WORX WG163E.1 Review – 18V 20V MAX Cordless Grass Trimmer with Command Feed


WORX WG163E.1 Practical

This is the second Worx product to make our top ten which is indicative of their popularity. The WORX WG163E.1 cordless trimmer is an 18V trimmer (20V max) with a 30 cm cutting swathe to make quick work of trimming and edging. Worx market this as a 3-in-1 tool as you can quickly convert from a mini-mower to a trimmer or edger in seconds. This can be done without the need for any tools.

A relatively unique feature is the two wheels that allow for convenience and control when edging and trimming. It improves stability and will make the job faster as well as more accurate. The features do not end there for this WORX WG163E.1.

Key Features

  • Stabilizing wheels
  • Head adjustable through 90-degrees
  • Command Feed
  • 18V with max 20V Power
  • 30 cm cutting diameter


WORX WG163E.1 Review

Apart from the handy wheels mentioned above, the head also has the ability to angle from 0 to 90 degrees.  This makes the WORX WG163E.1 cordless trimmer highly versatile and is ideal for tricky and hard to reach areas. It is great for getting under obstacles and works well on sloped areas.

Other handy features include a safety guard for your protection and a plant guard which will protect plants and other sensitive objects in the garden. You can safely trim around them without damaging them.

The soft grip rotating handles make it comfortable to operate, the design is ergonomic and easy to manoeuvre.


The WORX WG163E.1 cordless trimmer weighs 3.4 Kg but, thanks to the wheels, you will barely notice the additional weight. It will give you more stability and accuracy especially in trickier parts of the garden.


This is an 18V cordless grass trimmer with a max of 20V.  This gives a bit of additional power for tougher conditions and longer grass.

WORX WG163E.1 EdgingCharge time

The charge time is 3 hours.

String type

The WORX WG163E.1 uses nylon string.

Feed type

Command Feed allows you to simply push a button for an ongoing string supply. It is convenient and easy to use.

Edge trimming

The edge trimming adjustment is easy to do and works effectively.

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WORX WG163E.1 BatteryFeatures

This is a feature-rich grass trimmer. The plant guard and safety guard are both handy. The wheels are a great feature for ease of use and precision work. The variable head angles make the WORX WG163E.1 cordless trimmer highly versatile and the command feed function is a great convenience.

WORX WG163E.1 Cordless Trimmer User Manual Download

Click here to download the WORX WG163E.1 Cordless Trimmer User Manual


  • Wheels for ease of use and accuracy
  • Variable head angle through 90-degrees
  • Handy Command Feed function
  • Highly versatile
  • Safety guard
  • Plant guard
  • Cordless trimmer
  • 3-Year warranty (subject to registration)


  • Can be little tricky to change from trimmer to edger
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