Frisky Fox PLUS 20″ Review – 5.5hp Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

Fox Petrol Lawn Mower 51cm
Frisky Fox PLUS 20"
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Self-Propelled - Variable Speed Mower
4 in 1 - Side Discharge, Rear Discharge, Cut & Collect and Mulching
Lawn Striper
8 Cutting Heights - 25mm to 75mm
Grass Collection Box of 50 L
What I Don't Like
Mat Striper works well but not as effective as a roller
My Overall Rating


Frisky Fox Plus 20inch Review

Frisky Fox Plus 20” is a self-propelled mower for the mid-range market. It has a larger motor (WOLF ‘DYNAMIC’ 5.5HP), larger diameter cutting circle (50.8cm), and it has a lot of other functions to help improve the look of your lawn. This Frisky Fox Plus 20”model has two-blades mounted to a centrifugal hub and has single lever height adjustment ranging from between 25mm to 75mm.

Main Features

  • Weight: 35 Kg (77lb)
  • Product Dimensions: 66.5×107.5×163.7 Centimetres (26.2×42.3×64.4in)
  • Grass Collection Box: 50 L
  • Self-Propelled Mower
  • Colour: Orange/Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Blade Length: 50.8 Centimetres (20in)
  • Coverage: 500m2 (5,382ft2)
  • Fuel Tank: 0.75 Litre (26.4imp fl oz)


Frisky Fox has used a 4-stroke 5.5hp 173cc engine, made by Wolf Dynamic. A recoil cord is fitted and mounted to the side of the handrail to enable an easy and safe starting of the engine.

To get the Frisky Fox Plus 20” started, the user must first prime the motor with fuel. Then the operator must pull the presence bar, mounted on the handrail, to release the engine brake. Then the user can pull on the recoil cord to get the engine running. The engine runs off the 1 litre fuel tank mounted high on the side, with a large-cap hole, to make refuelling easy.

Frisky Fox Plus 20” Video

To give you a visual representation of the Frisky Fox Plus 20” please watch the video below:

Self-Propelled Drive

This Frisky Fox Plus 20” is a self-propelled machine, which is a good thing since it weighs a hefty 39 Kg and you would not want to be pushing this mower up a hill. The engine drives a gearbox that in turn helps to share the workload.

The speed of the wheels is controlled by a throttle bar, which the driver needs to push toward the machine to get it moving forward. So, you can have the mower move at a pace that suits your own walking speed.

Frisky Fox Plus 20inch Review

Height Adjustment

The rear wheels that bear much of the load are much larger than the front wheels, and this aids with riding the bumps in a garden. There is a single lever to control the height of the wheels connected by a rod that adjusts all the wheels at the same time.

This makes for much safer operation since there is no need to walk around the machine while it is running. A single lever also makes for a level blade height across all four corners. There are 8 levels to choose from on this Frisky Fox Plus 20”, starting at 25mm and rising to 75mm.

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Cutting Diameter and Features

Frisky Fox Plus 20inch Review

This Frisky Fox Plus 20” mower is built with 4 separate ways to deal with the grass cut from its 50.8 centimetre (20in) blade. The user can choose to have the grass sent into the grass collection box for later processing or disposal. The collection bag can be left off the mower, and the rear chute opens to allow the grass to fly out of the back of the machine.

There is a side-discharge flap that the operator can open and have the grass clippings form a narrow trail next to the right side of the mower as it travels. The Plus 20” can also mulch grass and distribute it evenly back over the lawn as a fertiliser.

4 Options for Grass Cuttings

  • Rear-Discharge
  • Cut and Collect
  • Mulching
  • Side-Discharge

Roller (Stripes)

Frisky Fox has fitted a lawn striper to this model, which is a mat attached to the underside of the mower. The friction of this mat against the grass performs the striping, which does work, but not as well as a roller.

As with other models, there are many manufacturers that make aftermarket rollers that you can either push or attach to the rear wheels of the mower.

Grass Box Capacity

Frisky Fox Plus 20inch Review

The grass collection bag on the Frisky Fox Plus 20” is a little larger than other brands and comes as a solid top frame made from quality plastic. The side of the bag is a fabric mesh to allow a clear exit of air that encourages grass to enter the box.

This box is 50 litres in size and hooks into place under the rear discharge protection flap. For the intended lawn size of 500m2, this bag will suffice for a well-maintained garden where the grass has not grown too long.

The single height lever at the rear of the Frisky Fox Plus 20” means that the user does not need to walk around the entire machine as it is running to adjust all the other wheels. A presence bar becomes an essential safety feature for self-propelled models like this one, and it is great to see that Frisky Fox have installed one.

Being able to moderate the speed of the mower to the walking speed of the user will reduce the likelihood of tripping and tipping the machine.

The quad-blades are on a centrifugal hub, so if they hit a solid object, the blades will recoil backward rather than being forced into the object. This should help preserve the blades and make them less prone to bending.


The Frisky Fox Plus 20” has a mulching unit that will slot into the machine to break down blades of grass into smaller cross-sections. The cutting recirculates into the blade and is then dispersed into the cut lawn under the machine. This feature also saves on bag trips to the bin and the fertiliser that you need to buy to keep the lawn healthy.

To learn more about the benefits of a mower that has the ability to mulch the lawn, please see my article “The Benefits of Mulching Grass – Complete Guide with Pros & Cons“.

What’s Included in the Box?

  • Frisky Fox Plus 20” mower
  • Large Grass Collection Bag of 50 L
  • User Manual

Pros & Cons

  • Self-Propelled Mower – Variable Speed

  • Mulching

  • Striper for Lawn Stripes

  • Large Grass Collection Box of 50 L

  • Large Rear Wheels

  • Side-Discharge

  • Safety Blades

  • Mat Striper works well but not as effective as a roller


Should You Buy this Frisky Fox Plus 20” Model?

There are few such great value mowers that do as much as this Frisky Fox Plus 20” mower can. The 4-1 modes of dealing with the grass cuttings make it flexible to suit the mood and status of the lawn on the day. The good-sized rear wheels make them suitable for larger uneven gardens. Larger wheels will make any machine under load, more stable.

There are many routes that the user can send the grass, which makes the package that much more flexible. If you want the choice, it is there, and without taking up much more space. If you want those options on a larger self-propelled mower with a large cutting diameter, then this is the model for you.


Frisky Fox Plus 20inch Review

Being able to fold down and self-propel, drops some of the issues regarding the weight, that the 35 kilo mower is likely to cause the users. This Frisky Fox Plus 20” is a big machine, for a big garden, it is for those that want to have a few more safety add-ons on their mowers. The issue is that all these extras add around 12 Kg of weight, and even though you would not be pushing it, that weight will affect the economy.

The large blade width of 50.8 centimetres means the area cleared with each rotation is near 30% greater than a machine with a 41 centimetre blade. Over a big garden, this can make a big difference and save a lot of time. And the striper is a nice final addition to make it obvious to your neighbours that you have cut your lawn.

This is a mower with all the trimmings. If floor storage and slightly higher fuel consumption are of no concern, then it is not possible to find a mower in the same price range better suited to performing so many tasks.

Where Should I Purchase This Frisky Fox Plus 20”?

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Save £40.01
20' / 51cm Petrol Lawn Mower Turbo Self-Propelled Recoil Fox 4 Blades...
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20" / 51cm Petrol Lawn Mower Turbo Self-Propelled Recoil Fox 4 Blades...
  • 4-in-1: Cut, Cut and Collect, Side Discharge and Mulch
  • 510mm (20") superior quad cut blade for maximum cutting performance
  • Cutting heights range from 25mm to 75mm across 8 different settings that can be selected via the single lever height adjuster
  • Self propelled meaning no effort is required to push the mower with this highly efficient system
  • 2 Years Domestic Warranty (1 Year Commercial)

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  1. Hi hope you can help me as I’m getting a new spark plug but I can’t get the other one out as I have tried to pull it out but it won’t budge please please. Help

    1. To remove a stuck spark plug from a lawn mower, you can try using a spark plug wrench to turn it slightly clockwise and counter clockwise to see if the motion breaks it free.
      If the spark plug still refuses to turn, you can try using lubricant/penetrating fluid (WD40) to loosen it. Leave the lubricant on for at least 30 minutes. Hope this helps.

  2. After a drive cable for a frisky fox no answer from email to Shoulders of Shoreham and can never get through to all mower parts

  3. I got a new spark plug for my frisky fox mower it is the right plug started first pull did half of the garden then stopped trying to restart engine misfired and will not start can you help please as l am. At the end of my tether.

    1. Hi Thomas, this could be so many different things causing the issue. Did you contact the technical support? Alternatively you can refer to the trouble shooting section of the user manual, this may help.

  4. Hi
    Where can I obtain replacement drive belt for Wolf 2 blade Frisky Fox 20 plus mower please.

    Contact no 07971582831

    Arthur Weaver

        1. Almost impossible to get any spares for the Frisky Fox they don’t appear to have any spare parts supplier you have to take your chances and hope that what you come across on the internet fits. I am trying to find replacement Quad Blades fir my 20” but can’t find them or any suitable alternative anywhere.

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