Husqvarna Automower Is it Worth The Investment_

Husqvarna Automower: Is it Worth The Investment?

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Today I’m going to talk about a touchy subject in the robotic lawn mower world – are robotic mowers worth all the money?

Now if you have spent some time reading through my previous posts, then you’ll already know that I do believe that they are totally worthwhile – especially the Husqvarna robotic mowers. I know that this statement isn’t enough to convince you to think the same.

So that is the reason I wanted to show you the video below.

Husqvarna Automower Challenge

Husqvarna Automower: Is it Worth The Investment?

As part of their challenge, Husqvarna have issued a number of their robotic mowers to a selected group of individuals for them to house, review and record their experience with the mower (I’m not sure exactly about the duration of this challenge, but I’d imagine about an entire season).

These participants had to qualify to take part, but other than making use of their equipment, they are not in anyway associated with Husqvarna, so they don’t work for them, affiliate for them or have any bias towards them.

All they’re doing is recording their experience for the world to see.

One of the participants name is Jared, or “Rob The Robo Mower” if you want to check out his YouTube channel, he works for the fire brigade in Melbourne and has a huge garden (just check out the video below).

As you can imagine with the shifts he needs to work and hot weather conditions, finding the time and effort to mow such a large area of lawn will be quite difficult for him.

That’s why he would’ve jumped at the chance to take part in the Husqvarna Automower Challenge, it would (and did) make his life so much easier.

But what about that all important question, would he buy one himself after seeing the results?

In the video below he does repeatedly say that they are really expensive machines and you can hear in the tone of his voice that it’s going to be a pretty big investment for him.

Although on the other hand, he also brings up all the good points why buy a robotic mower and you can tell just how happy he is with the results he has benefited from.

If you’re still on the fence on whether or not you should purchase a robotic mower then please watch the video below.

So even with the big financial up-front investment, Jared would still purchase his robotic mower.

It just goes to show that even with the price of these mowers being so high, they are completely justified with the results they produce, not to forget how much time and effort they save the user.

As Jared said “the only thing you cannot buy is time” and this machine sure does give him a shed load of it!

To learn more about the Husqvarna Automower Challenge and to have a look at other peoples experiences as well as Jared’s, just follow this link to be taken to the challenge’s home page.

There are loads of videos for you to watch, so hopefully they’ll provide more information, clearly explain the benefits, how robotic mowers work and possibly give you a little push in confidence needed to purchase one.

They really are fantastic machines and I’m positive you’ll not regret buying one!

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After purchasing a robotic mower you never know you may even want to join the proud robotic owners who want to build a garage for their newly acquired friend, or simply just buy one.



4 thoughts on “Husqvarna Automower: Is it Worth The Investment?

  1. I see you are focused mainly on one product and maybe that’s the reason why you know these products so well.
    You know all the pros and cons, wich I found to be very helpful for someone that wants to buy one of these products.
    I have started to make reviews also and I would like to get some advice on how to write great reviews like these.

  2. Robo lawn mowers is a great concept. My father lives on a big piece of property and is getting up there in age and this is exactly what he needs. I’m going to check into this more. Do you have pricing information available ? What are some of the other brands that you recommend?

    1. Yeah they totally would Mitch!

      It really depends on your dads garden size and what he’s looking for in a mower, click through here to see the selection of mowers I’ve reviewed, their lawn coverage and some of their features ;-)

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