ParkerBrand 21″ (53cm) Petrol Lawnmower Review

ParkerBrand 21″ 53cm Review
ParkerBrand 21" (53cm) Petrol Lawnmower Review
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Variable speed self-propulsion.
Cut & collect, mulching and side discharge.
Giant 70-litre grass box.
Cup holders & padded fold-able handles.
Larger rear wheels.
What I Don't Like
There is no rear roller for striped lawn appearance.
No rear discharge.
My Overall Rating


ParkerBrand 21

The ParkerBrand 21 inch (53cm) is a variable speed self-propelled petrol lawn mower with a four stroke 173cc engine. It is supplied with a very large 70 litre grass collection box, side discharge chute and mulching plug as standard. There is a wide range of 5 cutting heights from 25mm to 75mm and is fitted with a steel 53cm deck suitable for medium to large sized lawns.

The ParkerBrand 21-inch self-propelling lawn mower is a machine that looks after both the grass and the driver with equal care. A huge 70-litre grass box and large fuel tank reduce the need for pit stops. And the variable throttle allows you to mow at a pace that best suits you.

At first glance this ParkerBrand petrol lawn mower seems to be packed with many cutting options such as mulching and side discharge, all for a very reasonable price. But is this mower any good in terms of quality and performance, well let’s find out…

Main Features

  • Weight: 42.7 Kg (94.14lb)
  • Engine: 173cc
  • Product Dimensions: 50×89×58.5 Centimetres (19×35×23in)
  • Self-Propelled Drive
  • Grass Collection Box: 70-Litre
  • Colour: Red/Black
  • Blade Length: 53 Centimetres (21in)
  • Material: Steel Plate
  • Fuel Tank: 1.2-Litre (42.2 imp fl. oz.)


ParkerBrand 21

The 173cc engine has little in the way of a cowling. The lack of a cowling makes it easier to get to the various filters, caps, and anywhere else on an engine that may need cleaning. The air filter is washable, and the spark plug is easy to access and change.

The OHV engine has a recoil start, and in most cases, the pull action is smooth and starts on the first try after priming. ParkerBrand use their 4-stroke engine in this mower, so you do not have a separate warranty company to deal with if you have a problem.

  • Engine Brand: ParkerBrand
  • Engine Type: OHV 4 -Stroke
  • Engine Capacity: 173cc
  • Net Power Output: 3.8Kw @ 2800rpm
  • Starting Method: Recoil Start

Self-Propelled Drive

The mower has the standard safety bar setup, for the clutch and the brake, and a separate throttle-control for self-propulsion. You must set the throttle to “START” when cranking the engine.

The throttle gives you a range of speed settings, where you can adjust the speed of the mower to a comfortable walking speed.

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The ParkerBrand 21 petrol mower comes with a 53-centimetre (21”) steel blade. ParkerBrand make replacement blades that cost around the same as other brands with similar features.

Height Adjustment

ParkerBrand 21

There is a deck-height adjustment lever over the right-rear wheel. A large handle makes adjusting the deck height easy while standing at the rear of the mower. The cutting heights start at a low 25mm, and rise to 75mm in 5 centrally adjusted steps.

Cutting Diameter

A 53cm diameter blade equals a cutting area of 0.85m² (9.1ft²) per rotation — a great blade size for a medium to large sized lawn.

Mowing Features

The ParkerBrand 21 gives you three methods of dealing with your grass clippings. A side-discharge chute sends the clippings to the side of the machine as you walk. Or the clippings can flow into the large grass collection box at the rear of the machine. There is also the added benefit of mulching the grass clippings as the mulching plug is provided with the mower.

To understand the benefits of mulching your lawn, please see my article The Benefits of Mulching Lawn Mowers – Complete Guide.

Roller (Stripes)

The ParkerBrand 21 does not have a roller. But, lawn rollers are easy and inexpensive after-market tools to get, if you want something to meet your need for stripes.


ParkerBrand 21

The ParkerBrand 21 is a mulching mower, and it comes with a mulching plug. The plug stops the grass clippings from entering the grass collection box and instead redirects them to the blade for further processing.

The plug also allows you to use the side discharge port, which spreads the clippings over the lawn to assist in the fertilisation process. It is recommended that the side discharge chute is removed and the flap closed when using the mulching option. This will ensure that the grass clippings are cut more finely so they penetrate the lawn deeper and decompose much quicker.

Grass Box Capacity

ParkerBrand’s hybrid grass box has 70 litres in capacity. A 70-litre box is large enough to mow a medium-sized lawn in one go, without having to return to base to empty the box.

The grass box consists of a solid lid and a strong plastic handle, with a mesh fabric base for better airflow and ease of storage.


Grass Box Fill

ParkerBrand 21

The solid lid of the grass box also has a full-flap indicator, often seen on mowers of this size. When the fill flap falls back, flush with the lid, it shows that the grass box needs emptying.


The ParkerBrand 21, being a 4-stroke petrol engine, has some minor maintenance matters you will need to be aware of:

  • The oil level needs checking before each session, and in some cases topping up.
  • The spark plug will need replacing or adjusting once a year to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the engine.
  • The remaining fuel in the tank will need either draining or treating before putting the mower into winter storage.


ParkerBrand has also thought about the well-being of the operator, by attaching not one, but two drinks holders on to the handlebar.

Safety Features

There are some measures you need to follow to get the mower running and to prevent any starting accidents. The mower cannot start unless the throttle is in the START (neutral) position. And the operator must be present, gripping both the brake lever and clutch for the mower to begin mowing.

At the front of the deck, there is a thick plastic handle. So, you do not have to put your fingers under the deck to lift the mower on to its rear stand.

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ParkerBrand 21” Lawnmower User Manual Download

Click Here to download the ParkerBrand 21” Lawnmower User Manual.

What’s Included in the Box?

  • The ParkerBrand 21” Lawnmower
  • 70-Litre Hybrid Grass Box
  • A Side-Chute
  • A Mulching Plug
  • Cup Holders
  • User Manual

Please Note: This mower does not come with engine Oil

Parker Brand 21 Pros and Cons

  • Variable speed self-propulsion.
  • Cup holders.
  • Giant 70-litre grass box.
  • Side-chute.
  • You cannot send the mulching’s through the rear chute.
  • There is no striper.


Should You Buy this Model?

ParkerBrand 21

There is no roller for making stripes, so if this is a major problem, then this mower is not for you. But, the ParkerBrand 21 does have a strong engine. And the large fuel tank and the giant grass box will help reduce your number of trips back to base.

The variable speed controller also gives you an essential level of control over the speed of the engine. This will allow you to improve efficiency on well-trimmed grass and increase the power on thick patches. Variable speed controllers will also allow you to control the pace uphill and down, without pulling on the brake all the time.


I like the ParkerBrand 21, the cup holders look like a gimmick, but a justified one, that all lawn mower manufacturers should consider installing. Side-chute & mulching also makes a lot of sense, since it avoids the typical effect of the grass clippings shooting onto your shoes as you walk (as is the case with rear discharge).

The 70-litre grass box and a 1.2-litre fuel tank help to ensure that you get the job done in one trip. And the thick foam grip on the handlebar does a good job of absorbing motor vibrations. The ParkerBrand 21 is an easy-going petrol mower for a relaxing lawn mowing session. It is well built, performs well even in the toughest conditions and is great value for money.

Where Should I Purchase This ParkerBrand 21” Lawnmower?

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Petrol Lawn Mower - 21" Self Propelled
  • Self Propelled Lawnmower
  • Steel Deck with 530mm (21") Cutting Width
  • Height Adjustable (25-75mm)
  • 70L Grass Collection Box
  • 173cc Four Stroke Petrol Engine

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ParkerBrand 21” FAQs

Does the ParkerBrand Petrol Lawnmower have a single handle to adjust the height?

Yes, a single lever adjusts all 4 wheels.

Do the handles fold on the ParkerBrand Petrol Lawnmower ?


Does the ParkerBrand Petrol Lawnmower come supplied with the mulching plug?


Does the ParkerBrand Petrol Lawnmower have an electric starter?

No, this mower has a recoil start (pull cord).

Will this mower make stripes on my lawn?

No, there is no rear roller on this mower.

Can the side discharge chute be removed?



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8 thoughts on “ParkerBrand 21″ (53cm) Petrol Lawnmower Review”

  1. I am writing on behalf of my husband, as he has had this 21” petrol mower a month now and thinks it is amazing, he loves it. Couldn’t wish for a better mower, he is 65 years old and we have a large lawn which is about 30metres long, the mower cuts it with ease, and in lines, he does the lawn in half of the time he did before, with a 17” one. It compacts the grass really tight, so he can keep going, he thinks it is the Rolls Royce of all mowers lol.

  2. Hi there

    Lawnmower model: Parker PPLM-181

    The fuel primer for my Parker petrol lawnmower has been badly nibbled by mice in my garden shed. Can you send me a replacement ‘teet’ (primer)as my grass is about 8” long at present!!



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