Leaf Blower Shopping - 10 Things to Keep in Mind

Leaf Blower Shopping? Here are 10 Things to Keep in Mind

Leaf Blower Shopping Here are 10 Things to Keep in MindWhen Autumn is well and truly underway, those leaves seem to be everywhere. I don’t want leaves littering driveway and paths and I certainly don’t want them sitting on my lawn because that’s going to affect its health.

So, a leaf blower becomes my best friend during autumn. That said, they’re ideal year-round tools for clearing leaves and other debris, so I’d highly recommend investing in one.

Of course, you don’t just want to buy the first leaf blower you stumble upon as it might not have everything you’d expect. That’s why I’ve created this guide on what to look for when buying a leaf blower to help you ensure you choose the right tool for your needs.

1. What Type Of Leaf Blower Do You Need?

The great thing about buying a leaf blower is that you have plenty of options in terms of power, design, and functionality. It really depends on the size of the area you’re looking to clear and your budget.

Handheld battery leaf blowers are lightweight and incredibly portable. They’re brilliant for smaller areas such as a small lawn, patio, gazebo or a porch. While these tools are largely designed for leaf debris only, there are some models that will cope with more challenging conditions such as snow.

You might opt for a petrol backpack leaf blower which is perfect for larger areas as they tend to have a much longer running time. They’re more powerful and will handle things like twigs with ease. Owing to this, these are much more powerful, but heavier, pieces of equipment that will require regular maintenance.

A walk behind leaf blower probably isn’t something that most domestic users would need; they’re typically reserved for professional use. Of course, who am I to tell you not to buy one? But I would urge you to consider that you’ll end up spending a lot of money on a tool that you probably won’t get full use out of and will have to find somewhere to store.

Some leaf blowers will also have 2-in-1 functionality that includes the ability to vacuum and mulch the debris. These are naturally by design going to be heavier and require more power. Some models will also include a selection on nozzles so that the tool can be used for different circumstances.

2. What Type Of Power Is Best For A Leaf Blower?

What Type Of Power Is Best For A Leaf Blower

As with most garden tools, leaf blowers can be powered in several ways. Which power type you choose will again depend on your needs and budget so it’s worth carefully considering before you make a decision.

Electric leaf blowers are great for slightly larger areas and they’re comparatively quieter than petrol models. This makes them perfect if you’re looking for something that won’t upset the neighbours because some petrol leaf blowers can be very loud! What’s more, electric leaf blowers are lightweight, easy to handle and require little or no maintenance when compared to their petrol counterparts.

You might choose a cordless leaf blower which has many of the same advantages as an electric model, only I’d suggest them for smaller jobs owing to the shorter running time and reduced power. They’re great if you don’t want a power cord trailing behind you and restricting where the tools can be used. They also offer excellent manoeuvrability.

Finally, there are petrol leaf blowers. Now, one of the things you have to keep in mind is that these are heavy and loud. However, if you need something for heavy duty work that can be used in any location and is supremely powerful, there isn’t anything I’d suggest more.

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3. Do You Need A Combi Leaf Blower?

While some leaf blowers do exactly what they say on the tin, there are others that offer 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 features if your needs are a little more versatile.

Combi leaf blowers allow you to vacuum up the debris which will save on sweeping once you’ve blown everything to where it needs to be. These tools also come with things like a mulching option. Not only can you then use this in your garden, but it also means that whatever you collect will be compacted so you’ll fit more volume in at once.

4. What’s The Bag Capacity?

Do You Need A Combi Leaf Blower

You might have to clear and vacuum up a very large area and, in this case, you aren’t going to want to have to keep stopping to empty the collection bag.

For this reason, I’d suggest checking the capacity before you commit to make sure it’s big enough for your needs. Generally speaking, leaf blowers come with bags that are anywhere between 30 and 50 litres. But there are some commercial models whose collection bags are up to 250 litres!

It can be tempting to think that bigger is always better, but you don’t want to go too over the top otherwise you’ll only have to lug it around and that could be uncomfortable.

5. Does The Leaf Blower Come With Carry Straps?

It’s pretty simple; heavy leaf blowers can be backbreaking to carry around, especially when you’re working on a larger job. If you’re buying a petrol leaf blower or even a heavier electric model, I would strongly recommend choosing something with carry straps or a harness.

Your back will thank you for this. What’s more, if you do yourself a mischief, you’ll only end up out of action and those garden chores will have to wait.

6. What Attachments Does It Have (If Any)

When you buy a leaf blower, you’ll find that it comes with a range of nozzles which allow you to concentrate the flow of air. Narrower nozzles are more powerful as they’ll direct air more compactly but it’s good to choose something that has a wide range of nozzles to make the tool more versatile.

If you’re also keen to clear out your guttering then the good news is that a lot of leaf blowers also come with a gutter attachment. These are long tubes with a joint that allows you to clear your gutters of debris without having to climb a ladder.

7. How Loud Is The Leaf Blower?

How Loud Is The Leaf Blower

As I mentioned earlier, some leaf blowers can be extremely loud; this mainly applies to petrol models. Even if you’re not bothered about upsetting the neighbours, you aren’t going to want to listen to that racket the entire time you’re working.

The product information and my leaf blower reviews will tell you the number of decibels that the leaf blower operates at. While these tools are never going to be completely silent, there are those that are quieter than others.

Of course, if you are in need of a very powerful machine, there’s not much you can do about the noise other than wearing a good set of ear defenders.

8. Does The Leaf Blower Have Variable Speed?

You’re not always going to need to use the same speed on your leaf blower. In fact, doing so could cause damage in certain areas of the garden. For example, you aren’t going to need as much speed or force when clearing a delicate garden or mulched bed as you would when working on a concrete driveway.

For this reason, I’d suggest checking whether the leaf blower has a variable speed option. This is something you’ll see on electric models but if you’re buying petrol then look for a variable throttle.

9. What Safety Features Does The Leaf Blower Have?

Some leaf blowers come with an easy to access safety switch that allows you to shut off the machine in the event of an emergency. This is a great extra to have.

Additionally, you’ll want to look at how easy it is to control the leaf blower. Earlier, I talked about the importance of a harness or carry strap but it’s equally important to have an additional helping handle that gives you better control. This is typically something you’d see on a larger leaf blower but something I wouldn’t want to be without when wielding a cumbersome tool.

10. What’s Your Budget?

How much to pay for a leaf blower

The cost of a leaf blower can vary dramatically between models. Of course, the different power types will all come in at various prices with petrol models being the most expensive. These could cost a couple of hundred pounds whereas you can get an electric model for around £50.

Of course, if you are looking for a commercial or professional leaf blower then this will require a significantly larger investment. Some of these, such as the Stihl BR800 could cost closer to £1,000. But these aren’t tools that most homeowners would ever need and buying one will likely be overkill.


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