worry this is no flaw and there is a very good reason for it – to make use of the mulching function.

Because the clippings are so small they can seep all the way down to the bottom soil. It will then begin to decompose there and act as a natural fertiliser (mulch), passing on nutrients to the soil.

This promotes much better grass growth and makes your lawn look healthier, greener and fuller.

Height Adjustment

With the use of just one large dial on top of the robot, you can easily adjust the height at which it cuts your grass.

From anywhere between 20 to 50mm, choose whatever settings you like.

But a word of advice, don’t put it to the shortest settings right off the bat. You want to keep your clippings as short as possible to make use of the mulching function I spoke about above.

So instead, set it at a higher height first and then gradually work your way down. This keeps you lawn looking even as you give the areas of short grass time to catch with the areas of long grass.

But of course this cannot be done throughout the entire year so when the mowing season begins to reach an end you will want to raise the height again.

Power System

The 105 automower is power by a lithium-ion battery and electric motor, producing a mowing time of 70 minutes and charging time of 50 minutes. Considering the area this bot is designed to cover, it should have no problems finishing your lawn within that time.

And even if it didn’t, a charging time of 50 minutes is more efficient than most competitors. So you would be left with an unmown lawn for a much less time with the 105.


As you may already know, most robomowers come with their own docking station and the 105 is no different. With some assistance from the perimeter and guide wire, it will make its own way back to the station.

So at any point during a mow when the mower senses its needing recharged, it will automatically recharge itself without any help from you.

And don’t expect your energy cost to skyrocket at the end of the month because of this robomower.

The 105 efficiently manages its energy consumption so as little as possible is used. So it will most likely cost you much less to maintain than a conventional mower.

Eco Friendly

As you have you have probably already realised, this mower is completely environmentally friendly. Because it’s electrically powered, the 105 releases no harmful emissions into the air.

So not only is it cheaper to run then a typical push mower but it is also healthier as well.

The 105 is also very quiet so feel free to set it to mow whenever you like – even at during the night.

Have no worries, you won’t have any neighbours complaining about any noise – although they might complain about how good your lawn looks!

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Safety Features

To ensure complete safety to you, your children and pets the 105 has several built-in safety features.

Lift & Tilt Sensors

If at any point during mowing you attempt to pick up the 105, or if for any reason it tips over, the cutting disk will automatically stop rotating preventing any injuries to the hand.

And as an extra precaution, the 105 has adequate space between its border and blades. Leaving just enough room for your fingers.

Also when the unit comes into near contact with an obstacle during its route, it will stop, redirect itself and continue mowing in a different direction.

The mower will then know to avoid this area for future mowings.

The mower has built-in object sensors which help it detect any oncoming obstacles much more accurately. So it lowers its speed quicker to avoid hard collisions.

If the unit does come into near contact with an obstacle during its route it will stop, redirect itself and continue mowing in a different direction.

PIN & Alarm System

A PIN and alarm security system has been built-in to prevent operation by anyone unfamiliar with the controls. This should scare off the odd burglar who tries to chance his luck and will stop the kids trying to use it without your supervision.

A very common but equally important and useful feature.

Also, even when the 105 runs out of enough energy to mow the alarm still goes off.

So if the battery does run out before the mower reaches the docking (which is very unlikely) if will be kept completely safe.

All you have to do is re-enter the PIN and the alarm will turn off.


Even though I have mainly focused on the positives of the 105 automower, I feel that I also need to make you aware of the negatives as well.

So that you know exactly what you’re getting into and to prove to you that I’m not hiding everything. This mower is brilliant but it does have some flaws.

  1. As with all robomowers, this model cannot mow outside of its boundary line. So in areas beside fences, bushes or the side of your house, you will be required to get the trimmers out and cut them yourself. Even though this is still a flaw it shouldn’t take too much effort to fix.
  2. This model cannot handle separate lawns independently. So if you have a front and back garden that are under 600m² in size that are not connected then you’ll need to carry the mower from one to the other.

And that’s only the real problems with the 105 automower. I know they may be quite annoying at first but you will get use to them. And to be honest, think of all the work you won’t have to do thanks to this mower. Is a little bit of work really a lot to ask for?

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In all honestly, I think the Husqvarna 105 Automower is the best model you can get for the smaller garden.

Its technology is more efficient than any comparable competitor, it has fewer flaws than most other models and is one of the most reliable mower you can buy (I mean Husqvarna in general).

I know it does have some flaws which you wouldn’t expect to need to deal with considering the price you are paying.

And that’s understandable, but if you take into account everything else you’re getting – more time to yourself, a reliable and consistent cut, less work to do, safety of your friends/family, cheaper mower maintenance, no pollution – I think it’s totally worth it.

Should You Buy This Model?

So this model isn’t going to suit everyone so to help you reach a decision I’ve outlined some categories that you would fall under to suit this model:

  • Your garden is under 600m² in size
  • Your garden is not separated into different areas (just one lawn)
  • Your garden is relatively flat, doesn’t go over 14° in slope
  • You are willing to do some trimming every now and then (weekly)
  • You are looking to purchase a high end model
  • You don’t have the time or don’t to maintain your garden manually

Hopefully this has made it clear to whether or not you should purchase this model. If you consider everything I’ve talked about then I’m sure you will make the right decision.

Amazon have the best prices that are difficult to match and probably the most reliable delivery system on the web. Considering how valuable this piece of equipment is you want the most for your money and the best service possible making Amazon the best place to go.

Also, if you have any questions about this model or choosing your own mower then please leave a comment below and I’ll help you out the best I can.

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Additional Specifications
Working Area 600 m²
Max Incline 14°
Keypad 15 Buttons
Info Panel LCD display with settings menu
Timer Yes
Wheel Threads  Medium
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Typical Charging Time 50 Minutes
Typical Mowing Time 70 Minutes
Charging System automatic
Mean energy consumption at maximum use 5 kWh
Power Consumption During Cutting 20W
Cutting System 3 pivoting razors
Cutting Height (min-max) 20 – 50 mm
Cutting Width 17cm
Sound Level 58 dB
Alarm Yes
PIN Code Yes
Installation Lock Yes
Time Lock Yes
Lift Sensor Yes
Tilt Sensor Yes
Product Size LxWxH 55x39x25cm
Weight  6.7 kg

Review Date
Reviewed Item
Husqvarna 105 Automower
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