Are Robotic Lawn Mowers Safe

Are Robot Lawn Mowers Safe?

Are Robot Lawn Mowers Safe

Good robotic mowers are equipped with an array of safety features including lift and tilt sensors, obstacle detection, and automatic shut-off mechanisms to significantly reduce the likelihood of injury or property damage. Nevertheless, even with a good robotic mower, adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper use and ensuring supervision around pets and children are crucial steps to uphold safety.

Here’s What Makes a Robot Mower Safe:

  • Obstacle Detection Sensors: These sensors help the mower avoid obstacles, reducing the risk of collisions or damage.
  • Lift and Tilt Sensors: The mower automatically shuts off the cutting blade if it is lifted or tilted, preventing accidental injury.
  • Boundary Wires: These wires define the mowing area, keeping the mower within a designated zone and away from potential hazards.
  • PIN Code Lock: A security feature that prevents unauthorized use of the mower, enhancing safety and security.
  • Automatic Shut-off: The mower powers down in the event of a malfunction or when it completes its mowing cycle.
  • Blade Design: Blades are typically smaller and located well within the machine to reduce the risk of contact.
  • Anti-Theft Alarms: Some models are equipped with alarms that sound if the mower is picked up, deterring theft and unauthorized handling.
  • Low Speed Operation: Robot mowers operate at a slower pace compared to traditional mowers, which reduces the chance of accidents.
  • Emergency Stop Button: Allows for immediate manual shut-off of the mower if necessary.
  • Weather Sensors: These can send the mower back to its charging station in adverse weather conditions, avoiding potential damage or unsafe operation.

Are Robot Lawn Mowers Safe Around Kids And Pets?

Our children and pets are the most precious things in our gardens. You’d never dream of leaving them alone with any other type of mower, so what makes a robot mower OK to leave in your garden while your loved ones play?

The main reason that these innovative devices are super safe is because of the number of sensors they have. I’ll go into this in more detail in the following section, but I also should point out that the number of robot lawn mower injuries is incredibly low. In a 2017 survey in the USA, there were around 80,000 lawn mower incidents reported at various hospitals around the country; none of these were from a robotic mower.

Obstacle Sensors

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One of the great things about a robot lawn mower is how smart it is. These pieces of equipment are kitted out with a range of sensors that map out the world around them. The main reason for these sensors is so that the mower can detect when something is in its intended path.

These sensors may be called one of many things including obstacles sensors, touch sensors, collision sensors, bump sensors and much more. But they’re all designed with the same purpose in mind.

Depending on the model you have, these sensors will work in various ways. If you are using a very high end robot mower then it will pick up that there is a person, pet or anything else in the way and will move around it. Some of the more standard models have to collide with the item first and will then turn around and mow in the other direction. But don’t worry, it will be a light bump and will do no harm to anyone it comes into contact with.

Tilt And Lift Sensors

Something that a lot of parents worry about is their little on lifting the robot mower and their fingers coming into contact with the blade. Manufacturers are acutely aware of how serious an injury this could cause and so have built in tilt and lift sensors to prevent an emergency from happening.

This is something that is true across the board and I am yet to come across a robotic mower that doesn’t have this feature. If you’re shopping for a robot mower and notice this feature isn’t listed then I’d suggest looking elsewhere, but as mentioned, here in the UK a lift sensor is a minimum requirement.

These sensors tell the lawn mower when it has been lifted off the ground or even slightly tilted. When it senses this, the blades automatically stop. This will happen if the mower is lifted by a person and even when it gets caught on something and one of the wheels comes away from the ground.

Are Robot Lawn Mowers Safe From Theft?

Are Robot Lawn Mowers Safe From Theft

While considering the safety of your family and garden is the most important thing when it comes to whether to buy a robot lawn mower or not, you’ll also want to protect your investment should you go ahead and purchase.

Having an expensive piece of equipment roaming around the garden, often unsupervised, can be daunting. After all, it could be very easy for someone to just walk in, pick up the mower and leave again, right?

Well, I have some good news! Almost all robot lawn mowers are fitted with anti-theft features but which you get will largely depend on the model you buy. Here are some of the features you might expect to see.

  • Alarms; these will sound when the lawn mower is taken outside of the mowing zone, alerting you if a thief tries their luck. Robotic mowers that connect to the internet and have a smartphone app, will also be notified immediately alerting the owner that the mower has been lifted.
  • PIN code: you can set a PIN code for your lawn mower. Even if it is stolen, the person would not be able to use the mower. Since the PIN has to be set from within the app, you have total control over it.
  • GPS tracking: this is a feature that is usually seen on higher end robotic mowers. It sends a signal back to your smart device telling you the exact location of the lawn mower so that, if it is stolen, you or the police will be able to track it and get it home.

Think About The Cutting System

Robot Lawn Mowers The Cutting System

When you think about a traditional lawn mower and its huge blades, it’s easy to see why you might assume the same dangers with a robotic lawn mower. However, there are some real differences in the cutting system that makes a robot lawn mower a lot safer than you’d initially think.

A traditional lawn mower has a far more powerful motor to get those big blades turning. What’s more, there is a lot more room under and around the deck for things to fly out of the side and potentially cause an injury. As well as this, the space means that little hands can easily get underneath and into contact with the blades resulting in a devastating injury.

But then you think about a robot mower and the design is quite stark in contrast. For starters, the motor is nowhere near as powerful, so you don’t have that to contend with. Also, the blades are a lot smaller; they’re designed to just take very small amounts of grass and are often no bigger than a razor blade. Yes, they’d do some damage if you were to put your hand in their way but nothing compared to your beasty 48cm petrol giant.

The placement of the blades is also quite different. On a robot mower, the blades are much further underneath the body of the lawn mower so they’re not as accessible. The small blades also rotate meaning they will do less damage should they come into contact with any small objects left on the lawn. There are some robot mowers that also have a plastic guard around the blades making them even less exposed.


Buying a robot lawn mower comes with a lot of questions as this is still a very new type of technology. If you’ve been concerned about how safe a robot mower is, then it’s good news. These machines are bursting with features to ensure the utmost safety. From bump sensors to tilt and lift sensors, alarms and GPS tracking as well as a clever design that tucks those blades right away, this is a new way of mowing that comes with a very low risk of accident or injury.

Always fully read the safety advice in the user manual of any robotic mower you purchase.



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