Best Self-propelled Electric Corded Lawnmower

The best (and only) self-propelled electric corded lawmower

Best Self-propelled Electric Corded Lawnmower UK

The quest for the perfect lawn can often lead garden enthusiasts on a search for the best tools to maintain their green oasis. The Best Self-propelled Electric Corded Lawnmower is a product category that, while niche, offers a unique blend of convenience and power, without the emissions associated with petrol models. However, options are limited in the UK market, primarily due to the constraints of being tethered by a power cord. Despite this, one model stands out in the UK: the Cobra MX46SPE.

The Rarity of Self-propelled Electric Corded Lawnmowers

Self-propelled lawnmowers have a distinct advantage over their push counterparts: they require less effort to operate. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with larger gardens or for gardeners who may struggle with the physical demands of mowing. The self-propelled mechanism allows the mower to move forward with minimal effort, simply requiring the operator to guide it.

However, the market for self-propelled electric corded lawnmowers is limited. The primary reason for this is the inherent restriction of being attached to a power source. Corded electric mowers are excellent for smaller gardens where a power outlet is always within reach, but for larger areas, the cord can become a hindrance, limiting mobility and range. As a result, manufacturers have focused more on developing cordless and petrol models for self-propulsion, which offer greater freedom of movement.

Benefits of Self-propelled Lawnmowers

Ease of Use

Self-propelled lawnmowers are easier to use, especially on sloped or uneven terrain. They reduce the physical effort required to push the mower, making lawn maintenance less strenuous and more enjoyable.

Consistent Speed

These mowers maintain a consistent speed, ensuring an even cut across the lawn. This consistency also helps to improve the overall finish and appearance of the lawn.

Time Efficiency

With a self-propelled lawnmower, mowing can be completed more quickly than with a manual push mower. This efficiency is particularly noticeable on larger lawns where the time savings can be significant.

The Cobra MX46SPE: A Closer Look


Cobra MX46SPE Review

The Cobra MX46SPE is a rare find in the UK market, offering the convenience of electric power with the ease of a self-propelled drive system. Here are its key specifications:

  • Power: 1800W electric motor
  • Cutting Width: 46 cm (18 inches)
  • Cutting Height: 25 mm to 75 mm, adjustable through 7 increments
  • Collection Box: 60 litres
  • Cable Length: 15 metres
  • Weight: Approximately 34 kg
  • 4 in 1 mowing functions – Cut & Collect, Rear Discharge, Mulching, Side Discharge


The Cobra MX46SPE comes equipped with a range of features that enhance its functionality and user experience. These include:

  • A mulching facility that allows you to recycle grass clippings back into the lawn, providing a natural fertiliser.
  • A robust and durable build quality that Cobra is known for, ensuring that the mower can withstand the rigours of regular use.
  • A large capacity grass collector, reducing the frequency of emptying interruptions during mowing sessions.
  • Ergonomic controls designed to make the operation of the mower as comfortable and straightforward as possible.

Build Quality

Cobra is renowned for its excellent build quality, and the MX46SPE is no exception. It is designed to be both sturdy and efficient, with a focus on longevity. The materials used in the construction of the mower are selected for their durability, ensuring that the mower can handle the typical wear and tear of garden maintenance.

Cobra MX46SPE Review
Cobra MX46SPE Lawn Mower
Performance/Cut Quality
Reader Rating1 Vote
What I Like
One of the only corded self-propelled mowers available.
4-in-1 cutting features – cut & collect, mulching, side discharge & rear discharge.
Robust steel deck.
Powerful 1800W motor for tougher grass and conditions.
Longer 15 metre power cable.
What I Don't Like
Heavy at 34kg (but is self-propelled).
Single speed drive may be a little fast for some people - 3.3k/ph (2.05 mph).
A little expensive for a corded mower.
My Overall Rating

Why Cobra Stands Out as the Best Self-propelled Electric Corded Lawnmower

Self-propelled Electric Corded Lawnmower Conclusion

In a market where options are scarce, Cobra’s MX46SPE model shines as a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. While the limitations of a corded setup might deter some, for those with a garden layout that accommodates the use of a corded mower, the MX46SPE offers an excellent balance between the environmental benefits of electric power and the physical ease of a self-propelled system. Not only this, the Cobra offers 4 cutting options. Many gardeners are now coming round to the benefits of electric lawn mowers that can mulch the grass cutting s at certain time of the year, and this Cobra offers the mulching plug and blade in the box as standard. You also, of course, get the cut and collect option as well as side and rear discharge.


The Cobra MX46SPE holds the title of the Best Self-propelled Electric Corded Lawnmower available in the UK, primarily because it stands unchallenged in a category with sparse competition. For those who have a suitable space for its use, it offers an environmentally friendly, less physically demanding lawn mowing experience without the noise and maintenance associated with petrol models.

While the market for such a specific type of lawnmower remains narrow, the MX46SPE serves as a beacon for what is possible when manufacturers like Cobra innovate within these constraints. It’s a solid choice for gardeners who want the benefits of electric power without forgoing the comfort of a self-propelled mechanism, provided they can work within the reach of their power cord.

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