Flymo 1200R Review: Expert Analysis and Performance Insights

Flymo 1200R
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Working area up to 400m² with good charge/run time
Area Capacity 30m²/hr
Alarm, Lift sensor and PIN code
Highly sensitive collision sensors
Cutting heights from 20mm to 50mm
What I Don't Like
Maximum incline withing the working area is 25% / 14°
Doesn't cut right to the edge 
My Overall Rating


Flymo 1200R Review - Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawnmower

Please note: this robotic mower is now discontinued and has been replaced by the Flymo EasiLife range of robotic mower.

Introducing a robotic lawn mower, that has been around for several years, with an impressive working area of up to 400 square meters, capable of maintaining your garden with ease. The Flymo 1200R robotic mower is an innovative device that offers a great balance of charge and run time, an area capacity of 30 square meters per hour, and comes equipped with an alarm, lift sensor, and PIN code for added security. Additionally, its highly sensitive collision sensors and adjustable cutting heights ranging from 20mm to 50mm ensure an optimal lawn mowing experience.

However, it should be noted that this robotic lawn mower has a limitation when it comes to handling steep inclines – as it can only manage a maximum incline of 25% or 14 degrees within the working area. Furthermore, it may not cut the grass right to the edge, leaving a slight perimeter untrimmed. Despite these drawbacks, the overall features and performance make this lawn mower an appealing option for garden maintenance.

Introduction to the Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawn Mower 

The Flymo 1200R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower is a versatile and efficient choice for maintaining gardens up to 400m². With a cutting width of 17cm and adjustable cutting heights ranging from 20mm to 50mm, this tool offers flexibility to suit various lawn conditions. Its Lithium-Ion battery ensures a reliable performance as it automatically charges upon returning to the charging station.

Safety features are abundant in this mower, including a lift sensor, PIN code, and alarm system, making it a secure choice for users. Despite being priced lower than some competitors, the Flymo 1200R still possesses the necessary elements to keep a garden in prime condition. The subsequent review will delve into its features, functions, and capabilities to assess how it compares against other models and whether it is a valuable investment for garden maintenance.

Main Features

  • Suited to those with a lawn size of up to 400m²
  • Independent mowing
  • Alarm and PIN code system
  • Mulches grass for you

Flymo 1200R Video

Watch the video below for an introduction to the 1200R and some of its features:

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Model Comparison
Mowers Flymo 1200R Husqvarna 105
Lawn Coverage 400m² 600m²
Noise Level 58 dB 58 dB
Mowing Time 60 minutes 70 minutes
Charging Time 75 minutes 50 minutes
Dimensions 58x46x25.5 cm 55x39x25cm
Weight 7.4 kg 11.1 kg
Mobile App No No
Rating Best Value Best Performance
Rating 9.4/10 9.5/10

Power System

Flymo 1200R Review - Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawnmower

The Flymo 1200R is powered by an 18V 1.6Ah Lithium-ion battery and electric motor. This efficient power system requires only 75 minutes to fully recharge and can provide 60 minutes of mowing time. With an electrical power source, the Flymo 1200R produces no emissions and operates with minimal noise, making it a eco-friendly and quiet lawn maintenance solution. This is a stark contrast to petrol mowers, which tend to be louder and harmful to the environment.


The 1200R robotic lawn mower is designed to work effectively on sloping gardens, with the capability to handle inclines of up to 14°. At just 7.4kg, the 1200R is lightweight enough to easily lift and move should it ever encounter any difficulties on slopes. In contrast, the mower performs flawlessly on flat areas.

Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower Up to 400 sq m, 18 V
  • 18 v 1.6 Ah Lithium-ion Battery. Maximum incline within the working area: 14 °, Cutting width: 17 cm, Cutting height max: 50 mm, Cutting height: min: 20 mm.
  • Working area 400 m2 +/- 20%
  • Area Capacity 30 m2/hr
  • Navigation system - irregular
  • Charging system - automatic
  • Highly sensitive collision sensors and a boundary wire helps the 1200 R avoid any obstacles.

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Mowing Pattern

The mower features a unique mowing pattern, cutting grass randomly to prevent tyre marks, unlike conventional mowers. With the loop wire and built-in sensors, it maps out the entire lawn for precision and efficiency.

To save energy and ensure complete coverage, the mower calculates the ideal route for your garden, keeping costs low while maintaining a well-groomed appearance.

It is essential to keep the lawn clean, as any small debris, such as twigs or stones, may cause damage to the mower’s blades.

In the event of encountering a larger item on the lawn, the mower’s collision sensors detect the obstacle and halt its operation. It then recalculates its route to continue the mowing process efficiently.

Safety Features

This bot has multiple features which keep you and your family safe during a cut.

Lift & Tilt Sensors

The 1200R is equipped with lift and tilt sensors that enhance safety while it is operating. When the mower is lifted or tilted at a steep angle, the blade automatically stops, preventing accidents or injuries. Users have the option to manually turn off the sensors by pressing the red STOP button on top of the mower. To resume operation, placing the mower in the charging station or entering the PIN code using the control panel will suffice.

PIN & Alarm System

Flymo 1200R Review - Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawnmower

The PIN and alarm system is designed to prevent unauthorised access and usage of the mower. If anyone attempts to use or steal the machine without the correct PIN, an alarm is triggered. This provides additional security against theft and prevents damages caused by improper handling. Although it may be mildly inconvenient to enter the PIN code every time the settings need reprogramming, the added safety features make it worth the effort.

Bump Sensors

Bump sensors are incorporated into the mower to protect objects in the garden during operation. If the mower comes into contact with an obstacle such as trees, flower beds, or the perimeter wire, it stops immediately. The machine then moves a few steps back, calculates a new route, and continues mowing in a different direction, ensuring that the garden and its surroundings remain undamaged.

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Blade Features

Cutting Height

Flymo 1200R Review - Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawnmower

The 1200R automower allows users to easily adjust the cutting height by simply turning a knob located on top of the robot. The available cutting heights range from 20mm to 50mm and can be changed according to seasonal needs or personal preferences. It is advisable to start with a longer setting and gradually decrease the height over time to ensure even grass cutting and allow the mower ample opportunity to mulch your lawn.

This approach helps prevent the appearance of brown spots on the lawn.


The 1200R mower cuts grass finely, allowing the clippings to drop down to the soil, where they decompose and act as a mulch or fertiliser. This process provides essential nutrients to the soil and helps retain moisture, promoting healthier grass growth without the need for harmful and costly chemicals.

To make the most of the 1200R’s mulching ability, it is important to ensure that the grass is not overgrown when the automower is first installed. If this is the case, it may be necessary to cut the grass with a different mower initially, as the robotic mower cannot handle long grass. Once the initial cut is done, the 1200R can maintain the lawn and provide effective mulching.

To learn more about the benefits of mulching, see my article The Benefits of Mulching Grass.

What’s in the Box

Robotic Mower
Charger Station
150m Boundary Wire
Boundary Wire Pegs (200)
Installation Manual
Quick Start Manual
Product Registration Card


There may be occasions where the robotic mower loses signal of the wire, displaying a ‘no signal loop’ message. To resolve, simply place the mower back on its charging station and disconnect the power source.

Prior to the first run, it is essential to ensure the grass is cut or at a reasonable length. This is a standard requirement for most robotic mowers in this price range.

The mower’s performance on large slopes is limited, so for gardens with unusual slopes, another model might be more suitable.

Lastly, the Flymo 1200R does not cut grass adjacent to edges like houses, fences or steps, leaving you to trim these areas manually. This, however, is a common limitation among other robotic mowers as well.


Flymo 1200R Review - Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawnmower

The Flymo 1200R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawnmower offers not only a great performance but also excellent value for money. With a powerful cutting system and numerous safety features, it provides an efficient and effective lawn mowing experience while allowing the user to relax and enjoy their free time.

This mid-sized robotic mower is part of a wider product range, which includes larger models for gardens up to 500m² and smaller models for gardens up to 200m² and 350m². The popularity of this specific model can be attributed to its perfect balance of size and capabilities.

The benefits of the Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower are evident through its:

  • Efficient cutting: It delivers great results and an optimised cutting performance.
  • Safety features: The mower ensures the user’s peace of mind with all the required safety precautions.
  • Ease of use: Enjoy the opportunity to put your feet up while the lawnmower does the hard work.

Finally, the product is designed by Flymo, a reputable manufacturer with a proven track record of delivering high-quality gardening tools and equipment. While there may be minor issues, the overall performance and affordability of this robotic mower make it stand out in the market, providing a reliable solution for many homeowners seeking an automated lawn care solution.

Pros and Cons

  • Working area up to 400m² with good charge and run time

  • Good safety features – Alarm, Lift sensor and PIN code

  • Highly sensitive collision sensors

  • Wide range of cutting heights from 20mm to 50mm

  • Good customer feedback

  • Good value for money

  • Doesn’t cut right to the edge
  • Maximum incline withing the working area is 25% / 14°s


Should You Purchase This Mower?

When deciding whether to purchase the Flymo 1200R robotic lawnmower, consider the following factors to determine if it suits your garden and meets your requirements:

  • Garden terrain: The mower performs best on relatively flat gardens with slopes no steeper than 14° and without sharp turns or tight angles.
  • Garden size: The Flymo 1200R is designed for gardens under 400m².
  • Trimming expectations: Be prepared to do occasional trimming, which is common for most robotic mowers.
  • Battery performance: This model offers a good charge-to-mow ratio due to its new battery technology.
  • Blade quality: The Flymo 1200R has three high-quality rotary blades requiring less sharpening.

If your garden fits the criteria above and you believe this mower will fulfil your needs, consider purchasing it from Amazon, as they are likely to offer the best price and reliable delivery service.

Remember to ask any questions or share concerns in the comment section at the end of this review. Your input is valuable, and assistance is available to ensure you make a well-informed decision about the Flymo 1200R robotic lawnmower.

Where can I purchase this model?

The Flymo 1200R can be purchased from the following suppliers in the UK.

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Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower Up to 400 sq m, 18 V
  • 18 v 1.6 Ah Lithium-ion Battery. Maximum incline within the working area: 14 °, Cutting width: 17 cm, Cutting height max: 50 mm, Cutting height: min: 20 mm.
  • Working area 400 m2 +/- 20%
  • Area Capacity 30 m2/hr
  • Navigation system - irregular
  • Charging system - automatic
  • Highly sensitive collision sensors and a boundary wire helps the 1200 R avoid any obstacles.

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Does the Flymo 1200R mulch the lawn?

Yes, all robotic lawn mowers mulch the lawn and do not collect the grass cuttings.

Do I have to bury the boundary wire for the Flymo 1200R?

No, the boundary wire can sit on top of the soil and is hidden by the grass. It can however be buried slightly under the turf.

What is the run time of the Flymo 1200R?

A full charge will last for around 60 minutes.

Do I need to charge the Flymo 1200R manually?

No, the robotic mower will return back to the charging station automatically to re-charge itself.

Is the Flymo 1200R safe around pets?

Yes, the robotic mower has collision detection sensors and immediately changes direction, so no there is no chance of them being harmed.


Additional Specifications
Working Area 400m² +/- 20m
Max Incline 25%/14°
Keypad 15 Buttons
Timer Yes
Wheel Threads Medium
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Typical Charging Time 75 minutes
Typical Mowing Time 60 minutes
Power Consumption 20W
Cutting System 3 Rotating Blades
Cutting Height (min-max) 20mm – 50 mm/0.79 – 1.97 inch
Cutting Width 17cm/6.7 inch
Sound Level measured: 56 dB (A) guaranteed: 58 dB (A)
Alarm Yes
PIN Code Yes
Installation Lock Yes
Time Lock Yes
Lift Sensor Yes
Tilt Sensor Yes
Loop Wire 150 m / 492.13 ft.
Staples 200 pcs
Product Size LxWxH 580x460x255 mm / 22.83×18.11×10.04 inch
Weight 7.4 kg / 16.31 lbs
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16 thoughts on “Flymo 1200R Review: Expert Analysis and Performance Insights”

  1. Miss Natalie Hawe

    Hi, I have had the 1200r since 2017. For some reason the cutting blades have now stopped turning & therefore even though the battery is fully charged the mower keeps returning to the dock after about 5 minutes. As it appears I need a replacement ( as I cant find someone to fix it in PR4 postcode) I thought it would be better to to go for the new EasiLife range. I suspect my lawn is approx 350m2 but wondered if i could get away with the EasiLife 200 as the price is really favourable on Amazon at the moment at £438. Your chart showing the daily run times for all of the EasiLife models was really helpful. So i have 2 questions, firstly do you know what the daily runtime is for 1200r as its not stated above? And secondly is 4.5 hours enough mowing time in your opinion to cover 350m2? I thought it was really revealing in your EasiLife review to understand that essentially all the EasiLife models are exactly the same save for the no. of pegs, length of boundary wire and pre programmed daily running times of 4.5, 7.5 & 11 hours respectively. Also will the underground wire from the 1200r be compatible with the EasiLife – as the wire in the box of the EasiLife appears thicker?

    1. Hi Natalie

      Thanks for your message. I can see the EasiLife 200 has a great discount and why you would be tempted. To be honest I’m not 100% sure if this would work for your lawn size, as it is way over the manufacture’s recommended max. Having said that, the runtime is similar to that of the 1200r and can’t think of any technical reason why it would not eventually get round the full 350m2 – the EasiLife 200 does have a smaller deck though.

      If you can’t push to the EasiLife 350, have you considered the WORX WR130E? The slightly larger deck means it will cover up to 350m2 and is on offer as well, so price is comparable.

      It’s understandable if you want to stick with the Flymo (Husqvarna) brand quality but the WORX can be extended with addons to meet your future/changing needs.

      I believe the existing wire will work with no problems.

      Let me know what you decide and how you get on.


      1. Hi thanks for your response

        I have accurately measured my lawn today & it is 350m2. I assume based on that that I will have to go for the more expensive EasiLife 350 with 7.5 hours running time as opposed to the 200 at 4.5 hours?

  2. Hi there, could the low voltage cable for the Flymo 1200r be linked to another to extend the length? I need to get to around 40m to go around the perimeter of the garden. The connections do look like they fit each other from the 10m one I have with the mower but not sure if there are other issues.

    1. Hi Gavin

      I have just spoken with Flymo about this as I was unsure if you could do this or not.

      They have said NO, they do not recommend joining the low voltage cables together (even though they do fit together).

      You would need to purchase a single, longer low voltage cable for this purpose.

      Flymo only sell a 20 metre length for their Flymo 1200R (part number is 5798251-01). If you require a longer cable you would need to purchase an aftermarket one. The link below will take you to an aftermarket low voltage cable for the 1200R with lengths up to 50 metres.

      Hope this helps.

      Many thanks

  3. Hi. Mark, Can I tuck the robot mower base plate just at the side of my shed with the front exactly in line with front of shed ? ( so as to keep it out of plain sight)

    1. Hi John

      Thanks for your question.

      I think that’ll be ok, though I have not tried this way of setting up. It cannot be back in a corner though. The cables all plug in the back too. Probably worth leaving enough cable to start with so you can adjust if you need to move it around a bit.

      I have just taken delivery of a WORX WR130E S300 as I no longer have the Flymo.

      Please report back how it goes.

      Many thanks

  4. I have a small dog that always has access to the garden. I’m split between the Flymo 1200R and the Gardena Sileno City 250.

    Is one better than they other when it comes to safety? Are both of them a bad idea around pets?

    1. Hi Ian

      Sorry for the delay in replying, I have been out of the country for a while.

      Both the Flymo 1200R and the Gardena Sileno City 250 robotic mowers have sensitive collision sensors to ensure that the Robotic Lawnmower will stop and move back a couple of steps, recalculate a new route and continue mowing in a different direction.

      I have a small Maltese (very lazy) dog and never had a problem.


  5. I have two lawns, one at the front of the house and one at the back. Do I need to purchase two charging stations? What are my options? Thank you.


    1. Hi Geoff

      Thanks for your comment.

      You will not need two charge stations but will need to carry the mower fully charged to the secondary zone and select the manual mode.

      Here is a video with some graphics to explain this in more detail.

      Hope this helps.


  6. I have always dreamed about mowing he lawn in my sleep. I mean really while I sleep the lawn is being mowed. This little number could do the trick! There are so many things in life I would rather do than mow the lawn on a weekend. The flymo 1200r is perfect for my little 350 m lawn. Thanks for the review!

    1. Yeah Marc, I you want something to mow the lawn at night then these robots are perfect – especially the Flymo 1200r model for your lawn.

      I’m really happy you enjoyed the review and thanks so much for reading!


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