Why You Should Buy A Robotic Lawn Mower

9 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Robotic Lawn Mower

9 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Robotic Lawn Mower

Are Robot Lawn Mowers Worth It?

In the quest for a pristine lawn with minimal effort, the best robotic lawn mowers have emerged as a compelling solution for garden enthusiasts across the UK. These automated marvels promise to liberate homeowners from the time-consuming task of manual mowing, offering a set-it-and-forget-it approach to lawn maintenance. But are they truly worth the investment? For many, the answer is a resounding yes.

Robotic lawn mowers are designed with efficiency and convenience in mind, navigating complex gardens with ease and precision. They’re environmentally friendlier than their petrol-guzzling counterparts, often quieter, and can be programmed to operate at times that suit the user. Moreover, their smart technology ensures that they keep your grass at the perfect height, fostering a healthier lawn over time.

While the initial outlay may be considerable, the long-term savings on time and traditional lawn care expenses can make a robot lawn mower a wise financial decision for those seeking a consistently well-kept garden with minimal human intervention.

Why Use a Robotic Lawn Mower

Reason to Use a Robotic Mower Summary of the Reason
1. Better Results Robotic lawn mowers are designed to maintain optimal grass height consistently, which promotes healthier growth and a more uniform appearance.
2. Robotic Mowers Do the Work They operate autonomously, navigating your garden and cutting the grass without the need for human intervention, saving you time and effort.
3. Much Easier and Effortless to Use With simple programming and no need for pushing or steering, robotic mowers offer a hassle-free lawn maintenance experience.
4. Nimble Around the Lawn Equipped with sensors and smart technology, these mowers can manoeuvre around obstacles and through narrow spaces with ease.
5. Safer With built-in safety features, robotic mowers reduce the risk of accidents that can occur with manual or ride-on mowers.
6. Cheaper Than Petrol Mowers Longer Term Although the initial investment is higher, robotic mowers incur fewer ongoing costs, making them more cost-effective over time compared to petrol mowers.
7. Conveniently Work Around Your Life They can be programmed to operate at specific times that suit your schedule, ensuring your lawn is maintained even when you’re busy or away.
8. Provide Good Looking Lawn All Year Round Regular and precise cutting ensures your lawn stays in top condition throughout the seasons, enhancing curb appeal.
9. No Grass Clippings Robotic mowers finely chop the grass clippings and disperse them back onto the lawn, acting as a natural fertiliser and eliminating the need for clean-up.

1. Better Results

So I thought I would get the main reason out of the way first (the most important in my opinion anyway).
Robotic lawn mowers produce a much healthier, stronger, thicker and better looking lawn than conventional push mowers.

It is because they are programmed to work on a continuous basis, in most cases every day.

For the majority of people this is too demanding to compete with due to their commitments with work, social and family life.

buy robotic lawn mower


Not to forget that most people see lawn mowing as a chore and may even put it off for another day (or week).

With robotic mowers, as the lawn is being cut daily, the height of the grass stays the same all the time so the grass never gets to the point where it goes brown and splits. Now this wouldn’t happen if it was mowed every week, but as I said earlier, most people simply don’t stick to a weekly mowing schedule during the growing season.

Now if you are quite experienced in lawn mowing, then you will know that you are not supposed to cut off more than a third of the grass’s height each mow to ensure it stays healthy. Don’t worry, robotic manufacturers have considered this.

All robotic mowers are programmed to take off the tiniest of grass clippings each mow, this way the grass just falls to the bottom of the soil to decompose (mulching) and will then act as a natural fertiliser. This actually improves the quality of your soil, which makes for better and stronger grass growth and also makes it less vulnerable to weed.

I know that you can purchase push lawn mowers that have the ability to mulch, but they are not going to be mowing 24/7. Mulching gets the best results when you mow your lawn on a regular basis and nothing mows your lawn more regular than a robotic mower.

For full details and benefits of mulching, see my article – The Benefits of Mulching Lawn Mowers – Complete Guide.

So overall, when using a robotic mower you will be left with a healthier, fuller and greener lawn and more personal time for enjoyment.

2. Robotic Mowers Do the Work

Robotic Mowers Do the Work

Yes, robotic mowers do work. You will need to invest some time at the beginning to set the robotic mower up, but this is simple and can be done by anyone with basic DIY skills. In summary, you basically need to run a perimeter wire around your lawn and any obstacles such as flower beds that the mower needs to avoid. Set up some basic configuration options on the mower itself, this can also be done via a app on your mobile phone or tablet (on some models), then press the “Go” button and you are good to go.

Some people are also concerned about the on-going maintenance required for robotic mowers, however I can assure you that this only needs to be done on an annual basis and is significantly less time consuming compared to cutting your lawn on a weekly basis.

If you have any physical disability or are frail and would find it hard to push a heavy petrol mower around your lawn (some are self-propelled), then there is no better solution than to install a robotic mower.

Remember, the newer robotic mowers can deal with steeper slopes too. Some even come with a 4 wheel drive. Again this will prevent you from having to struggle to cut slopes in your garden with a standard push lawn mower.

In summary, robotic lawn mowers will take away all the stress of weekly lawn mowing, giving you more time to relax after a stressful day at work, to spend more quality time with your family or to catch up on a few episodes of Game Of Thrones. It is really up to you how you spend your time, just remember that the robotic lawn mower was responsible for it!

Best Selling Robotic Lawn Mowers for Small Lawns

Last update on 2024-04-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

3. Much Easier and Effortless to Use

WORX WR142E M700 KundenbewertungPetrol mowers can be a real pain to start if they are not maintained on a regular basis. Oil and spark plug changes are required as well as other maintenance tasks throughout the year. This is not the case with the robotic mower.

Even cordless lawn mowers need to have their batteries charged before you set out to mow your lawn. With the robotic mower, they are cleaver enough to return to its base to charge themselves, when required, before continuing with their mowing schedule. With some models you can even install an app on your phone, so you do not even need to leave the comfort of your arm-chair to see what your robotic mower is up to. You will also have full control over your robotic mower and make any changes without having to venture out into the rain.

All robotic mowers are controlled by a mowing schedule which instructs them when and where you want them to mow, it will do this automatically without any help, and they will follow your every command. As we all know this is a lot easier than pushing a big, bulky lawn mower up and down your lawn all morning.

With a robotic mower there is no need to work up a sweat, you can just sit back and watch it work away.

4. Nimble Around the Lawn

As most robotic mowers are much smaller in size compared to push mowers, they are much more capable of getting into the little corners and difficult spots around your garden.

Of course some models will be better at this than others, but they all have very intelligent navigation systems which allow them to manoeuvre their way out of difficult situations.

This makes for a more complete lawn mowing, as they can reach areas of your lawn which you would not normally be able to reach.

The latest robotic mowers are highly customisable and can be extended with various add-ons that enhance your robotic mower to deal with more complex lawn situations. These include Anti-Collision System, GPS Control, Voice Control and Off Limits. All these features will ensure your robotic mower mows exactly where you want it to mow (and where you don’t), and provide you with years of trouble-free service.

Best Selling Robotic Lawn Mowers for Medium Lawns

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5. Safer

Now you might think that a little robot roaming around your garden by itself can’t possibly be safer than you operating a push mower, but believe me, you would be mistaken.

I am not saying that manufacturers of conventional mowers don’t make their products as safe as they can be, it is just that manufacturers of robotic lawn mowers go that little bit further, simply because they have to.

If they didn’t provide a plethora of built in safety features, then I would heavily doubt they would be allowed in your garden.

Most robotic models have standard safety features such as a PIN & Alarm System, lift & tilt sensors and bump sensors. These features ensure that the robot itself is not toyed with or stolen while in operation, or while charging to ensure that no-one is harmed while it is away at work.

Also, the majority of models (not all) have mobile app connection which sends you messages, alerts and notifications to warm you if someone is misusing the robotic mower, or using it when they shouldn’t be.

6. Cheaper Than Petrol Mowers Longer Term

Cheaper Than Petrol Mowers Longer Term

As all robotic lawn mowers are powered by electricity, they are likely save you quite a bit of money, if you previously used a petrol powered mower.

The initial investment for a robotic mower will be higher than a good petrol mower, however it will pay dividends in the longer term.

Not only that but it will save you the hassle of going down to the petrol station every month to fill up on more fuel. Petrol mowers also need to be services on a regular basis to ensure that they are working reliably and efficiently. Some manufacturers of petrol mowers will insist that the mower is services annually through one of their service centres to ensure the warranty remains valid. This can be costly and time consuming.

With a robotic mower all you need to do is plug its charging station into your main power supply and connect it (the mower) to its charging station. Once it knows the station’s location, the mower will charge itself whenever it is running a little low on power while out on a mow.

Also most models have low power consumption so they could actually need less energy to cover the whole lawn than your conventional mower would, for example I know some of the robotic mowers only costs about £30 per season to run!

Best Selling Robotic Lawn Mowers for Large Lawns

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7. Conveniently Work Around Your Life

As I mentioned earlier, all robotic lawn mowers come with their own mowing schedule which you can alter to suit your lifestyle. For example, if you work 9-5 then you could set it to mow from 9-12, meaning your lawn is free for you to enjoy when you get home.

Even when you are away on holiday, your robotic mower is still working for you, so when you return your lawn is in pristine condition for you to enjoy.

Should you have a party at the weekend, the mower can simply be temporarily disabled via the on-board control panel or via the app on your mobile phone.

This way, instead of making lawn care a chore that you need to make time for and plan your day around, you can treat your time however you like and leave all the responsibility to the robotic mower.

8. Provide Good Looking Lawn All Year Round

buy robotic lawn mowerAs I said above, robotic lawn mowers are able to work on a daily basis, if that is what you want them to do. With a robotic mower you should never venture out into your garden and be confronted by the need to cut your lawn before you can use it. A robotic mower will ensure your lawn is always looking great, and can be used at any time that suits you.

This means that it will work for the entire season (weather permitting of course) without needing a rest day – which would be needed if you have done the work yourself or paid someone else to do it for you.

This accompanied with the adjustable mowing programme and cutting height adjustment allows you to get your lawn looking EXACTLY how you want it throughout the entire year (apart from outside of the growing season in winter of course).

9. No Grass Clippings

One of the main reasons why your lawn will look so great with a robotic lawn mower is because the grass clippings it produces are so small that they drop to the soil. They provide moisture, nutrients and act as a natural fertiliser. They will not only save you money on purchasing chemical fertilisers, they are also more environmentally friendly.

This not only makes for better soil and grass but also means you don’t need to go through the boring task of picking up all the grass clippings and throwing them out.

Of course your push mower could gather them for you in its collection box as well, but still they would need to be disposed of and I am sure that you would rather be lying on the couch watching Netflix than worrying about grass clippings.

Most councils are now charging for garden waste collection, so robotic mower has the added benefit of saving your some hard earned cash as well.

So clearly, there are several legitimate reasons as to why you would want to purchase a robotic lawn mower.

If you have any questions or would like to share your robotic mower experiences, please use the comment’s box below – I will be happy to respond.

To see a list of my best rated robotic lawn mowers click the link below –

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers Reviews


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12 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Robotic Lawn Mower”

  1. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your overall advice. I have two questions regarding the potential purchase of a robotic mower:
    I have a couple of apple trees overhanging the lawn, will the fallen apples cause a problem?
    Secondly my lawn has an awful lot of moss in it, will a robotic mower cope with the spongy nature of the moss?
    Thanks, Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin

      In terms of the apples, yes they will generally need to cleared from the lawn to get an even cut. Depending on the model, the mower will happily go over smaller crab apples and with larger apples will either bump detect and change direction, or push the apple to one side (again depending on the make, model and sensor on the robotic mower).

      I have lots of moss on my front lawn and the Worx robotic mower has no issues in terms of cutting and traction.


  2. Hi Mark, how do these mowers deal with leaves/flowers (camelias/magnolias etc) dropped or blown onto the lawn.
    Are they able to mulch these too (within reason?)

    1. Hi Gordon

      If they are small then yes they will cut and mulch these down. I have leaves falling on my lawn at the moment and the robotic mower is just mowing over them but no really cutting the leaves a such.

      The grass still looks nicely cut though, so not really a problem. I will go over with the push mower to cut and collect the leaves from the lawn before they become to much for the robotic mower.


  3. Hey just to say I have just fitted the Ambrogio 20 Elite I have a really big garden approx 900 sq metres on 4 levels. I had to do a bit of prep work before fitting such as creating a few slopes as robot mowers can’t clime steps at the moment, lol. Both slopes had a 35% gradient, i couldnt physically get them any shalower luckily the mower will cope with gradients up to 40% and my Ambrogio 20 Elite just whizes up them, the wide thick rubber tread on the back wheels definatly come into their own when dealing with slopes. Set up was a little more complicated purely because of the shapes and levels within the garden but now it’s all done and I have him out there doing his thing I can honestly say it’s probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made and I really do mean the best purchase. Mowing with my petrol mower would typically take about 3 to 4 hours every week in the growing season it was heavy and bulky, not to mention the emptying of the cutting basket every 5 minutes into the big council bins, i filled 2 up every week and yes i have been told that although its free at the moment from the council i have been told that there will be a charge next year. Anyway now my lawn is freshly cut every day always the same height and always looking good, maximum satisfaction with minimum effort, well actually NO effort.

    1. Hi Paul, thanks for much for sharing your experience of the Ambrogio and I guess robotic mowers in general. I’ve had WORX running on my front lawn now for about 6 months and it is doing a fantastic job with no input from myself. It is great to see that even with a very large and complex lawn/lawns you can still benefits all that robotic mowers have to offer. I am sure your feedback will inspire others that robotic mowers are well worth the investment and spending the time on the initial set up. All the very best Mark

  4. Hi Mark and thank you for a very helpful article.
    I have what would probably be thought of as a relatively large overall area of lawn, but this is divided into 5 separate areas which surround the house. Each area is separated either by a slabbed path, the stone driveway or another which is slightly raised above the others. This sounds like a mission too far for a robotic mower? Presumably I would have to physically transport it between lawned areas and a charging station would only be feasible at a single site?
    As I get older, a robotic mower sounds very attractive but I fear it just won’t be feasible (until we move house!)?

    1. Hi Geoff, 5 separate areas is probably going to be too much effort for a robotic mower. It can cross a path or concrete boundary if a channel is cut and the wires are not buried too deep, however the transition between the separate areas needs to be level.

      You could create separate boundaries around each lawned area, however as you say you will need to lift the mower into each zone and then return to back to the zone with the base station/charger.

  5. Hi Mark

    Thanks for the great article. I have a couple of questions please.
    1) Do I need to keep it docked outside all the time? Isn’t that a theft risk?
    2) Is there a maximum blade length it can handle? What happens if I go on holiday for a fortnight and come back and the grass is too long for the mower to cut? Do I need to buy a manual lawnmower as well for when the grass is too long?


    1. Hi Adam

      Yes, you just keep the mower out at all times during the cutting season. Most robotic mowers come with PIN numbers (thieves know this) and some with other anti theft prevention.

      See this article for more details – https://myrobotmower.com/robot-lawn-mower-security-guide-to-anti-theft-features/

      Because the robotic mower is continuously cutting throughout the day/night, the grass never has a chance to grow beyond what the mower can cut. Just leave the mower going whilst on holiday.

      The mower will need to be put away and stored during winter. The lawn may need to be cut with a traditional mower for the first cut, if it has grown too long before the robotic mower can be used.

      Hope this helps.

  6. Neil Townsend

    Hi, Mark. Your reviews and advice are interesting – thank you! I have just had a small (28sqm) lawn professionally laid, and whilst searching for a suitable lawn mower, have read your article on robotic mowers. My lawn is edged with oak sleepers which give a lip of 3-4cms minimum (at two ends they serve as raised borders so are more “wall like”. Would this work instead of the perimeter wire? And how close to the edge would the robot cut?
    Finally, how would it deal with slightly raised stepping stones? Would a particular make/ model be more suitable for this edging?
    Thank you in anticipation!!

    1. Hi Neil, you would still need to install the perimeter wire for it to work correctly. Some robotic mowers have the blade offset and will cut closer to the edge than others. None of them will cut completely to the edge unless completely level with the path/edging.

      With regards to the slightly raised stepping stones, I have seen this cause problems with mowers getting stuck. Robotic mowers with floating decks will definitely help in these situations.
      The only issue is that many of the mowers designed for small lawns will not have a floating deck and will not cut to the edge.

      I do highly rate the WORX robotic mowers and the WORX WR141E M500 is the model designed for the smallest garden that includes the cut to edge (but doesn’t have a floating deck). You can see it here https://amzn.to/3vHVEQN
      Hope this help

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