Forest Master FM5 Review – 5 Ton Fast Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

Forest Master FM5 Review
Forest Master FM5
What I Like
Very user friendly design and controls.
Includes workbench and safety cage.
Can be used for wood up to 30cm.
Powerful for a small and compact log splitter.
Fast cycle time.
What I Don't Like
Allen key for oil reservoir not included.
My Overall Rating


Forest Master FM5 Log Splitter Review

Not all log splitters have to be huge, commercial style tools. If you’re working in a more compact environment or simply need something for smaller jobs then the Forest Master FM5 electric log splitter might be right up your street. This tool is certainly one of the more powerful compact log splitters on the market and offers a range of versatile features that help you to split far more logs than you might have imagined you could with an electric device like this.

This Forest FM5 log splitter review will tell you everything you need to know about this impressive piece of equipment. I’ve been astonished at the performance of what many would consider to be a small, perhaps inadequate tool. That is an unjustified assumption, so let’s take a look at what this compact mean machine can do!

Forest Master FM5 Main Features

  • Motor: 2200 watts
  • Splitter Force: 5 ton splitting power
  • Weight: 47 kg
  • Maximum Log Length: 30cm / 12 inches
  • Maximum Log Diameter: 30cm / 12 inches
  • Safety guard
  • Comes prefilled with oil
  • Workbench included
  • Splits logs in 9 seconds
  • Weather resistant


If you know anything about log splitters then you’ll be familiar with the fact that tools of this size are usually far less powerful. However, the FM5 log splitter runs on a 2200 watt motor making it potentially the most powerful small log splitter on the market. Not only this, but it exerts 5 tons of force whereas other machines of this size struggle to reach 4 tons!

Of course, there may be times that you need even more power than this, so it’s good to know that Forest Master also offers a range of splitters to meet these needs. There is the Forest Master FM10, which runs on the same 2200 watt motor but puts out 7 tons, while the Forest Master FM16 features a 2300 watt motor and a whopping 16 tons of force. On the other end of the scale, there’s also the Forest Master FM8 that has a 1500 watt motor and a 5 ton force, just like the FM5 log splitter. It’s good to know you have a choice when it comes to power and varying needs.

Forest Master FM5 Video


Forest Master FM5 Log Splitter Performance

One of the things that really makes the Forest Master FM5 log splitter stand out from the crowd is its impressive performance. Not only is this one of the strongest compact log splitters, it’s also one of, if not the quickest. It boasts a cycle time of 9 seconds, which is excellent if you have a lot of wood to get through. It’ll allow you to cut through as many logs in an hour as you would in a day using a manual axe!

What’s more, it is a super versatile machine and has a RAM stop function that allows you to split kindling as well.

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Ease Of Use

If you want a log splitter that you can just get to work with then the Forest Master FM5 log splitter is an excellent choice. It’s powered by electricity, so it’s merely a matter of plugging it in and getting started. It’s pretty much ready to use out of the box, although, if you’re going to use it on the included workbench, this will need to be assembled. But that’s just as quick and easy as the rest of the use of this tool.

Loading wood onto the splitter is super simple and hassle-free. This is just one of the features that makes the FM5 log splitter such a good choice for beginners. If you’ve never used this type of tool before, it’s a great way to get to grips with how log splitters work and you won’t need to worry about safety!

Safety Features

As a good beginner log splitter, you need to know that the FM5 log splitter isn’t going to cause any nasty accidents; and it won’t if used correctly and in accordance with the operating instructions. It features a safety guard which is essential with any tool that features a blade, but it also boasts a two hand control system. You’ll need to press the button and operate the lever at the same time giving you greater control over the split.

Type Of Wood

The Forest Master FM5 log splitter is best for use with green or soft wood. What’s really great about it is that while it is small, it can handle some pretty sizable logs. Wood measuring up to 12 inches in length and diameter; – that’s about 30cm – will go through the splitter with great ease.

To give you a guide in relation to the pressure and log diameter cutting ability, see the chart below.

Diameter of LogMinimun Force
15cm Seasoned (6 inches)6 Ton
30cm Seasoned (12 inches)7 Ton
30cm Green (12 inches)16 Ton
60cm Seasoned (24 inches)20 Ton
60cm Green (24 inches)30+ Ton


Forest Master FM5 Practicalities

Forest Master FM5 Log Splitter Practicalities

There are a lot of features on the Forest Master FM5 electric log splitter that make it an incredibly practical and easy to use piece of equipment. For starters, it’s a very stable tool. This is owing to the weight which sits at 32kg although this will increase to 47kg when attached to the workbench. While this is heavy enough to give it good stability, it isn’t so heavy that it cannot be moved around, potentially by two people.

In addition to this, the FM5 log splitter comes filled with hydraulic oil, which means you can start using it right out of the box. It’s compact and so can be used in tight spaces and what’s even better is that it has a IP54 rating, meaning it has decent protection against dust and light moisture.

While I’m confident that the Forest Master FM5 electric log splitter is a robust piece of equipment that isn’t going to fall apart after a couple of uses, it does give you added peace of mind that it comes with a 12 month warranty.

Forest Master FM5 User Manual Download 

Click here to access the Forest Master FM5 User Manual

What’s included in the box?

  • 1 x FM5 log splitter
  • Workbench
  • Safety guard

Pros and Cons

  • Very user friendly design and controls.
  • Includes workbench and safety cage.
  • Can be used for wood up to 30cm.
  • Powerful for a small and compact log splitter.
  • Compact design that does not compromise on functionality.
  • Fast cycle time.
  • Good safety features.
  • Allen key for oil reservoir not included.


Should You Buy This Log Splitter?

Forest Master FM5 Log Splitter Conclusion

I would recommend this log splitter for people who need something compact and fast for domestic tasks. If you own a wood burning stove or a fire pit and want a quick and convenient way of splitting your own logs, then this is perfect.

It’s also one of the best log splitters for beginners and will provide even a total novice with an effective and safe way of splitting logs. However, you will need to keep in mind that this tool is only designed for logs with a diameter and length up to 30 cm (12 inches). While that is quite generous and will meet the needs of most domestic users, there may be some instances that this isn’t enough.


The Forest Master FM5 electric log splitter is an incredibly powerful tool, especially considering its size. Many have been surprised at what this piece of equipment can do and I have to say that I was one of them. While there are other, more powerful log splitters from this brand, the FM5 log splitter is ideal for most average homeowners and gives you speed, precision and power all in one of the most compact tools I’ve ever seen.

Where Should I Purchase This Forest Master FM5? 

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Forest Master FM5D-TC Electric Log Splitter 5 Ton - 9 Second Cycle...
319 Reviews
Forest Master FM5D-TC Electric Log Splitter 5 Ton - 9 Second Cycle...
  • POWERFUL 5-TON SPLITTING FORCE: Effortlessly split soft/green wood with the FM5TW log splitter, delivering genuine power for efficient log splitting.
  • QUICK 9-SECOND CYCLE TIME: Experience the fastest small log splitter on the market, ensuring a swift and productive wood splitting process.
  • PRE-FILLED WITH HYDRAULIC OIL: Get started right away with the FM5TW, which comes pre-filled with hydraulic oil for immediate use.
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE DESIGN: The FM5TW features a lightweight and compact design, complete with a stand for easy mobility and storage.
  • SUPERIOR LOG PROTECTION: Our guard design eliminates openings that can cause damage, ensuring split logs remain secure during the splitting process as well as providing capability for 400mm diameter logs. Competitor brands are limited to 250mm diameter logs.
  • VERSATILE LOG SIZE CAPACITY: Split logs up to 300mm/12 inches in length, accommodating a wide range of wood sizes.

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Forest Master Log Splitters Best Sellers

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