Getting Your Lawn Mower Prepared For Spring

Getting Your Lawn Mower Prepared For Spring

Step Into Spring

Getting your lawn mower prepared for spring

I don’t want to jinx it but I feel like spring is in the air. These last few days have been significantly warmer and, while there’s been a lot of rain, that’s good news for your lawn.

As I look out of the window now, it almost feels as though the clouds are going to lift; there’s a tiny ray of sunshine poking through. And that’s got me thinking; it’s almost time to get back out into the garden and tend to the lawn!

From here, my mind started racing with everything I need to do and one of the first things I thought was about getting my mower ready for spring.

Tips On Getting Your Lawn Mower Prepared For Spring

Too many times I’ve seen people ragging their lawn mower out of the shed in spring, not doing any maintenance and then being surprised when the machine starts sputtering or failing.

Don’t fall victim to that this spring; take the time to perform a few checks and get your mower ready to face the challenge of that first cut.

  • If you have a petrol lawn mower, this is a great opportunity to check the oil and change it where necessary. Poor, dirty oil is a great way to damage your mower so be sure to change it regularly. Some mowers will require a full drain and refill while others may just need topping up with oil. In any case, don’t forget to check the correct level to ensure your mower has just the right amount of oil.
  • With petrol mowers, I’d like to hope that you drained any fuel out at the end of last summer. Leaving fuel in over winter can cause corrosion so it’s something that should always be avoided. Now is the time to clean the fuel tank (where necessary) and add some fresh petrol.
  • The start of spring is a prime opportunity to sharpen your lawn mower blades. It’s recommended that you do this for every 25 hours of use but there’s nothing wrong with giving them a touch up after winter.
  • With petrol mowers, spring is a great time for some general maintenance so give your lawn mower the once over, checking things like the filters and spark plugs and replacing them if this is needed.
  • You can also assess the condition of your electric or cordless mower by inspecting the wiring, batteries and other components for damage before using the machine. Be sure to fix any problems before you do that first cut of the year.

Proper lawn mower care will ensure that your machine has the longest life possible. It’s not uncommon for people to have to invest in a new lawn mower every few years, wondering why their tools never last.

Good quality lawn mowers should last between seven and ten years. If yours isn’t showing this type of longevity then the above spring maintenance tips could make all the difference.

Onto The Cut!

Cutting your lawn in spring

Now you’ve got your mower looking spic and span and performing to its top potential, it’s time to start thinking about that initial spring cut.

I know this is a job that many people dread but with some proper organisation and knowing how to tackle the mow, it’s a lot easier than you might first think.

Mind The Weather

I know how tempting it can be to run outside with the lawn mower as soon as the sun comes out but try not to get ahead of yourself. While the weather may be improving, the ground may still be sodden underneath all that green.

Check the soil and only perform the first cut when you’re confident that the ground is dry enough. If not, you risk damaging both your lawn and your lawn mower.

Consider Wildlife

I can’t stress enough how important it is to check your lawn in spring for any nesting animals. With longer grass and more places to hide, it’s not uncommon for critters, such as hedgehogs, to make a home in your lawn. The last thing you want to do is harm them with your mower.

It may also be worth considering leaving a small section of the lawn for wildlife by not mowing this. This is great for pollinators and the perfect area to sow some wildflower seeds.

Keep It Long

Getting lawn ready for spring

Another temptation you have to resist when cutting the lawn in spring is the urge to lop off all that annoying length. Over winter, grass growth slows to almost nothing but its appearance in spring would fool you into thinking otherwise.

However, cutting off too much length at once can harm the grass as it takes the leaves far more energy to recover from the trauma.

Follow the one third rule and gradually reduce the length of your lawn over the course of a few weeks. With a healthier lawn over summer, you’ll thank me later!

Don’t Forget To Fertilise

Spring is a great time to add fertiliser to your lawn to give it a boost of nutrients that encourage healthy growth.

It’s recommended to do your spring lawn fertilisation between March and May but make sure that you use common sense and apply the product at a suitable time.

You want to do it before things heat up too much but while the soil is still slightly moist as this will prevent the grass roots being scorched.

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