Robotic Mower Parts and Consumables You Will Need

Robotic Mower Parts and Consumables You Will Need

On this page I’m going to show you all about the robotic mower parts and consumables you will need to stock up on with a Robotic Lawn Mower.  They work just about everyday so their parts are going to be subject to wear and tear and at some point will need to be replaced. With a few spare parts close at hand, you’ll be able to make quick changes there and then, without too much hassle to get your robotic mower up and running with minimal delay.

Having a few essential spare parts and consumables is always a good idea, as I am sure you do not want to leave your lawn growing too long whist you wait for a delivery of your new parts.


You probably already know this from using any other type of mower, but because they are under constant pressure blades do get worn out. This is especially so for robotic mowers as they are programmed to mow on a much more regular basis compared to regular lawn mowers.

This means the blades are prone to becoming blunt after a few months (maybe even shorter depending on the condition and debris on your lawn). Remember there are two types of blade when it comes to robotic mowers. A single solid steel blade or multiple small fine razor blades. It goes without saying that the razor blade method of cutting will become blunt more quickly and will need to be replaced more regularly than a single blade.

A single blade can be sharpened, but replacement razor blades are very cheap and readily available.

Robotic Mower Parts- Blades Razor

So it is important that you change them on a regular basis.

If not you’ll begin to notice the blades act as if they pull the grass apart instead of slicing it cleanly. Resulting in an unhealthy, brown finish. Something else you don’t want!

So make sure to check the blades on regular basis (I recommend monthly) to see if they have been worn down or scratched. Of course this will depend on the mower you’re using so check the user manual first. For the most part, changing these on most robotic mowers is very quick and easy to do, so it won’t cause you too much trouble.

You will also need screws although they come with your blades so don’t feel the need to buy more. Just make sure you replace them at same time as the blades.

Boundary/Perimeter Wire

Robotic Mower Parts - Boundary/Perimeter Wire

OK this really depends on how you’ve installed the perimeter wire. If you have done what is recommended and buried the wire underground, then you don’t have to pay too much attention to this.

But if instead you’ve just pegged down the wire into the grass, then you might have a problem with damaged wire. Having the wire sitting like this leaves it’s vulnerable to damage from various external factors in the garden.

You never know, if the wire is lying in an open spot, you could quite easily trip over causing a snap that will need to be repaired.

There really are quite a lot of ways it could be damaged so it’s important to make sure you have spare wire and connectors, just in case. And don’t worry this is an easy fix even though it may take some time to locate the break. You just need to replace the old wire with a new section of wire.

Although if it’s a clean cut then you could use a coupler instead (more on them below).


No products found.

These kind of goes in hand with point above but I thought I would I’d give them their own paragraph anyway. Just like the wire (when pegged down and not buried) these pegs are vulnerable to damage in the exact same way. Although they will be able more hardwearing  than the wire it’s a good idea to have some spares readily available.

So you won’t have to replace them as often but I think it’s still a good idea to stock up just in case.


As mentioned above, couplers can be very useful when your wire has been cut straight through. So you will want to stock up on these as well just in case a break happens that does not need additional wire.

Robotic Mower Parts - Couplers

Also, if your garden is so big to the point where you need two wires then you’ll need these to join them together. And in most cases, you’ll need to install a guide wire as well as the boundary wire for your mower. So again you’ll need these to join them together.

As you can see these little plug-looking things can very useful and will save a whole load of bother in time when they’re needed. Now you won’t have to change these quite as regularly as the equipment above so don’t feel like you need to buy loads of them.


To carry out all these repairs you are going to need some basic tools that you will most probably already have in your toolbox. So the good news is that you do not need any specialist robotic mower tools to carry out basic maintenance and repairs.


Robotic Mower Parts - Screwdriver

As you probably guessed, you’re going to need a screwdriver to replace the blades. Make sure you buy either a standard or a Philips screwdriver so you have the correct one and remember not to screw the blades on too tightly.


Robotic Mower Parts - Hammer

To make sure the pegs are kept securely in the ground, if you haven’t buried your wire, you’ll need to hammer them down. It doesn’t really matter which kind of hammer you use, the head just has to be bigger than the top of the peg.

Wire Cutters

A set of wire cutters will be needed if you are going to cut a damaged portion of the perimeter wire, although a good pair of scissors will also be sufficient.


Although this is not a tool, it is something that you should have in your tool box when changing the blades on your robotic mower. As mentioned above it is never a good idea to over-tighten the screws that hold the blades to the mower’s deck. However due to wear and tear they do tend to become very difficult to remove. By spaying some WD40 on the screw and leaving for 15 to 20 minutes it can help removing the screws much easier.


And that’s all you will need to stock up on throughout the year. These are really inexpensive so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding good quality parts for a reasonable price.

But make sure to check out Amazon. Just like I’ve said on just about every review, you’ll find the biggest selection of parts with most competitive prices.

You will also find non branded compatible parts, that in my experience do the job just as well, at a much reduced price.

Now it’s just up to you to get the parts you need. I hope you found this post useful and hopefully it will save you some time in the future.

If you have any questions about robotic mower spare parts and consumables, or need any help whatsoever, then please leave a comment below.

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7 thoughts on “Robotic Mower Parts and Consumables You Will Need”

  1. The benefit of this type of lawn mower is that they are quiet, they are durable, and they do a good job cutting the grass no matter how fast you walk. There are several key drawbacks if you choose a battery powered lawn mower. First, as the battery loses its charge the cutting ability of the mower will deteriorate causing multiple recharges if your lawn is too large to do on one charge.

  2. Hey Mark, thanks heaps for such a thorough outline on what part’s well need for our robot mower. I’ve been telling hubby for years that we need to get one and he finally conceded and said “ok let’s look into it”. After the initial research phase his very next question was “what extra parts are we going to need” (yes I rolled my eyes a little hehe). Thinking that he’d stumped me and the conversation would end there – I turned to Mr Google for help! Which is how I came across your site. After showing him what’s involved and how easy it is he’s finally convinced!
    So thanks for helping me push him across the line and agree to finally get one :)
    Cheers – Amanda

    1. Woohoo! Great to hear you’re taking the leap!

      These mowers really do save you a great load of time and bother. And just make sure you have these spare parts and you shouldn’t have any problems

      If you need any help choosing a mower then just let me know.

      I’d love to help you out :-)

  3. Excellent review of this product. I am looking to buy some lawn equipment for my new lawn business this spring. I opened up a lawn business years ago for the first time. I learned that you need dependable equipment because your equipment will be getting a lot of wear and tear on it.
    A lot different from if you are just cutting your lawn every two or so weeks for personal use.
    So knowing how to fix any problems such as blades on the go is an important thing.

    1. Great to hear!

      You’re totally right, your equipment will go under quite a lot of wear and tear throughout the week – especially with robot lawn mowers – so it is best to make sure you have suitable replacements at hand. Otherwise you could waste quite a bit of time, and possibly even money!

      Best of luck with your new business and if you need any help just let me know!

  4. I didn’t realize they had made robomowers but what a great idea. It would save a lot of time and be great in summer when it is really too hot to be out mowing the lawn. Does it work in the same way as the robo vacuum cleaner? If they do then do they often miss areas and over mow other areas? I am sure it is a good idea to keep a few spares for when things go wrong and you have covered all that very well.

    1. Yeah that exaclty what I hoped to do, thanks Margaret.

      I’m not entirely sure how robot vacum cleaners work but I can assure you no area will be missed with a robotic lawn mower.

      With the robomower you set up a boundary wire along the edges of your garden and they then map it out, so they will know exactly what they need to cover.

      If you want to learn all the details of robomowers then head to the ‘What Are They?’ page. I’ve went through everything you need to know about the mowers here so make sure you check it out! And if you need any help just ask me.

      Thanks for the comment!


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