Bosch Rotak 36 R Review – (ARM 37) Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

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Bosch Rotak 36 R Review
Bosch Rotak 36 R
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Good Quality and Lightweight Lawn Mower
Rear Roller for Stripy Lawn
Ergonomic Handles
Double Folding Handles
Large 40 L Grass Box (can be unclipped/split for compact storage)
What I Don't Like
Shorter Power Cable
My Overall Rating


Bosch Rotak 36 R Review

The Bosch Rotak 36 R has a powerful 1350 W PowerDrive electric motor, a cutting width of 36cm and is lightweight at just 12 Kg. Supplied with a very respectable 40 litre stackable grass collection box and 5 central height adjustments from 20mm to 70mm. The Bosch Rotak 36 R incorporates Ergonomic handles using Bosch’s Ergoflex-System and has the benefit of space saving double folding handles and has been constructed with a smart compact design. This mower also has an integrated rear roller for a stripy lawn and side grass combs to ensure close to edge cut.

Bosch’s Rotak 36 R in an electric mower mounted on 4 good sized wheels and is intended for use on medium sized lawns.

Main Features

  • Rating: 9.5/10
  • Lawn Size: medium
  • Power: 1350 Watt
  • Cable Length: 10 metre cord, mains power
  • Blade Length: 36cm, metal
  • Number of Cutting Heights: 5 (from 20mm to 70mm)
  • Grass Box Capacity: 40 L
  • Weight: 12 Kg

Power System

The Bosch Rotak 36 R mower has a 1350 watt PowerDrive motor, with 16 Nm of torque. The blade will always be spinning at full speed, giving your lawn a smooth cut even through dense patches of grass.

A great feature about this Bosch mower is the motor overload cut-out that protects your mower from burning out due to excess strain. There is no gearing or belt to get in between the transferring of the power from the motor to the blade. The high torque also offers a more consistent level of power to the suction fan blades.

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Power Cable

Bosch has decided to go with the standard electric cable length of 10 metres with this machine. So, unless you have a waterproof wall socket in the garden, you will end up needing an extension cable. This means that you will need to have a lot more wires running around the mower than is desirable.

Bosch Rotak 36 R Video

To give you a visual representation of the Bosch Rotak 36 R please watch the video below:

Features In Detail


The blades have a curved edge to lift the grass of the lawn while cutting and to help fan any leaves and grass cuttings into the grass box. The blade is made from quality steel resistant to corrosion and damage from wear and tear. The improvement in blade sharpness provides a better cut, but understandably it struggles with small twigs and branches.

Height Adjustment

The height Adjustment on this Bosch Rotak 36 R is controlled by a lever mounted at the front of the mower. This is a central height adjustment lever meaning all 4 wheels are controlled at the same time. I am not a fan of height adjustment levers being located at the front of the mower as normally these are somewhat difficult to adjust, however Bosch have done a great job of linking the front lever to the back wheels making the adjustment smooth and easy.

The Bosch Rotak 36 R has a perfectly adequate range of 5 height adjustments from 20mm to 70mm. Other mowers in this class sometimes lack a low 20mm cutting height for that especially close bowling green cut.

Bosch Rotak 36 R

Cutting Diameter

The length of the blades of the Bosch Rotak 36 R and 37 R are both 36 centimetres. This rotation of the blade extends beyond the side of the front wheels, inside the deck. This means that the mower can get really close to the borders of fences and walls.

There is also a grass comb behind the front wheels, on either side of the mower to pull grass from the wall side into the blade. Meaning that you can cut as close the wall as you would with a trimmer.

Roller (Stripes)

The Bosch Rotak 36 R is supplied with an integrated roller for a traditional stripy lawn appearance. With this mower you will be the envy of your neighbours with your freshly cut stripy lawn.

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Grass Box Capacity

The Bosch Rotak 36 R has a good sized grass box of 40 litres, suitable for something around the size of two tennis courts. There is no mulching function on this mower, however the grass clippings are cut very finely and compact nicely into the grass collection box.

Some operators find that even with the large grass box, it fills up fast. This could be in part because the Bosch Rotak 36 R does such a good job of collecting all the grass clippings.


There are several orientations of controlling the mower to choose from. The controller can choose to either hold on and throttle in the horizontal position or they can take advantage of the Ergoflex bars, which are vertically mounted.

Ergoflex is a race car design that helps improve the posture of the person pushing the mower while making the task easier. Ergoflex also adds a bit of height to the handle, making it easier for a taller person to use.

Throttle controls are present on both orientations assisting in one handed operation around obstacles etc.

The Bosch Rotak 36 R is supplied with a centrally located carry handle that is well balanced and makes carrying the lightweight mower a breeze.

For storing, there is a double swing-arm on the handrail for the mower to fold-over on itself. The grass box is designed to split and function as a cover for the machine. Another great storage saving feature from Bosch.

Bosch Rotak 36 R

Safety Features on the Bosch Rotak 36 R

In the centre of the handrail, there is a dead man’s button. This button must be depressed for the controller to start using the throttle. When the throttle is completely released, the button pops out and must be re-pressed for the controller to start using again. This safety feature is standard across most electric lawn mowers and ensures that the mower cannot be started accidentally.

There are 2 smaller front wheels and 2 larger wheels at the rear that help to control and balance the weight of a fully-loaded machine.


The Rotak 36 R does NOT mulch the grass, but the grass box can be left off, and the mower can be run over the same spot to chop the grass into smaller pieces.

What’s Included in the Box? 

  • Bosch Rotak 36 R Lawn Mower
  • 40 L Grass Collection Box
  • User Manual

Bosch Rotak 36 R User Manual Download

Click here to download the Bosch Rotak 36 R User Manual

Pros and Cons

  • Good Quality and Lightweight Lawn Mower
  • Rear Roller for Stripy Lawn
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • Double Folding Handles
  • Ease of Height Adjustment
  • Large 40 L Grass Box (can be unclipped/split for compact storage)
  • Grass Comb for close to edge cutting
  • Good warranty and after-sales support
  • Shorter Power Cable


Should You Buy this Bosch Rotak 36 R?

This is a mower for an owner of lawn fortunate enough to have something larger than the typical postage-stamp-sized lawn that is so popular.

Bosch Rotak 36 R

This mower is ideal for those that:

  • People who have a medium to large lawn.
  • Those who like a stripy lawn as this is mower has an integrated rear roller.
  • People who want a reliable, powerful and easy to operate mower.
  • Those that like a large 40 L grass collection box for less stops.
  • People who want the advantage of Ergonomic handles for comfort.
  • Those that like to have a centrally controlled height adjustment lever.
  • People that want a good size 36cm cutting blade.
  • Those who like a good quality, lightweight mower that folds down for compact storage.
  • Good after-sales service from a trusted brand – Bosch.

There is very little you will not like about this lawn mower. As you would expect, Bosch provide a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty that can be extended to 3 years, if you register your mower within 14 days of purchase.


If there are any negatives to be worried about, it is the length of the power cord. 10 metres is not long enough for a 300 square metre garden that must be over 10 metres in one direction. If you choose this mower, that is highly recommended in all other aspects, then you are going to need an extension cord for larger gardens.

The grass box is the only other concern, and some owners have mentioned that it separated when going to empty it in a compost bin. From my experience you have to ensure that the 2 halves of the grass collection box are clipped together securely since the box is designed to come apart for stacking.

The blade is a respectable size, and the reputation of Bosch is enough for most people to be unconcerned with any reliability issues. Bosch tends to make very good quality products that last, and from my experience of Bosch lawn mowers there is no reason to think that this machine would be any different.

Where Should I Purchase This Bosch Rotak 36 R?

Amazon have the best prices that are difficult to match and probably the most reliable delivery system on the web. Considering how valuable this piece of equipment is you want the most for your money and the best service possible making Amazon the best place to go.

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Bosch 06008A6273 Rotak 36 R Electric Lawnmower (1350 W, Cutting Width...
  • Lightweight electric rotary lawnmower for use on small to medium sized lawns
  • Unique grass combs cut right up to the edge
  • Integrated rear roller for stripes and stability, prevents scalping
  • Ergonomic fold-down handle and stackable grass box for easy control and storage
  • Large 40 litre grassbox with carry handle, less time spent emptying clippings
  • Height of cut : 20 – 70 mm

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Bosch Rotak 36 R FAQs

What size garden is the Bosch Rotak 36 R mower suitable for?

This mower is suitable for medium to large size lawns.

Is the Bosch Rotak 36 R mower self propelled?

No, this mower is an electric push mower.

Does the Bosch Rotak 36 R mower create a stripy lawn appearance?

Yes, this mower has a rear roller for striped lawn appearance.

How big is the grass collection box on the Bosch Rotak 36 R?

The grass collection box has a 40 litre capacity.

Can the blade be sharpened or replaced on the Bosch Rotak 36 R?

Yes, the blade can be sharpened and replacement blades are readily available.

How heavy is the Bosch Rotak 36 R mower?

This mower is lightweight at only 12 Kg.

What is the power of the Bosch Rotak 36 R mower?

This mover has 1350 Watt motor.

What is cutting width of the Bosch Rotak 36 R lawn mower?

The blade size on this Bosch Rotak 36 R is 36cm and is considered a mid sized cutting width.

Does the Bosch Rotak 36 R mower mulch?

The mower does not mulch. An optional Bosch Multi-mulch attachment can be purchased separately.

Does the Bosch Rotak 36 R have the ability to cut right to the edge?

Yes, there are front combs on both sides of the mower to guide the grass into the path of the blade.

Does the height adjustment only raise and lower the back wheels on the Bosch Rotak 36 R mower?

No, all four wheels are adjusted using the single height adjustment lever.


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8 thoughts on “Bosch Rotak 36 R Review – (ARM 37) Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

  1. How do you fold the handles for storage? We found assembling the mower easy but have obviously done something wrong as we are unable to fold the handles to fit the mower in our storage space.

    1. Hi Kerry

      Could you please let me know what problem you are having with folding the handles? Are they simply not folding when realising the levers? Is this happening on the lower or mid folding point?


  2. I am trying to set up my new Bosch Rotak 36R. I have problems.
    1. The wheels do not click on and stay on. They drop off straight away when the machine is on its side.
    2. I have clipped the grass box together but the clip is not at the edge of the box so the edges at both sides are loose and the box feels very fragile. I imagine that when it is full of grass and heavy it will gape and come apart.
    3. Most importantly, attaching the handle to the body is impossible. The booklet shows the plastic wing nut between a black and a green part of the machine where there is a square hole but it is impossible to get the nut into the square hole.

    The whole thing is not a straight forward assembly and the booklet shows the controls at the side of the handle but my controls are in the centre. What can I do and where am I going wrong?

    1. Hi Joan

      Sorry to hear you are having issues with assembly. Instructions can be vague and assembly a little tricky.

      I will try to make a video soon showing the assembly, but in the mean time take a look at this video and let me know if your model looks the same (this is a slightly different model, but assembly is the same).

      Let me know how you get on.


  3. Hi Mark,
    I’ve had 2 of these and both failed in the same way with the plastic height adjustment link between the front and rear wheels failing. Its not easy to recognise as the mower deck still raises and lowers via the rear wheels with the first sign of a problem being when you scalp your lawn despite being on a medium to high setting. Not sure if Bosch have a fix in place ie a metal linkage.

  4. Have just got a brand new Bosch Rotack 36R that even on the lowest setting does not cut the grass short enough what can I do please.

    1. Hi Arthur

      I believe that the 20mm is the minimum for this mower and there is no way to make this any lower. Is it cutting at this height or are you looking for lower?


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