Small Problems With Robotic Lawn Mowers

Small Problem with Robotic Lawn Mowers: Navigating Common Issues

How To Pick The Perfect Robotic Lawn Mower

In recent years, robotic lawn mowers have become increasingly popular, contributing to the convenience and efficiency of maintaining a well-groomed garden. Their rise in usage comes from the numerous benefits they offer, such as time savings and the ability to automate a traditionally manual task. However, like any technological advancement, these devices are not without their minor setbacks. While manufacturers continuously work to improve these products, some common issues persist across different models.

While the thought of encountering problems with a new robotic mower might seem off-putting, it’s important to remember that the issues are generally minor and manageable. In fact, they should not overshadow the significant advantages that these modern gardening aids provide. Addressing these concerns typically requires minimal effort and, once resolved, users can enjoy the numerous benefits that come with owning a robotic lawn mower.

Small Problems With Robotic Mowers

Cutting To The Edge

In setting the boundary wires for my robotic mower, I’ve learnt that precision is key. The mower requires space to manoeuvre when it reaches the edge, which can leave a small strip of grass untrimmed. This is particularly evident alongside walls or fences. Although some recent models boast cutting right up to the edge by offsetting the blades, a perfect finish is still slightly out of reach. I’ve come to accept that for complete coverage, occasional trimming may be necessary for those hard-to-reach spots.

Small Problems With Robotic Mowers

Setting Up Your Robotic Mower

Installation and configuration of a robotic mower isn’t as daunting as it may seem. Many manufacturers provide helpful videos and tools like rulers to simplify installation. Even those with basic DIY skills, like myself, can execute the setup. Also, the use of intuitive smartphone apps for configuration means I no longer have to grapple with the mower’s small control panel.

You Will Become A Robotic Mower Geek

I admit, ever since getting my robotic mower operational, I’ve become somewhat of an enthusiast. It’s hard not to rave about its benefits and the impeccable condition of my lawn. What started with sharing tips with neighbours may escalate to constructing a dedicated mower garage. Yes, becoming a ‘robomower geek’ seems inevitable.

Sloped Lawns


When shopping around for my mower, the ability to handle slopes was a critical factor. Robotic mowers vary in their specifications for climbing gradients. I’ve noted that models with four-wheel drive handle larger slopes with ease. For anyone with a flat lawn, this feature might not be as important, but those with undulating terrain should take heed.


Modern robotic mowers can navigate multiple lawn zones, but the passage between them must be accessible. My mower struggles with steps or uneven pathways, and can’t journey from one area to another without help. When faced with such barriers, I have to transport the mower manually to the zone lacking its charging station.

Blade Maintenance

Choosing between a single steel blade or multiple razor blades for my mower influenced the maintenance routine. Razors cut with precision but blunt quickly, requiring replacements every few months. Even though replacing them is affordable and straightforward, it’s a task to be mindful of when considering the upkeep of my robot lawn mower.

Are These Problems Really That Big a Deal

Considering robotic mowers, it’s understandable to question the severity of their shortcomings. Here’s a quick assessment:

Battery LifeCan be a hiccup, but advancement in technology ensures they’re lasting longer and proving to be a solid investment.
Value for MoneyOver time, the efficiency outweighs initial costs compared to manual labour and time spent mowing.
LifespanModern units are built to last, allowing for long-term garden maintenance without frequent replacements.
EfficiencyDespite minor glitches, they often excel in operational performance, saving precious personal time.

In my experience, the liberation from manual mowing in sweltering heat far outweighs the occasional hiccup with these machines. I prefer spending free time on more enjoyable pursuits than pushing a mower back and forth. It’s a shift in managing one’s lawn that should be considered for its overall practicality.

Final Word

In assessing the array of robotic mowers available, I’ve identified several key considerations for prospective buyers in the UK. Firstly, when testing various models, I look for user-friendliness and effectiveness. A straightforward test is how easily they manage to trim to the lawn’s edge and how often the blades require changing.

Members of the Best Buy community have expressed that, while budget dictates choice, investing £500 to £1,000 can secure a robotic mower with robust features. It’s essential to weigh the upfront cost against long-term benefits, such as the time saved and the eco-friendly aspect of reduced emissions. Here are my succinct tips for those pondering a robotic mower purchase:

  • Budget: Determine your spending limit. Models under £500 may offer basic functionality, while those closer to £1,000 come with extra features that enhance convenience and performance.
  • Features: Look for robotic mowers that boast features aligning with your needs. Prioritise edge trimming abilities, blade longevity, and noise levels, especially if you’re part of a close-knit neighbourhood.
  • Eco-friendly: Consider the environmental impact. Robotic mowers are generally more eco-friendly than their petrol counterparts, as they emit no fumes and operate quietly.

Turning to a robotic mower means embracing a new finish to your garden. It’s an adjustment, but the benefits of automation and the time it affords you elsewhere are beyond measure. If you’re ready to buy, ensure it suits your garden’s complexity and size, and remember, I am readily available to help clarify any queries you might have regarding your next garden upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

What considerations should be taken into account for robot mowers operating on uneven lawns?

When managing uneven lawns, it’s crucial to consider:

  • Wheel traction: I recommend models with better grip to navigate slopes.
  • Obstacle detection: Enhanced sensors prevent the mower from getting stuck.
  • Blade adjustment: Automatic levelling helps maintain consistent cutting height.

Are solar-powered robotic lawn mowers a reliable alternative for grass maintenance?

Solar-powered mowers:

  • Weather reliance: Performance is highly dependent on adequate sunlight.
  • Battery life: I suggest checking if the battery provides sufficient backup for cloudy days.
  • Eco-friendliness: Emit less greenhouse gases, a plus for environmentally conscious users.

How does the performance of robotic lawn mowers compare on front and back gardens?

For front and back gardens:

  • Area size: Robotic mowers might be more efficient in compact back gardens than spacious front lawns.
  • Complexity: I’ve observed that obstacles differ; front gardens often feature simpler layouts.

What are the typical running costs associated with robotic lawn mowers?

Running costs involve:

  • Electricity: They usually consume minimal power but charging costs can accumulate.
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning and blade replacements are generally affordable.
  • Repairs: Costlier, unpredictable but can be mitigated with warranties or care.

Can a second-hand robotic lawn mower be a worthwhile investment?

Purchasing second-hand:

  • Condition: Inspect wear and tear as it impacts performance and longevity.
  • Warranty: I advise verifying if a warranty is transferable to ensure protection against future issues.
  • Price: Evaluate whether the cost savings justify the lack of the latest features.

What is the expected lifespan of robotic lawn mowers with regular use?

Expected lifespan:

  • Usage intensity: Typically, these devices last 5-10 years with regular use.
  • Care: Proper maintenance can prolong their serviceable years.
  • Battery replacement: Batteries may need replacing every 3-4 years, affecting overall lifespan.
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4 thoughts on “Small Problem with Robotic Lawn Mowers: Navigating Common Issues”

  1. Mark, glad we could connect. I like your approach here because most people aren’t talking about the downside to using a robotic mower, but the benefits. Other than charge times and maintenance, it’s important to know that there will still be manual labor involved!

    1. Yeah I know Nick, even though these mowers are great products they still have a couple of flaws. Nothing is ever perfect so I think being totally honest helps potential owners understand their product more thoroughly and helps them toward a more suitable purchase.

      Thanks for the comment Nick, it was a pleasure working with you! ;-)

  2. Hi. Is there a way I can shape my lawn edges to suit a robomower?
    Youbknow, So that I don’t have to use a line trimmer too because that is the whole reason I want the robot….automated lawn care….no me do!
    Come to think of it…I need the same thing inside for the robot vacuum too…because it misses all the corners too!
    Its hard to get good help. Lol

    1. Yeah I totally understand, that’s the main reason you would want a robot lawn mower.

      The only thing you can really do is try and clear the edges of your lawn. Like cutting bushes back a bit. Anything that will give your mower a little space to spin and turn – while still cutting grass.

      But other than that there isn’t much you can do. I know this annoying but I’m sure this problem will be fixed in the next couple of years so be sure to keep updated.

      I’m sorry but for now this is just one flaw that you’ll have to put up with.

      Thanks for the comment and I hope this doesn’t put you off too much :)

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